Are drone pilots in demand?

are drone pilots in demand

A recreational drone pilot of today can get a drone license and participate in the booming drone industry to make money.

Want to know whether drone pilots are in demand or not?

Find all the answers in this post and essential details to be a commercial drone pilot.

There is an existing high demand for drone pilots. As more businesses adopt drones uses to do industry-specific tasks, there will be a growing need for commercial drone pilots in the future.

According to the California University of Pennsylvania report claims:

There will be more than 100,000 new drone pilot jobs only in the USA, in various sectors by 2025.

California University of Pennsylvania.

There will be a high demand for qualified drone pilots in as the vacant drone pilot jobs will keep stretching beyond 2025.

While the drone technology is still maturing, new industries are embracing the use of drones. Likewise, drone developers are designing new drones to fit for various commercial applications.

Drone builders are competing with each other to serve new industries. On the other hand, the shortage of professional drone pilots is creating enormous opportunities for drone pilots to make money.

Is it worth getting a drone license today?

Several tasks that required an airplane in the past are now manageable by the use of drones.

With that, the demand for drone pilots is on the rise as industries don’t have a drone pilot in hand always.

Before five years, not many people imagined drones would replace various tasks today.

The demand for commercial drone pilots is growing, and there is no better time than now to get a drone pilot license. Getting a drone pilot license is worth it as the cost of getting a permit is very inexpensive.

By having a drone pilot license, you can hop into the drone industry to make extra cash for yourself.

You can make the little amount you spent to get a drone pilot’s license by doing a couple of jobs as a freelancer.

Most drone pilots work as freelancers and make money with their flexible timing. It is common to see numerous enterprises hire freelance drone pilots to complete tasks that were impossible before five years without the use of helicopters.

Thus there will be a considerable demand for drone pilots in the next decade.

The demand for drone pilots will continuously rise as more businesses will want to cut costs and work efficiently using drones.

It will be worth every penny if a recreational drone pilot gets a drone pilot’s license.

Even a drone pilot who doesn’t want to work commercially, taking the exam to get a remote pilot airman certificate will teach the hobbyist to be a safer drone operator.

When is the right time to get a drone pilot’s license?

The sooner you get a drone pilot’s license, the better it is. As the drone pilots are in demand and the use of drones is rising, I suggest you turn your hobby into your profession.

It is better to prepare yourself before anyone else does.

Assuming you already have an idea of Part 101 regulation, passing a Part 107 exam will not be difficult at all.

But for someone with minimum aeronautical knowledge must take a course online to pass the exam at one go.

What can you do to fill that demand for drone pilots?

There was a time when airplane pilots were in demand. Until the COVID-19 pandemic struck, airlines were ordering more airplanes with that there was a growing demand for commercial pilots.

After the coronavirus pandemic, the need for airplane pilots is going southwards.

Fortunately, the social distancing after the COVID-19 crisis is beneficial for the drone industry.

  • We can expect eCommerce businesses to deliver more goods using drones sooner than expected.
  • Likewise, we will see restaurants delivering their online orders using drones.

To fill that demand for drone pilot vacancies, a recreational drone pilot can get a drone pilot license to work as a commercial drone pilot.

  1. Unlike, airline pilots getting a drone pilot license is inexpensive;
  2. A structured online course will prepare you for the exam;
  3. And flying drones are so easy that an hour of practice can train you to operate a drone.

If you want to work as a freelancer drone pilot, then you must use your drone.

Before you use your drone:

  1. You must register your drone with the Federal Aviation Administration. Registering a drone is only 5 USD and valid for three years;
  2. Next, apply for insurance for your drone.

Once more businesses and services rely on drone uses, companies will hire more full-time drone pilots.

Knowing there will be a massive growth in commercial drone applications, you can have your business to provide commercial professional drone services.

There will be many vacant jobs for drone pilots.

Both full-time and freelance drone pilots will be in demand and can apply for the drone pilot jobs.

Companies usually hire freelance drone pilots now, but in the future, for full-scale operations, companies will hire full-time drone pilots for the job.

How much do drone pilots get paid?

In every profession, the pay for specialists vary from company to company. Similarly, the salary depends on the skill and experience of a professional.

A drone pilot with more experience and better skills will get paid better than a newbie in the industry.

  • The hourly rate for commercial drone pilots depend on individuals as they typically work on a freelance basis;
  • The pay for a job will also rely on the availability of a drone pilot for a specific task;
  • Also, the rate is variable in the United States, depending on the states.

I will give you an example to clarify a bit more.

Suppose in a state where urban planning and development is continuous, the demand for land surveyor drone pilots will be higher. A commercial drone pilot that knows about accurately surveying a land can ask for higher pay there.

However, if in that state, farming development is minimum, there will be very little demand for an agricultural drone pilot.

An agricultural drone pilot operates a drone that is capable of spraying pesticides and fertilizers to farmlands as necessary. Thus it will be wise for a crop-dusting drone operator to move in another American state where farming development is vast.

  • Nevertheless, according to payscale report, the hourly pay for drone pilots varies from 16.83 USD to 60 USD.
  • The average hourly rate for a drone pilot is 22.60 USD.

According to

The average Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAVPilot salary in the United States is $78,753 as of May 28, 2020, but the salary range typically falls between $57,974 and $95,120.

Thus there is a chance of making hundreds of thousands of dollars annually as the drone pilots demand will rise in the next few years.

The best way to make more money as a drone pilot is to train yourself beforehand, with industry-specific drone use.

If you are an expert in using drones in a specific industry, then your chances of a better salary will be higher.

Which is the right industry to choose to become a drone pilot?

You can choose one from numerous industries to become an expert drone pilot. My suggestion for commercial drone pilots is to be an expert in one field to earn more money and build a reputation.

If you are an expert in one industry, people will consider you as an experienced professional.

If your performance is better in one project than other professional drone pilots in the sector, businesses will likely want to hire you.

  • It will be advantageous for you as companies will hire you more often;
  • And, at one point, you can set your price because you are already a proficient drone pilot in the field.

Being an expert brings more opportunities, and your demand will skyrocket as a commercial drone pilot. Industries may hire you as their full-time drone pilot, and the pay will be excellent.

Most of the drone jobs rely on aerial footages, and first, you will need a drone with an excellent camera.

Nevertheless, by only having a drone with an excellent camera is not profitable if you want to be an ace in the drone industry.

Can a recreational drone pilot apply for a job?

Recreational drone pilot must have their remote pilot airman certification before receiving compensation to fly drones.

If you are not a certified drone pilot, you can use drones merely as a hobby.

But as a hobbyist drone pilot, if you are looking for ways to make money using your drone, then your first job is to get a drone pilot license.

Steps for getting a drone pilot license are;

  1. Take Part 107 course online and prepare yourself for the test;
  2. Schedule a day for the test;
  3. Take your test and pass it with at least a 70% score;
  4. Apply for your certification.

Simple four steps, and it will cost you not more than 150 USD.

I believe any recreational drone pilot today, regardless of their intention to operate drones, must get their remote pilot certification.

The certification is valid for 24 months and gives you extra privilege working as a freelancer.

Who knows what opportunity may come up?

All you have to do is pass the test and spend a mere 150 USD.

By getting your drone pilot license, you can become a commercial drone pilot and apply for any opportunities you see using your drones.

Either you work as a freelancer or a full-time drone pilot, you will need a drone pilot license.

Having a drone pilot license will keep your doors open to numerous opportunities as the demand for drone pilots will grow a lot in the next decade.

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    1. Hi Paul,

      First, you have to learn to fly a drone. For that, you need to have a drone.
      Various drones are available for purchase online. A good drone to start flying is the Mavic Mini. It is affordable and captures impressive footage.

      Second, you have to acquire your drone pilot’s license from the FAA. Read here: How to get a drone pilot’s license in the USA?
      To pass the FAA drone pilot knowledge test, you can also take an online course: List of drone pilot courses online.

      Third, as you get better in flying drones, you have to figure out what kind of drone jobs are available in your region. It seems there is a demand for drone pilots in construction sites in Pennsylvania.
      Drones can replace all the tasks that require aerial footage. That’s where you look for opportunities.
      If you know how to fly drones and have a drone pilot’s license, then you can make some good money. Don’t expect things to happen overnight, but put effort into it you will succeed.

      Do you think it’s difficult for you to take these initial steps? Well, it is a lot easier and more fun than many other jobs today.

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