Don’t want to fail your IFR written? Then this guide is for you.

ifr written test prep

People might say that you can memorize answers from IFR written test preps to pass your instrument knowledge test.

However, I beg to differ.

To pass the instrument written test today requires more than memorizing questions and answers.

Hence I wrote this post to make your IFR written preparation a breeze.

To prepare for your IFR test, you must complete your Instrument ground school. You can either choose:

There are two main reasons why you must take the ground school. Without completing instrument ground school:

  1. You cannot get an endorsement to take the IFR written test;
  2. You will undoubtedly fail your IFR knowledge test without studying instrument aeronautical subjects.

Likewise, you would not be ready to take the IFR written test after finishing your instrument ground school and obtaining endorsement from your CFI.

I may sound demotivating, but apart from knowing all the answers to the question of the IFR written test, you need to practice answering all the multiple-choice questions on time.

For that, you need to practice answering questions using IFR written test preps, and in many instances, simply memorizing the correct answer will help.

There are two kinds of IFR written test preps available for instrument rating trainees:

  1. Traditional books with multiple choice questions and answers;
  2. A digitalized version of the books that are available online.

Now that I summarized a bit about preparing for the IFR written test, I will give all the details on studying for the FAA IFR knowledge test.

To prepare for your IFR written test, you can choose either one of the options:

  • The traditional way of going to a physical ground school;
  • A conventional method of self-studying using online IFR ground school.

Regardless of the path you select, you must self-study at home to pass the Instrument written test.

Understanding the IFR flying materials in detail is essential to passing the FAA instrument written exam. Merely memorizing the test prep questions and answers doesn’t work anymore. Thoughtful studying and fully understanding each subject will elevate your chances of passing the IFR written test.

Sounds quite complicated?

Well, it is not as complicated as it sounds. If you follow a syllabus and stay committed to passing the IFR written test, you will pass the exam with over 90%.

Follow this simple three steps process:

  1. Give yourself a time boundary to take the instrument exam by a specific date;
  2. Commit to studying for IFR written test;
  3. Use test preps to practice answering the IFR questions as much as possible.

Remember failing the IFR written test and re-taking multiple times is not ideal.

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Step 1: How to set a time boundary to take the IFR written test by a specific date?

IFR written test is not as complicated as many people say. I believe actual instrument flying is more challenging than the written test.

So, set a time frame of six months.

Spending more than six months to take the IFR knowledge test is a waste of time.

Promise yourself to pass the IFR written exam in the next six months from taking IFR ground school. It’s possible to complete studying for the IFR written test in less than six months.

Many private pilots get their IFR rating within three months.

Step 2: How to prepare and study for IFR written test?

I already mentioned at the beginning of this article that there are two ways you can study for IFR written test:

These studying paths are acceptable as long as you are ready to take the IFR written test.

After you complete IFR ground school online, you will get an endorsement to register for FAA Instrument written test.

Similarly, suppose you finish instrument ground classes at your flight school. In that case, your IFR ground instructor will endorse you to take the IFR knowledge test once he is satisfied with your ground performance.

The preparation method for Instrument rating is similar everywhere in the world. The Civil Aviation Regulation might vary slightly from country to country, but the entire procedure is the same.

Section i: How to self-study for the IFR written test?

I believe you already have a private pilot license, and now you are going for an instrument rating.

Once you start preparing for the IFR written test, you realize the subjects are more complex than the private pilot materials.

Nevertheless, passing the instrument exam is not impossible.

Many fail the FAA IFR written test, yet many join the IFR-rated pilots club. Being diligent and having access to better resources make a significant difference.

Self-studying was never so straightforward in the past. Today tons of excellent resources are available online, and individuals with little practice can pass the IFR written test on their first take.

The materials are essential for IFR self-studying.

Although you are a private pilot and have aeronautical knowledge, it’s time to add a couple more books to your library.

To self-study for IFR written, you need:

Your friends or flight instructor at your school might recommend some other books, but if you follow my guide, you don’t need any other resources to pass your IFR written test except the three mentioned above.

Typically watching an online ground school course is supposed to be adequate to pass your IFR written test.

However, IFR subjects are complex. Hence I recommend purchasing an IFR book too.

In general, many students forget many topics after watching the IFR videos. For these students, the book is essential to grasp subjects and remember them forever.

Which online IFR ground school to prepare for the FAA Instrument knowledge test?

If you have the budget to buy only one instrument rating online course, buy Rod Machado’s Instrument Pilot Ground School.

Rod Machado is a veteran flight Instructor and well-known for explaining complex subjects to students in an easy, transparent language.

I used Rod Machado’s online course to prepare for both IFR written tests, and the course materials helped me with my actual IFR flight training.

It’s difficult to remember everything I learned during ground training at my flight school but purchasing Rod’s Course and watching the videos helped me remember even the most minor things essential for IFR flights.

Pilots frequently struggle with instrument approaches and departure procedures, and this course will decipher all your approach and departure procedure complications.

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An online course alone is adequate to prepare for the IFR written test if you are a brilliant student. Let’s be honest; not all students are equal, and some cannot grasp subjects quickly. Students who require extra details to understand topics at their own pace must buy a book.

Which book to use for studying IFR?

I recommend pilots buy a book that I used for studying IFR lessons.

Rod Machado’s Instrument Pilot’s Handbook is straightforward, and the language is not overwhelming for pilots.

Pilots with hundreds of VFR hours struggle to understand instrument flying materials because often, the information is too complex and baffling for pilots to understand.

Rod Machado has all the techniques for pilots to remember the basic materials for instrument flying. With Rod Machado’s teaching, Flying information doesn’t seem alien anymore.

Thus, I recommend that pilots interested in instrument ratings buy this book rather than studying the FAA’s instrument pilot handbook.

If you looked at FAA publications free Instrument handbook, you would view Rod Machado’s Instrument Pilot’s Handbook as noticeably improved and illustrated.

Regardless, it is best to study everything you get your hands on as an instrument rating trainee. Because the more you read, the more you learn.

IFR written test preps to practice answering questions similar to the FAA instrument written test.

Now that you have studied the textbook or at least the materials you think were necessary, it’s time to buy a test prep. You can either purchase an online test prep software or a traditional IFR-written test prep book.

Both of these are essential tools for passing the IFR written test:

Many pilots only rely on Gleim’s IFR written test prep book to memorize the question and pass their written test.

I recommended reading up on an instrument flying textbook and not just memorizing the Gleims instrument test prep.

Memorizing answers is outdated, and it’s easier to pass the IFR knowledge test today by comprehending topics to answer a question.

Reasoning, the FAA updates its question bank multiple times a year to discourage pilots from memorizing the questions and answers and encourage them to understand a subject entirely.

The only reason why I suggest purchasing IFR test prep is to practice answering multiple-choice questions answers on time. Similarly, to know what type of questions you will face during your test.

To avoid taking IFR written test multiple times, follow these three steps instructions:

Regardless of a digitalized test prep or a traditional textbook-type test prep, you will have access to thousands of FAA questions on Instrument rating subjects.

Use the IFR written test preps to practice answering questions. If you answer a wrong question, refer to the section describing why one answer is correct and the other is wrong. To further clarify a subject, you can go to the Instrument Flying Handbook and study the issue.

Studying in this manner will take your IFR rating knowledge to a different level.

To become a competent IFR pilot, you don’t need multiple books, but applying better studying techniques will make you the best pilot at your flight school.

By studying in this way, you can always think and select the correct answer from your memory during the instrument knowledge test.

Buy an affordable online IFR written test prep and take the time to use the software to prepare for the exam. On the contrary, if you think Gleims Instrument test prep is a suitable option, go for it.

Online Test PrepsTest Prep Books
FLY8MA’s Instrument test prep Bootcamp.Gleim’s IFR knowledge test prep.
Dauntless Soft Instrument Test Prep.ASA Instrument rating test prep.
Essential IFR test preps.

What is the traditional way of studying?

Many students prefer learning in one on one situations. For instrument trainees like that, traditional ground training classes at flight school are suitable.

Many private pilots choose to go to actual ground school in flight school to take an instrument rating course.

While I don’t see it as a lousy way of studying, it’s only an alternative to online IFR ground school. Every other material remains still the same for anyone taking an Instrument rating.

Merely going to ground school training for instrument rating would not help a private pilot pass his instrument rating written exam. Valid for students who are not good at self-study, they should take instrument ground classes at a flight school.

Taking instrument ground classes can be costlier than an online instrument course.

Nevertheless, if that works best for you, you should go for it. It is essential to understand the materials to lower your chances of failing the IFR written test.

Whether you study theories for your instrument rating, you will need a study book and a test prep online or offline.

A book to study and a test prep test your knowledge and revise. My recommendations are for you are still the same:

The IFR written test preps help instrument rating trainees prepare for the FAA instrument knowledge test.

IFR test prep software is an excellent alternative to the test prep book. It helps practice further and test your knowledge after completing your Instrument rating ground school.

You can use the tool to answer questions and determine which topics you need to study further.

If you fail to answer an IFR test prep question repeatedly, you must contact your flight instructor to clarify the topic.

Selecting the wrong answer multiple times to a question means you are unclear about the subject’s concept.

The software helps you determine your weaknesses, and your instructor can help you with them if you request.

In no time, you will be ready for your instrument rating written exam.

Passing the IFR written test will be a breeze for you if you follow the instructions in this article.

One last bonus tip to help you pass your exam with an over 90% score in the next section.

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