Life lessons from flying.

life lessons from flying

Flying on an airplane and being a pilot has taught me much about life.

There are things that I experienced during my flights that I can relate to and implement in life.

In this list post, I have discussed the life lessons from flying.

Apart from the lessons from my experience in the aviation industry, I shared stories with my other aviation friends.

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You can achieve any goal if you are persistent.

Like anything else in life, you need to practice a lot to become a safe incompetent pilot.

Many student pilots struggle in the beginning to land the aircraft properly.

But as they practice more touch and go, they become better at doing it.

And pilots never stop learning because they know that the more they learn today, the better it will aid them to conduct a safer flight.

Such is also valid for everything in life. If you are struggling with something, it is best to keep working on that.

Keep working to improve your current state.

If you focus on improving your skills eventually, you will achieve whatever you want in life.

So giving up in life is not an option which is the same for becoming an incompetent pilot.

Maintaining composure and never rushing things.

If you cannot keep your composure to achieve anything in life, you may lose.

If you try to rush things, you may skip some critical components to pilot a flight, like flying an airplane safely.

It is necessary as a pilot not to rush things.

If you go through your preflight checklist in a hurry, you might miss out on something concerning flight safety.

If you face a difficult situation during your flight, you must learn to keep your cool.

Because if you lose your peace and try to rush things, you will probably worsen the situation.

Therefore pilots always remain calm even in challenging circumstances.

You have to stay in harmony with everything to achieve all you want in life, no matter what happens.

You cannot hurry because life is a marathon, not a sprint.

Someone is always better than you. Hence show gratitude and remain happier.

You will always want to pass something more significant no matter which aircraft you fly today.

Because human wants are infinite, today, you may fly a smaller turboprop airplane, and you may look at a jet airplane and want to fly that.

Human minds are never satisfied with what they have. They always crave for more.

Willing to pilot a giant airplane is not a problem. It is essential to be happy and show gratitude for what you currently have.

And to reach your goals for flying a giant airplane, you have to keep trying and move forward.

Sitting idle and dreaming will never help you.

Likewise in life:

All your dreams may not come true. You may achieve your goals, but it will require time and patience.

You may have received something excellent today and the day after you find out your neighbor has something better than that.

Many people are not happy in life because they are not satisfied after all.

However, showing gratitude and working towards your goal are fundamental ingredients for happiness.

If you do not have a goal, you will never go anywhere.

Do not expect everything in life to be perfect.

An experienced pilot might have to land an airplane ten times a day.

Out of that ten landings, 5 of them may not be so good.

You may have bounce landings on two touchdowns, and three may be perfect landings.

It means no matter how much you try, and you will not land your airplane perfectly every time.

Because you cannot perfect anything.

That is the same way with reality.

Nothing is perfect in life, and however, life still goes on.

No one’s life is perfect. It may seem someone is pleased from the outside, but inside, the story may differ from the surface.

So do not compare yourself with others, and you will be a lot happier in life.

It would help if you always remembered that no one is perfect, neither are you.

Planning is everything.

Without proper plans, it isn’t easy to achieve anything. Before every flight, pilots need to have preparations.

Preparations include having a flight plan and checking the weather forecast.

There are many other procedures a pilot has to go through before each flight.

In life, if you intend to achieve something and accomplish your goals, you must prepare and plan.

Without a plan, you will be like a sailor in life without a map.

So it is crucial to have plans in life.

Not always will you succeed with all your plans, but having a plan means you will get closer to your goals sooner.

Challenges will qualify you for critical situations.

As a student pilot, your flight instructor will push you to train in difficult situations.

It means the flight instructor will throw challenges towards you to overcome the obstacles.

Once you practice overcoming the challenges in flight, you will be bold and precisely know what to do during a critical condition in the future.

Meaning challenging will help you progress towards becoming a better pilot.

In life, if you do not take on challenges, you will not develop. It is vital to get out of your comfort zone and take tests.

Trials will push you to overcome and eventually grow as a better person in life.

There will always be challenges in life, and if you give up without facing the hurdles, you will probably remain in one place and not progress ahead in life.

By not moving forward in life, I meant the fear that not taking challenges would prevent you from so many unique experiences in life.

So learn to take challenges in life. As a result, your world will be more enjoyable.

Always be prepared for unwanted situations.

During a flight, a pilot can only anticipate the en-route weather.

Yet they can never be sure of what may change and all the occurrences en-route.

Nevertheless, the pilot boards the cockpit prepared to confront all the turbulence en-route and carry passengers safely to their destinations.

You must be courageous and believe in yourself to face all kinds of hardships in life.

Nothing in life must pull you downwards.

All you have to do is trust yourself and do what you have to do.

No matter how much we plan to achieve success perfectly, hardships may temporarily restrict us but never cannot stop us.

Apply an oxygen mask on yourself first.

This one is interesting.

Everyone has to help themselves first, and only then can they help others.

In-flight, if you do not wear your oxygen mask but try to help others first, you may end up in a critical situation.

Hence, wear your oxygen mask first to ensure safety.

Ensure your safety first, and only then will you help others.

Likewise, in life, you have to help yourself to grow first.

You are willing to help others without having adequate for yourself, and it is not the best idea.

If you intend to help others, you have to become a better version of yourself.

Suppose you want to help the unfortunate people by supporting them with money.

Though what you possess now is insufficient for yourself, you give away most of it for donation.

What will happen then?

The result will be you end up being poor.

So help yourself make more money to donate money for the good of this world in the long run.

As a result, you will be happier, and you will not end up poor trying to help others.

Strict self-discipline.

All pilots need to have strict self-discipline.

Without self-discipline and focus, a pilot cannot become an outstanding pilot.

Every pilot who has achieved good safety records and has maintained a good relationship with the company authorization has good self-discipline.

At least, that is what I have noticed being in the aviation industry for the last ten years.

They are praised because of their focus at work and being on schedule all the time.

In life, if you do not have self-discipline, then it will be so much harder for you to achieve your goals.

To be successful in life, you have to have focus. There is a saying where focus goes energy flows.

So to become good at anything, you need to have self-discipline first. Having self-discipline will aid you in keeping your focus on your goals.

If you put energy into your goals in no time, you will be a successful person.

Nevertheless, it truly depends on how they define success because success can be many things.

Every person has their definition of success.

Regardless of how a person defines success, it is crucial to have self-discipline in their daily routine.

I believe this is not all the life lessons one can get from flying.

If you have some more ideas in your mind, do not delay sharing in the comment section below.

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