Online Ground School Vs. Classroom. Save Time & Save Your Money.

online ground school vs classroom

I will help student pilots remove all their confusion on online ground school vs. classroom.

You will know which aspects of an online ground school are better than a physical classroom.

I pointed out various reasons: Why online ground schools are better than physical ground schools?

First, understand these:

  • The FAA doesn’t require student pilots to take physical ground school for a private pilot license knowledge test.
  • Student pilots need only an endorsement from a certified flight instructor to take the exam.

The endorsement proves that a student pilot is knowledgeable and ready to take the PPL knowledge test.

Do online ground schools have authorization from FAA?

Online ground schools are legit.

However, online ground schools don’t need authorization. The flight instructors need. Only FAA-certified flight instructors can endorse you for a knowledge test after you complete the course.

So what are the main differences?

The significant difference between online and physical ground schools is that you can study from home.

In the traditional classroom setup, you can discuss problems with your classmates, and some students need discussion to remember multiple subjects.

But taking an online ground school, you are on your own with lifetime access to the course.

That is beneficial for many student pilots.

  • You can pause, play and rewind through various videos at your own pace;
  • Multiple resources available and practice tests will aid in determining your progress;
  • Fail a mock trial, and retake the test to clarify a subject.

Unlike conventional ground school, student pilots in online ground school can repeat these tasks every time they need to.

Likewise, online ground school courses are available to fit students’ needs.

  • Some teach in a conventional whiteboard style training;
  • Others are a blend of animation with a whiteboard explanation.
  • Some instructors focus on teaching in a real-life environment.

Why did I say online ground schools are legit?

FAA-certified flight instructors create online ground school courses and can give you an endorsement for a private pilot license exam.

As I mentioned, all you require is an endorsement to take an exam.

It would help if you studied adequately before requesting an endorsement. Without passing the practice tests in the online course, your CFI won’t sign your approval.

After you pass all the practice tests with at least a 70% score, the instructor will know you are ready to take the exam.

Some online ground school promises a full refund of your money if you don’t pass the exam during your first take.

That true is:

Online ground school instructors are confident enough before signing you off an endorsement.

If you don’t understand a subject yet, decide to sit for the FAA knowledge test, and fail, no flight school will give you a refund.

Perhaps this is a reliable technique for online ground school owners to attract more student pilots to their courses.

Regardless, in the end, all that matters is how good you are at absorbing knowledge.

Whether you take your ground course online or in a traditional classroom, it all depends on your effort to pass the exam.

Is the online ground school enough to pass the PPL exam?

Once you complete the online ground course and pass all the exams, the online ground school instructor must endorse you to take the PPL exam.

The most online ground school promises to endorse you, and that is TRUE.

So if you take the course alone and pass the exam, you are ready to take the exam with your endorsement.

Typically the ground school will ask for a little charge to sign you off.

However, an online ground school costs much more reasonable than a physical ground school.

Why are online ground schools cheaper than physical classroom courses?

To answer this question, you must realize that maintaining a flight school is very expensive. There are many other costs in a flight school other than renting a hangar.

Having a classroom and teaching students in a conventional setup is costly.

Flight school owners prepare PART 161 packages for flight training to cover all the costs.

The package includes ground training.

Flight schools must design a complete course where the ground school’s cost is structured and designed to make it look necessary. That is how flight schools earn a profit.

On the contrary, online ground schools operate online, primarily using a team of flight instructors.

Online ground school owners only have to pay a one-time cost to create all the essential content for students.

A team of certified flight instructors frequently updates the contents to keep it most relevant according to the time and FAA requirements.

Any student pilot purchasing an online ground school will have access to the content and resources from the comfort of their room.

Online ground school owners don’t rent a hangar or any physical classroom.

The lower price for online ground school seems like a red flag for many student pilots.

Quite a few online ground schools are excellent and have good reviews.

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It is always wise to choose an online ground school because whatever you learn in a flight school classroom, you can learn the same thing in an online ground school.

Especially if you are preparing for the PPL exam, I suggest purchasing an online ground school is better than physical classroom courses.

Lastly, the FAA doesn’t require student pilots to prove physical or online ground school.

They want a certified flight instructor endorsement, which you can get from an online ground school at lesser expenses.

Why is online training beneficial for students who like to group study?

There are different kinds of student pilots:

  • Some like to study independently;
  • Some prefer to enroll in a flight school’s conventional classroom course;
  • Others prefer online ground school.

All kinds of student pilots can take the private pilot license exam as long as they endorse it.

I can’t tell much about the independent student pilots, but I can assure them that they like to study at their own pace and don’t require others’ help.

Student pilots who intend to study in a group discussion or brainstorm to learn a topic better would be best for them to enroll in a physical ground school.

But those taking the online ground school also have similar opportunities.

If you have trouble understanding a topic, you can post your question in the course’s discussion forum.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of other student pilots in an online course forum. They will reply to you, and you can discuss your difficulties.

Likewise, the online ground school flight instructors regularly check the forum and answer the student pilot’s questions.

And instructors will suggest to you which section of the video tutorial discusses the specific topic so that you can go back and re-watch the video.

How expert are the online ground school flight instructors?

Many student pilots are concerned about flight instructors in online ground schools.

No one wants to buy a course from inexperienced flight instructors.

The most popular online ground school instructors are veteran flight instructors.

The instructors in online ground school may be more experienced than your average flight instructor in your flight school.

But there are several online ground school training, and not all the instructors are veterans.

For example, think of King School’s online ground course.

  • King School has been instructing and training pilots for the last 40 years.
  • Their online ground school has excellent reviews from decades ago.

The ground school training by Rod Machado is the same as well.

  • Rod Machado is a pilot and a flight instructor with over 30 years of experience.

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Imagine learning from such an experienced flight instructor at your convenience.


Every student pilot has their studying style. You have to choose a course that is most suitable for you, and the language is understandable.

Regardless of physical classroom or online ground school, your effort will ultimately help you become a better pilot and acquire your private pilot license.

Certified flight instructors can guide you and show you what to study, but they can’t spoon-feed you all the knowledge.

Each student has their appreciation and finds a different online course suitable for them.

You can purchase an online ground course, and if you think it is not the right one for you, then ask for a refund. Unlike flight school classrooms, you cannot ask for a refund if you don’t like the instructor’s teaching style.

Both online ground school and physical classroom have pros and cons, but I believe the online ground school has more advantages than a physical class.

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