Why is pilot training course so expensive?

why is pilot training so expensive

The cost of pilot training is distinguished. It is not unknown. Seeing the pricey course fee blows many people.

People not in the aviation industry, thinks the pilot training course fee is absurd.

But recognizing the associated cost with pilot training will allow everyone to understand why pilot training is so expensive.

I have clearly described in this post why the flight training cost is high, yet many students dream of becoming a pilot.

Why is pilot training so expensive?

Pilot training is expensive because a student pilot has to fly the actual airplane to build hours. The cost of the fuel, renting the aircraft, and hiring a flight instructor is all included within the training course fee.

It is not only these costs that make the flight training expensive.

Let begin by explaining this:

To obtain a pilot license, one must fly the airplane for hours. Each civil aviation body has its regulations, and students operate to satisfy the hour requirement.

So renting an airplane and paying for the fuel is expensive. It is understandable.

It is not only the cost of rental, and fuel, the fee for a flight instructor, must be considered too.

A student can not learn to fly the airplane by himself.

Thus a student during the flight needs to have a flight instructor on board.

Do you think the flight instructor is going to teach you for free?

No, that is not possible because the flight instructor is working to make a living too.

Therefore the cost of hiring a flight instructor is added in the pilot training course fee.

These three costs are what a pilot students realize once they start the flight training.

Nevertheless, these costs are just what anyone can see. But there are a lot more goes in the background maintaining the aircraft.

Maintaining the aircraft costs a lot of money for flight schools. Hence the flight schools design a course fee that will aid them in managing all the associated costs.

A flight school has to rent a hangar to park and a runway to operate their aircraft.

The rental of a hangar in an airport is not inexpensive. Moreover, if the flight school operates from an international airport, the flight school administration has to count more money for the hangar rental.

Next, the flight school has to pay the airport authority for using the runway. The airport authority calculates that fee by the number of takeoff and landings the company aircraft has made in a particular track.

So these associated costs also make the pilot training fees expensive.

What are the costs of maintaining the aircraft?

An aircraft requires a lot of maintenance and inspection. Flying an airplane without proper maintenance is like flying towards death.

It is not a joke.

It is crucial to inspect each airplane to determine whether the aircraft is in a flyable condition before flight.

The engine of such aircraft may suddenly fail in the air and may crash, killing the student and the flight instructor.

I have read about various airplane crashes in the past where the student survived, but the flight instructor die.

Yet the student pilot survived the crash. It was challenging for the student pilot to get back to flying. Reasoning the student pilot had severe trauma from crash, never had the intention to fly an airplane again.

I believe you, as a student pilot, do not want such incidents, hence choosing a flight school that has a top-notch aircraft maintenance is the best idea.

And paying a bit extra for the top-notch maintaining a school has, is not a bad deal.

So what is maintenance of aircraft?

Every airplane requires overhauling after 100 hours of flight time. After two thousand hours of flying time, replacing an airplane’s engines is essential.

Planes need to replace many tine parts, which is not cheap. Some significant parts may begin to show flaws and require replacements occasionally.

Annually inspectors from the civil aviation comes to inspect the airplanes and decide whether the aircraft is airworthy or not. There are several certification that requires renewal annually and has a price.

So all these costs have to be covered by flight schools, and these prices slightly reflects on the pilot training course fee.

Hence, pilot training seems expensive, yet the flight schools have to cover their costs operating the institute.

Can a poor person become a pilot?

This question may seem weird in this article. Yet I want to answer the question.

The question seemed relevant to the topic of this article as I am explaining about expensive flight training fees.

From the rare sight of a pilot training package, it might seem obvious that only rich people can choose to become a pilot.

It is indeed a privilege to have money, not just to become a pilot for anything in life that is applicable.

But does that mean only rich people have the luxury?

The answer is no. I know a few pilots that are not from wealthy families and their parents couldn’t afford to pay for their flight training.

However, it did not stop them from pursuing their dream.

With enough determination, plans, and goals, a poor person can work harder and save money to become a pilot.

There are student loans that can aid someone to reach for the sky.

Regardless of rich and poor, anyone can achieve success in life by working hard and being persistent.


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