Pilot training in India eligibility.

pilot training in india eligibility

With airlines in India extending their fleet, there is a big opportunity waiting for Indian students to build a career in aviation.

But first you have to figure out:

Are you are eligible for the pilot training course in India? I will answer that question elaborately in this article.

Nothing can stop you from getting a job in an airliner cockpit once you are eligible to become a pilot in India.

Let’s start by answering a common question.

Is it easy to become a pilot in India?

The answer is YES and NO. If becoming a pilot was really easy then the airlines wouldn’t be concerned about the shortage of pilots.

Yes, there is an actual shortage of pilots due to the airlines buying more airplanes to extend their fleet.

So YES it is easy to become a pilot in India if you are well qualified to perform the job.

If the airline believes you are suitable to perform your job safely as a pilot then you will get your job in no time.

Although with a rise in the number of airplanes flying every day around the globe from and to India, the airlines will not hire someone if they deem unfit to perform the job.

So you have to decide how well are you going to build yourself as a pilot and only then you will be eligible for becoming a pilot in India.

It is true for you no matter in which country you want to work for an airline.

You will be eligible if you can dedicate your time and patience to become a pilot.

And the best thing whoever starts flying once they never find it boring.

Because aviation is fun.

What is the cost of pilot training in India?

Regardless of where you fly and which country you choose to complete your pilot training, you will have to spend a lot of money.

So having a lot of money in hand or financial support from your parents will make you eligible for the pilot training in India.

The cost of pilot training in India may cost you around 25 lacs in Indian Rupees.

Because acquiring your pilot license will require you to fly actual hours in an airplane.

The cost of 25 lacs INR may only be the cost for completion of the pilot training course.

However, it may require more money to get your first airline job.

Because not all airlines will hire low hour pilots. Some airline wants to see you have flown adequate hours and built many experiences.

Airlines want to ensure the safety of their passengers.

There are several ways how a fresh commercial pilot licensee can gain more flight hours as a pilot without spending more money.

What is the age limit for pilot training in India?

Now aging is something you can’t stop. Hence you should get your commercial pilot license in India before the age of 30.

You are 18 years old in India and your parents are willing to financially support you for your pilot training fees, then you are eligible.

Now it really depends on your perspective on what kind of job do you want as a pilot.

Are you willing to work for any air charter companies or private jets?

Or you intend to be in the airline?

If you really want to be in an airline you better hurry. Because the airline prefers to hire pilots in India under the age of 30.

This means airlines always want to have pilots that will stay for a longer period of time with the airline.

That is why I wrote above that the age limit is 18 to 30 years old.

Let’s clarify a bit more:

  • One must be 16 years old to apply for a student pilot license;
  • You must 17 years old to have your private pilot license;
  • By 18 you can obtain a commercial pilot license for yourself.

If someone tells you that you cannot get your commercial pilot license after the age of 30, he/she is wrong.

You can get a commercial pilot license even at the age of 40 but as per your intention to work in an airline will be limited.

On the other hand, once you are over 30 years old, there can be so many difficulties.

One of them might be health concerns.

Medical fitness eligibility for pilot training in India.

While you are young, you may not face as much as health issues once you are over 30.

Yet there are few basic medical requirements for acquiring a pilot license.

One must have a 20/20 eye vision. As a pilot, you have to have perfect eyesight to perform your flights safely.

Now some of you may concern about wearing eyeglasses.

Wearing eyeglasses will not stop you from getting your commercial pilot license as long as you have a 20/20 vision wearing spectacles.

One must not be color blind. Being color blind will disqualify you from becoming a pilot.

You have to be physically fit and mentally fit. A mentally unstable person cannot take the responsibility of flying an airplane with passengers.

There are many other medical checks which the DGCA will request you to perform.

Once you pass all the medical check-ups, you will be issued a medical certificate.

The medical certificate is proof that you are fit to fly and acquire licenses.

To get your private pilot license, you will need a 2nd class medical certificate.

For a commercial pilot license, you will need a 1st class medical certificate.

How much time for pilot training in India?

The pilot training course may take around 2 to 4 years in India. Which means a time commitment from your side.

If you do not have the time to work hard and manage time for flight training then you must choose a different career path.

Pilot training in India requires time reasoning there are many students willing to train as a pilot.

So accommodating student pilots in a limited number of aircraft and complete the flight hours requires time.

If you desire to finish your pilot training faster you can choose a flight training institute abroad.

Usually, a flight training school abroad can give you a commercial pilot license with an additional instrument rating between 12 months to 16 months period.

How many hours required to become a pilot in India?

According to Indian civil aviation regulation, one must have flown 250 hours to obtain a commercial pilot license.

And obtaining a private pilot license requires a student pilot to fly at least 60 hours.

Getting your first job in an airline is not an easy task. You have to be a smart pilot and a good learner to work in the airline.

So regardless of where you complete your pilot training, in India or abroad, the sooner you obtain your commercial pilot license the better it is.


4 Replies to “Pilot training in India eligibility.

    1. There are no difficulties in learning to fly an airplane, regardless of age. If you want to learn to fly an airplane and merely get a license, all you have to do is enroll in a flight school and train for a Private pilot license.

      However, if you intend to work in an airline, 41 years old may not be the right time to begin. Thus I want to ask: Why do you want to be a pilot? Do you want to feel the thrill of flying or to work as a commercial pilot?

    1. Sure you can, Subhomita. You can enroll in a flight school and begin flight training. Your first step would be to get a private pilot license. Then you can pursue being a commercial pilot. You can do it all regardless of your commerce background.

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