What are the private pilot licensing written exam requirements?


A student pilot must have adequate aeronautical knowledge to take the private pilot written exam. To prepare for the PPL knowledge exam, a pilot must complete private pilot ground school offline or online.

After completing the ground classes, the CFI will take tests to check your aeronautical knowledge. Once the CFI is satisfied with the student’s performance, the CFI will endorse the student for the private pilot written exam.

The only requirement for a student pilot is to acquire an endorsement from a certified flight instructor to take the private pilot written exam.

Student pilots in the United States can go to traditional ground school at the flight school or enroll in an online private pilot ground school. Both traditional ground school and online ground school endorsement are acceptable by the FAA.

The FAA doesn’t restrain student pilots from taking the private pilot knowledge exam by the studying method.

In many countries, such as Vietnam, the Philippines, India, Nigeria, and South Africa, a student must go to a physical ground school and obtain a private pilot knowledge exam endorsement from a CFI at the flight school.

When can you take the private pilot written exam?

To take the PPL written exam, one must obtain an endorsement for the exam from a CFI first. There is also an age requirement to take the FAA private pilot written exam.

Individuals must be at least 15 years old to take the FAA private pilot knowledge exam.

You can get an endorsement from a CFI before you are 15 years old, but to register for the FAA PPL examination, you must be at least 15. The FAA requires an identification card or Passport to verify your age.

It is not a good idea to take a written exam too early. The PPL knowledge test is good for 24 months.

One must be at least 16 years old to get a student pilot license and 17 years old to get a private pilot license.

The FAA has structured everything for students to take the private pilot written exam by 15 and get a private pilot license by 17 before the written exam expires.

When is the expiration of the PPL written exam?

The private pilot written exam has two years from the date you took your exam.

If any student pilot passed the knowledge test but can’t pass the check ride within this time frame, they must take the ppl written exam again.

However, six months is sufficient for anyone to achieve their required flying hours for the private pilot license and pass their check-ride.

Waiting for two years to merely get a private pilot license is not wise.

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