250-hour pilot jobs Asia.

250 hour pilot jobs asia - low hour pilot jobs

Too many low hour pilot jobs are accessible today if you know exactly where to find them.

By now, I assume you already know 250 hours as a pilot is not acceptable to land your first airline job.

Ideally, you are here to read this article so that I can share a little what I apprehend about low hour pilot jobs.

I will not promise this article will land you a job with 250 hours as a pilot in Asia, but I can guide you, at least from my experience.

The best part:

Tons of air charter companies lack pilots today, aside from the airlines.

The most proper place to endeavor for a low hour pilot job is in local cargo companies or air charters.

Where to look for low hour pilot jobs?

Let me presume you have completed your commercial pilot course with an instrument rating.


You have logged 250 hours as a pilot, and you are in a rush to land your first job to build hours and apply for the airlines.

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As many airlines in the United States expect pilots to have an ATPL, there is no alternative to the things I will yield in this blog post.

Settling your first pilot job may not be as easy as it sounds, but that is where you have to prove your commitment to become an airline pilot.

I think the best places to look for a low hour pilot job is in Asia and Africa.

Some places in Latin America are not wrong, either.

Wondering I say that?

Due to the massive extension of airliners in the Asia Pacific region and Africa, there is a significant shortage of pilots there.


You can use this deficiency of your advantage.

This deficit of pilots is growing every day with the airlines adding more aircraft to their fleet.

Due to this increase in airlines, experienced pilots from air charter companies or air logistics facilities are moving to the airliners.

This shift of pilots is creating a batch of vacancies for pilots in the air charters or air taxis in Asia and Africa.

low hour pilot jobs
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It is not only the airliners that are expanding. In Asia and Africa, companies are relying more and more on cargo fleet.

Island nations of Asia?

They rely on the transport of goods using air carriers from one island to another.

There are numerous cargo aircraft that require pilots. Bigger jets and turbo propeller aircrafts used for cargo transfer is on the rise.

You may immediately guess that pilots in Asia and Africa have to fly to remote places to deliver cargo.

YES, that is true.

To fly to a detached place where the most convenient and fast means of transportation is by small propeller aircraft.

As a result, cargo facilities are expanding their fleet of propeller aircraft and are recruiting numerous pilots with low hours.

Air cargo and air charters are hiring more pilots today than ever before.

Do you think you will only fly cargoes from one point to another?

The most convenient mean of transport for passengers there is air charters.

There are places where turbo propeller airplanes cannot reach. Air charter is their only option.

As I am currently residing in the Philippines and have spoken to many pilots working in Asia, I can assure you that there are many pilot jobs available.

The most typical low hour pilot jobs are in:

  • Air charter companies;
  • Cargo companies that fly short routes;
  • Cargo companies that operate to a destination where bigger jets cannot reach;
  • Or Seaplane jobs that fly with tourists in Asia.

All the jobs listed above can be your first pilot job.

Are you still thinking about where to look for low hour pilot jobs?

It is time:

I clarify some more. Most of these pilot jobs are available in the Philippines and Indonesia.

I am not going to lie, but the Philippines and Indonesia have so much shortage of pilots in the airlines.

The precise truth:

There is no shortage of pilots but qualified pilots.

Airlines only hire the best of the best. They cannot allow a fresh pilot with all the responsibilities.

Airlines may be willing to hire you; however, they fear the consequences that may come with it.

Airliners here are willing to recruit expert pilots and favor local pilots only, which has resulted in a shortage of qualified pilots.

As the Philippines and Indonesia, both these countries have thousands of islands, and many of them very remote; the only means of communication is by air or boat.

A boat neither can transport passengers nor cargo as fast as an airplane does.

That is the reason why low hour pilots like you must be thankful.

For a quicker means of transport, there are several cargo companies as well as air taxis on the rise.

AND the number is developing every day. Existing companies are adding more aircraft to their fleet and have no notion where they will get all the pilots.

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Therefore they often stress their pilot and compel them to fly more than they are supposed to.

Why do you think such is happening?

Because bigger jets, they cannot fly to obscure places, and people in remote destinations need their cargo to survive.

The only option is to carry cargo there, and faster is by using air cargo or logistics companies.

Does that mean these types of companies hire unqualified pilots?

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  1. I am Ali retired from Pakistan Air Force having 2100 hours of Military Jet experiance having Frozen ATPL and valid CPL with class 1 medical.

  2. If you could send me information about company that are looking to hire in Asia, especially any in or near Japan. I also hold a commercial multi engine. Thank you

    1. As I don’t live in Indonesia, I can’t give you the list of charter companies there. Sorry about that. However, I can give you names of charter companies in the Philippines, if you are interested. But I wonder what are you going to do with a list of charter companies?

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