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We are a virtual connection between you and aviation. Any inquiry you have regarding flight training, I will consult for FREE.

Not just that, we can help you pick a time build-up package most suitable for any pilot to move forward in their career.

I neither work for an airline not yet a commercial pilot.

However, being in the aviation industry since 2011 and having many friends in the industry, I have learned a few things.

In this website, I only talk about aviation and pilots. Our common topics are:

For further inquiries, you can shoot me an email. I enjoy talking about aviation. I am ready to answer your queries for FREE.

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Assuming most of my readers are either looking for flight schools to begin pilot training or already commercial pilots looking for their first airline job.

My website is where you begin your research. If you can’t find a satisfactory answer in the blog, then shoot me an email.

Expect to get a reply within the next 36 hours.

What my blog doesn’t promise is:

  • The flight school I suggest is the best flight training institute; and
  • A job guarantee for aspiring pilots.

Instead, use my blog as a guide to pick the right flight school and avoid flight schools that will cost more money for the training.

In my blog, I also talk about some flight time building programs that are great for aspiring pilots to get their first airline job.

You can consider me as your FREE online consultant before choosing a flight school, or stay away from flight time build up scams that are a total waste of money.

Numerous agents are ready to help you in many ways. I am not an agent but a pilot myself who is available to discuss all your needs during this time of crisis.

Although I have affiliation with a few charter companies, I discuss everything transparently about flight time building programs.

Thus I don’t promote any service merely for the sake of making a profit, but only if I believe it is the right one for you, I will tell you to go for it.

I firmly believe transparency for my service will help others and build my reputation.

Take a tour of my website blog, and if you are an aspiring pilot, start here: What is a private pilot license?

If you are looking for a flight time building program, then you can visit here: Boeing 737 line training program.

If these are not your goals and you want to learn some more details, then shoot me an email here. I will be more than happy to help you.