About Us.

“Pilots Elite LTD” is the bridge between you and flight training. If you have any inquiries about becoming a pilot, we’re here to answer your questions.

Pilots Elite was founded by Kawsar Ahmed Arafat, who has been in the Industry for over a decade.

Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding pilot training.

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pilots elite about us

From the Author.

Being passionate about aviation and having my private pilot license, I decided to write about pilot licensing.

Still today, pilot training and aviation seem unfamiliar to many folks.

In the past, not many people knew about becoming a pilot, and unfortunately, this hasn’t changed much today.

To simplify an aspiring pilot’s journey to becoming a pilot, I created Pilots Elite LTD.

What can you discover on our website?

To summarize, we discuss the most common issues students encounter during flight training.

Who can be benefitted from our Website?

Begin your flight training research from our website. If you can’t find a satisfying answer on our blog, kindly email us. Most of the readers on our website are either researching flight schools or getting their student pilot licenses.

We can point you toward our partnered flight schools in the Philippines and the USA to do your pilot training.

Why do we do what we do?

Initially, the blog started as a passion for flying. Slowly, as I learned more about flying and my passion for internet marketing grew, I decided to use Pilots Elite LTD as a medium to help people.

It’s about aiding aspiring pilots, and the website profits from partnered flight institutes. Thus, we aim to help people and establish an online business simultaneously.

Fret not. There is no upfront cost to be part of our journey. We consult with students for FREE. We receive an affiliate commission from different means on the website.

Several websites talk about flight training, but as I see it that not many of them know about making a student pilot’s life easier. Pilots Elite LTD aims to grow and help more student pilots in different ways.

How can you be part of Pilots Elite LTD?

We are open to accepting writers for Pilots Elite LTD. You don’t have to be a genius to contribute to our website.

Suppose you have aeronautical experience or are an aviation enthusiast and are passionate about discussing airplanes. In that case, you can send us your writing, and we’ll gladly publish the content and give credit to the writer.

Let me clarify: We are not buying content for our blog but only accepting contributions. If you’re passionate about aviation and flight training and intend to discuss your learning with thousands of readers, then you’re welcome to join our team.