How long does it take to become a commercial pilot?

In order to become a commercial pilot, you have to fly a minimum of 150 hours in an actual airplane. So depending on the weather condition in the vicinity of the flight school and your own potential, it will take less than a year to get your commercial pilot license.

How many hours to get a commercial pilot license?

Depending on the Civil Aviation Authority regulations of your country you have to log somewhere between 150 to 250 hours in actual flight in order to get a commercial pilot license.

What is a Private Pilot License?

Before you get your commercial pilot license, you have to obtain a private pilot license.

To obtain a private pilot license you have to fly a minimum of 40 hours and it is the first step to become a commercial pilot.

When can I start my training once I enroll?

Local students can start their flight training after they enroll. A student only has to wait for the immediate next batch to begin so that he can start his/her ground schooling.

International students have to arrive in the country and done with the enrollment processing and wait for the immediate next batch to join the ground classes.

Is there a job guarantee once I finish my training?

Most flight schools do not offer any job guarantee once you finish flight training.

Though some flight schools prefer to hire their own students as flight instructors once they are done with the training and fulfill all the requirements to become a flight instructor.

Our institute is working on a program to guide students and ensure their first commercial pilot job in charter companies.

Do I have to pay the money for a full course at once?

NO, most flight training institutes offer payment in installments depending on your course fee package.

Similarly, many flight school receives payment in a “pay as you fly” approach.

Can I take a vacation in between my course?

YES, most flight schools offer accelerated flight training to allow the student to finish his/her flight training in the shortest period of time.

However, as a student pilot if you want to pause your flight training due to many reasons you can do so by requesting the flight school.

What age can you start flying lessons?

You can start flying lessons at any age but you can only obtain a private pilot license at the age of 17 for powered aircraft.

In order to obtain a commercial pilot license, you will have to be at least 18 years old.

Do I need science to become a commercial pilot?

The answer is yes and no. You need to know few basic sciences to become a commercial pilot.

But having knowledge of physics, chemistry or biology is not necessary to become a pilot.

During the ground schooling of your flight training program, we will teach you all the basics required for being a safe pilot.

Do I need mathematics to become a pilot?

You have to know only the basic calculations to become a pilot.

However, it will be helpful for you if you are fast with the numbers and simple addition and subtraction.

How to become a pilot after 12th or high school?

After you are done with your 12th grade or completing high school education, you can simply apply for a good flight school and start with your flight training.

Can a commerce student apply to become a pilot?

A commerce student can apply to become a pilot. To become a pilot you need to learn how to fly an airplane and how an airplane works.

All the important lessons required to know to become a pilot will be taught during the ground classes of your flight training.

Where will I train to become a pilot?

The flight schools are always located within the general aviation area of an airport.

So you as a trainee pilot will have access to the general aviation of the airport and use the runway for taking off with your training aircraft.

What kind of airplane will I train to become a pilot?

All the pilots in the world started their flight training with small aircrafts such as Cessna 152, Cessna 172.

Recently most flight schools prefer to use Diamond aircraft for training purposes.

Is it dangerous to become a pilot?

Every occupation has some sort of risks associated with the job. On the contrary, compared to the many other occupations being an airline pilot is one of the safest and luxurious jobs.

How often do you hear about an airplane crash in compared to a road accident?

What career options for pilots once I get my commercial pilot license?

Most aspiring student pilots dream is to work in any major airlines.

Apart from being an airline pilot, there are many other pilot jobs available. After one finishes his/her commercial pilot training, they can apply for jobs to become:

  1. Corporate Pilot
  2. Air Charter Pilot
  3. Flight Instructor Pilot
  4. Crop Dusting Pilot
  5. Bush Pilot
  6. Cargo Pilot
  7. Ferry Pilot