Getting your first pilot license?

Let us guide you through the maze of aviation jargon, empowering you to confidently take your first step into the skies.
By Pilots Elite Ltd.

What’s stopping you from getting a pilot license?

The aviation industry is vast, and pilot training is just one element of it. The plethora of information available online from various authors could be distracting and often unhelpful.

Making informed decisions is supposed to be accessible in this age. Unfortunately, for aspiring pilots, extracting the correct information is difficult due to too much junk available online. Most bloggers know a thing or two about becoming pilots yet share aggregated information online.

This makes digesting information hard. Aviation for beginners is already confusing, and fragments of information on various blogs make matters worse. Readers get overwhelmed and give up on their research.

When consumption is problematic, people quickly lose interest. Losing interest leads to giving up on many new opportunities. What prevents people from improving in life is the time between the idea and taking action.

Let us cut that time short for you and embark on a thrilling journey!

Over the years, we have received numerous questions from newbies. We have noticed a pattern in their concerns. They have similar inquiries and repetitive questions.

Hence, we decided to publish our eBook and give it away for FREE. This book will introduce you to the basics of pilot training, flight school, and the steps to becoming a Private Pilot.

The book is organized to answer your follow-up questions. We created this book so that you don’t have to jump from one blog to another and revisit a page to remember what you just read. Hopefully, after reading this book, you won’t have to mail some stranger online for further clarification.

Regardless, we’re here to answer your queries if you ever need clarification.

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About the Author: Kawsar Ahmed Arafat.

The author of this eBook is a Private Pilot. He has been in aviation since 2011 and is an enthusiast who loves discussing airplanes and flying.

Due to work-life balance, he currently remains outside of aviation. However, he plans to be back in the sky in 2025. Despite not flying an aircraft in recent years, he continuously reads and learns about operating aircraft, meteorology, and airspace.

Though a private pilot author doesn’t sound very promising, he has hundreds of flight hours of experience and is the founder of Pilots Elite Ltd.

kawsar ahmed arafat

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Glimpse inside the book:

Pilot training programs require you to be at least 16 years old and have a high school diploma.

There are no requirements, such as what classes you need to take in high school, but science, math, geography, and psychology classes can be beneficial.

Additionally, foreign language classes might be helpful if you yearn to work as a pilot for international flights.

9 CHAPTERS in the book:

  • Chapter 1: Understanding the basics.
  • Chapter 2: Different types of pilot licenses.
  • Chapter 3: Getting your 1st pilot license.
  • Chapter 4: Qualification to become a pilot.
  • Chapter 5: Unveiling the curriculum of flight school.
  • Chapter 6: The cost of getting a Private Pilot License.
  • Chapter 7: Finding a suitable flight school.
  • Chapter 8: Defining your aviation goal.
  • Chapter 9: Keeping medical & rating valid.

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