Cheapest pilot school in the Philippines.

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A flight training school is best only when they have adequate aircraft in its fleet to accommodate all the pilot trainees.

The aircraft must be in excellent shape always.

The maintenance team of that flight school has to have a good record.

It ensures that the pilot students will not face unexpected incidents during their flight training.

Instructors must be experienced and friendly.

As well as anticipating the administration and office staff to be friendly is the norm.

Did you expect a list of Philippine pilot schools?

I am not going to share that because:

You must research and figure out the best pilot school in the Philippines.

Don’t know how to filter through your choices of flight schools?

I have listed every consideration before enrolling in flight school here:

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I will not name many flight schools here because one student may have a fantastic experience in a flight school.

And another student might explain his experience with the flight school as horrible.

So it is you who have to decide where to go.

One last important thing about the right flight school in the Philippines is to have a proper liaison officer.

If the school does not have a proper liaison officer, the documentation will take a lot longer to process in the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines.

If you are an international student, you may only imagine how slow is the paperwork in CAAP.

Faster documentation processing will help a student pilot cut the overall pilot course cost and tuition fee.

That applies to both foreign and local pilot trainees.

To learn more about the best flight training schools and institutes in the Philippines, send us an email or leave a comment below.

I have several good flight schools in my mind, though I will not make a list here for numerous reasons.

You may also use this Contact Form Here to send me an email. I will get back to you shortly.

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