What to study to become a pilot after 10th in India?

You can choose any subject of your choice to study after the 10th and still become a pilot.

The truth is the subjects taught in your flight school ground classes will prepare you for the actual flight training.

Not a thing taught during your high school will aid you in becoming a pilot unless it is related to airplane powerplant or any sub-topic of aviation.

You may choose to study commerce, economics, or biology after the 10th, and yet you can become a pilot.

As long as you meet the physical requirements, you are good to start flight training.

You have to be smart too.

Smart enough to capture all the lessons taught in ground classes of your flight school.

Pass all the subjects in your ground school, and you can start flying to gain hours as a pilot.

However, a smart pilot has to keep learning all the time. You will learn from your own mistakes.

Rather than making mistakes yourself and learn, it is better to study from books that are related to aviation.

Books will give you the knowledge of other people’s mistakes. So why shall you take the risk and try to learn from your own mistakes?

When flying an airplane, you are not playing with a toy.

Thus you have to have the responsibility and know the consequences of mistakes ahead of time.

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