What should I study to become a pilot?

what should i study to become a pilot

Here I promise to eliminate any confusion about what you should study to become a pilot.

Most commoners have no idea which educational path will make them an airline pilot.

The answer is simple:

To become a pilot, you must get your private pilot license first.

You can choose from two different routes to get your pilot license.

  • By enrolling in a flight school;
  • Or selecting the path of a college degree.

In this article, I will discuss both types of courses elaborately.

  • The pros and cons of a college degree;
  • Why I believe flight school is a less complicated passage;
  • What are the differences between a college degree and a flight school course?

A degree will grant you a commercial pilot license, likewise a flight training institute course.

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So what are the differences between a flight training institute and a college degree?

  • It will take only one year to 16 months to get your commercial pilot license with an instrument rating in a flight school.
  • Choosing the college degree track will take you there in 4 years.
  • Flight school only focuses on completing flight hours as early as possible.
  • A college degree, together with a pilot license, will give you a graduation degree certificate in your chosen field.

You can decide either to enroll in a flight school after 10th grade to get your private pilot license.


Wait until you finish high school or A-Level, to take admission to a college for flying lessons.

It is your choice which tracks you are going to pick.


Some of you may wonder which is better.

What to anticipate if you train in a flight school to become a pilot?

A flight school is an institute where you can enroll in a course to get your pilot license.

Flight schools offer accelerated courses of training an individual in the cockpit of an airplane.

You will learn all the basics of flying an aircraft to acquire your first pilot license.

Initially, you will stay in the ground school for a month, learning many aviation theories.

Next, you will move to fly an actual aircraft.

You do not have to wait until you finish high school to get your private pilot license.

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After you complete 10th grade, you can acquire your private pilot license.

However, you have to complete high school and fly minimum hours in an actual airplane to get your commercial pilot license.

Getting your commercial pilot license will take you one step closer to your dream job.

Unlike a bachelor’s degree, you do not have to wait for four years in a flight school to complete your course to become a pilot.

You can enroll in a private pilot course before completing your 12th grade.

Nevertheless, you cannot work with a private pilot license. Hence a commercial pilot license is necessary, and the minimum requirement for getting a commercial pilot license is completing high school.

A flight school will usually complete student pilot training as early as possible.

Flight schools, on average, allow a student to become a commercial pilot in a one year to 18 months period.

Before you spend money in the wrong flight school, go here to read this article >>> How to choose a flight school?

Do you need a degree to be a pilot?

You will need a degree to be a pilot, depending on the airline you intend to work in the future. Not all airlines require their pilots to have a degree.

Airlines’ most crucial aspect before hiring a pilot is how much actual flight experience the pilots have.

Airlines’ probability of being recruited for you will be more distinguished if you have logged more flight hours than a pilot who has less flying experience with a degree.

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It is also true that having fewer hours with a college degree will allow you to stand out from many other job applicants.

Nevertheless, from my experience, I consider that no matter which course you select, the earlier you get your pilot licenses, the more beneficial it is for you.

Because in aviation, it is ubiquitous for student pilots to lose motivation halfway during their training.

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Is a degree complicated than taking a course in flight school?

Regardless of what others say, I don’t believe a degree is more complicated than a pilot course in a flying school.

Going for a bachelor’s degree and acquiring your pilot licenses together may require you to study a lot more.

However, the completion period for a bachelor’s degree is four years.

On the contrary, a course in the flight training institute is fast-paced, and pilot students need to study harder in a brief time to pass all the necessary examinations.

In the right flight school, you will have the opportunity to communicate with your flight instructors and request help regarding your studies and exams.

If you enroll in a bachelor’s degree, you may as well work vigorously to earn good results.

Nevertheless, the essential thing is to have actual flying experience as a pilot.

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When can you start your pilot course?

You can wait until you finish your 12th grade either to enroll in a flight school or a bachelor’s degree in the related profession.

I propose that everyone is willing to become a pilot and not wait for quite long.

I suggest enrolling in a private pilot course for youthful potential students after passing their 10th grade.

And once they have their private pilot license, they may continue flying to obtain the required hours for a commercial pilot license.

Thus by the time they finish high school, they will have adequate hours for commercial pilot license applications.

And without wasting too much time, they will have a commercial pilot license at a young age.

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Which path will open more doors for aspiring pilots?

Indeed, if you have a commercial pilot license collectively with a college degree, you will have a bigger chance of getting hired in an airline.

It is not crucial for pilots to have a college degree to start in this field. But having a college degree is a requirement by many airlines.

As I have mentioned, airlines still favor pilots with more flying hours than a degree.

Actual flying hours mean the pilot is skilled in flying and not just theories.

A college degree will not matter much if the airline has an applicant younger than you with more flying hours.

Therefore I cannot assure you which route is more reliable for starting this profession.

Despite this, I have consistently voted to go to a flight school and train there.

Because I consider in this field, the swifter you achieve your pilot licenses, the higher are your indications for getting a job in the airline.


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  1. I am willing but I just have grade 10 any maximum fees to be paid please let me know at this number 0816535319 or for any information please I am from Namibia

  2. Dear Sir/Madam.I am from IRAN .I am 26 years old. I am quite enthusiastic to participate in flight school .Do you think airline companies will employee 30 years pilot ?

    1. It is normal for airlines to hire 30 years old pilots. The typical retirement age for airline pilots is between 60-65, depending on the airlines. Thus even if you start working at 30 years old, you still have another 30 years to work as a pilot in airlines. So, don’t hesitate, enroll in a flight school and begin your training.
      By the way, why do you think that airlines will not hire 30 years old pilot?

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