Will airlines pay for Flight School? Untold story of the sponsored training.

will airlines pay for flight school

I know that becoming a pilot requires so much money that many cannot afford, yet there is a way many can succeed in becoming professional pilots.

So the question is:

Will airlines pay for flight school?

The answer to that question is YES. I have discussed the reality in this article, which will allow you to become a pilot without spending a fortune.

Not being able to afford the cost of commercial pilot training is a widespread problem.

I have reviewed how airlines will pay for flight schools and provide you with a job guarantee.

Will airlines pay for flight schools?

Not every airline has a tuition-reimbursing program for enthusiastic pilot trainees.

Many airlines offer that, but it is not as simple as it may sound.

Once an airline decides to fund a student pilot for the commercial pilot course, they want the pilot to sign up for several conditions too.

The airlines will provide you with the money to pursue your flight training according to their circumstances.

You cannot merely select a flight school and enroll there with the money airline provides.

Airlines partner with specific flight schools to train pilots to hire them for their airlines.

So there are flight schools affiliated with airlines that created training programs to fulfill airline pilot recruitment demands.

At the same time, it helps students to become pilots without spending a fortune.

Airlines tie up with their preferred flight school and request them to maintain an excellent quality of flight training.

There was a deficit of qualified pilots worldwide before the COVID-19 crisis. Airlines were struggling to recruit pilots for the rising number of daily flights.


The high cost of pilot training tuition has discouraged many people from pursuing a career in the airliner cockpit.

Consequently, many airlines had no choice but to find a way to produce qualified pilots.

As a result, they decided to fund students for their flight training.

However, this pilot training sponsorship comes with its advantages and disadvantages.

I believe you did not anticipate that the airline would pay you the money without restraints.

It will be unwise of the airline not to ask for anything from you in return.

This airline wants student pilots to sign up for the reimbursement program with many conditions.

One of the conditions is to work for the airlines for a long-term contract after the student pilot graduates from flight school.

Meaning the airline will fund your flight training. However, after you graduate from flight school, the airline will give you a job contract, perhaps for five years.

Having a pilot job immediately after you graduate may sound appealing.

But the contract may also include that you will have to work for the airline for the next five years with minimum pay.

The airline has funded your flight training course, so they must have done that for their benefit.

After all, signing a five-year contract with minimum pay might not be the best idea.

If you genuinely desire to become a pilot in an airline, then this path might be the best way to take. Regardless of your payroll in the airline, you can pretty much live your dream.

Assuming you want the airline to fund your pilot training, I suggest you start early.

Start as early as possible.

If you start your pilot training by the age of 18, then perhaps by the time you are 25 years old, you will already be an experienced pilot.

On top of that, you will complete the five years contract with the airline.

Nothing can stop you if you intend to move to a different airline with a better opportunity.

By 25, you will have logged enough hours and be ready for a job in any major airline.

Many of you must ponder that it is an excellent opportunity to grab and achieve your aviation goals.

It is not always as easy as it sounds. Airlines will not fund everyone’s pilot training costs.

There will be a procedure and a selection process by the airlines.

The airlines will choose the most passionate and dedicated one for the tuition reimbursement program.

One last thing I want to say:

In most cases, the airline will not pay for the entire flight training cost.

They will support you with a distinctly in your pilot training.

The remaining cost for your flight training will have to be arranged by yourself.

Consider it a loan for your flight training, which you must repay the airline in the future by working there.

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What are the benefits of signing up for such programs?

A job guarantee is the main benefit of signing up for such a program.

You will not have to wait for your first job as a fresh graduate.

As you have completed your flight training, you already have a job.

Why will airlines pay for your flight school?

I already mentioned that there is a massive deficit of qualified pilots worldwide. However, that was before the COVID-19 crisis.

The problem is that there are many commercial pilot licensees worldwide, but most do not have the minimum hours.

These commercial pilots do not have adequate hours to fulfill the minimum requirement of most airlines.

Airlines in the USA require a pilot to have a minimum of 1500 flying hours logged.

Which I find pretty strange. The airline cannot recruit enough pilots, yet they want pilots with 1500 flying hours.

The airline wants to hire experienced pilots to secure safety regulations.

On the other hand, for any pilot, it will take years and years to log 1500 flying hours.

It is not only in the USA, but most airlines worldwide also have abstract requirements for hiring pilots.

Therefore airlines figured out a system to build qualified pilots from flight schools.

They prefer a flight school that has a good safety record, similarly, excellent quality of ground and flight training.

Let me ask whether the airlines will pay for flight school again.

YES, they will pay.

Only having a passion for flying is not enough. You must prove to the airline that you are reliable and qualified for the program.

Do any airlines pay for pilot training?

In my next article, I will write down a list of airlines that offer flight training sponsorships.

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    1. Not at all. Many flag carriers do offer such sponsored training programs. If you do your research online, I believe you will see mostly larger airlines in the industry provide such training programs. I imagine that is because bigger airlines have more money to invest on cadet pilots.

    1. Definitely, you can find scholarships if you keep looking for it. Another way to fulfill your dreams of becoming a pilot is by joining the Air Force. By joining the national defense force, you can fly for free. But whatever your plans are, I wish you the best of luck.

    1. Hello Ajai, airlines typically pay for flight training after they go through some initial selection process. There are multiple airlines that you can apply for their selection process. Just search in Google you will see many results. ??

  1. My daughter is 17 and looking for the best route forward to pilot a plane. She has friends based in Florida we live in Chester uk and we’re close to airbus in con has query. She is determined to join a flight school but not sure which way to turn for the best

  2. My grandson. Has graduated from collage..utah university..with honors..is looking for. Pilot job…i have 4000 hrs..which airline is hireing.Now..

  3. I have look on line and have had no luck finding any airline that does this? Most of them have a training corse that specifically say on the website that they are full self funded?

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