Best online pilot courses review.

online pilot courses

You dream of becoming a professional pilot soon, so you are thinking why not simply begin your training from the comfort of your room?

I have shared my idea about online pilot courses here.

After reading this best review article of pilot lessons available online you will know which online pilot training course is most suitable for you.

The review below contains:

  • List of the few pilots training online ground school;
  • How to utilize these online pilot lessons for the best results;
  • Similarly, you will learn why it is a good idea to buy online pilot courses before enrolling in a flight school.

To discover the unknown continue reading.

What is ground school meaning for a pilot?

Ground school for a pilot simply means theory classes for student pilots to gain all the necessary aeronautical knowledge before starting the actual flight.

Student pilots may have pilot lessons through lectures from certified flight instructors or buying online pilot training courses.

The most common mean of ground school training today is by actually visiting the flight school and attending the classes there.

By attending scheduled classes and lectures from flight instructors.

Is ground school required for PPL?

YES, regardless of which pilot license you are applying, ground schooling is absolutely required.

Acquiring a private pilot license is not only learning how to fly and controlling an airplane.

You will be issued a pilot’s license when the Civil Aviation Authority is satisfied that you are a safe pilot.

In order to become a safe pilot, you need to have the required knowledge from pilot lessons.

By completing the pilot training ground school, you will be able to pass the FAA knowledge test.

It is not only that the FAA requires the pilots to pass a knowledge test before issuing a pilot’s license.

Any countries’ civil aviation body will require a student pilot to pass a knowledge test before giving them their desired pilot license.

A smart pilot never stops learning.

How much is private pilot ground school?

The cost of private pilot ground school cost really varies from school to school.

Every school has their own hourly rate.

However, the cost of private pilot ground school is very inexpensive compared to the actual flight training.

Because for ground school training you do not have to count money for renting an aircraft, neither for fuel.

Similarly, the flight instructor’s hourly rate in the ground is usually not as high as it is for actual flight instructions.

So the cost of private pilot ground school might be as less as 15 USD per hour.

The flight schools may try to charge more money by compelling you to take more hours of pilot lessons in the ground.

Most of the time that is not necessary but it is just a technique for flight school scams.

On the contrary, it is normal for someone who is applying for a commercial pilot license to have more hours of pilot lessons in the ground school.

Because commercial pilot ground school is more detailed and comprehensive.

On the other hand, it is 21st century and most people have everything just in their palm.

There are online pilot courses available for the convenience of student pilots.

Why do I believe online pilot training is convenient?

Because there are online pilot lessons available today that will allow you to study from the comfort of your room.

You can study at your most convenient time.

Meaning if you are free at midnight and want to take your pilot lessons, you can simply log in to your online ground school program.

Once logged in you can study as long as you want.

However, do not sprint through the full course.

The idea of completing the pilot training online ground school at a fast pace is not good because you may complete the course yet not absorb all the required knowledge.

Now you might be thinking about the cost of online pilot courses.

Is an online pilot training ground school costly?

The truth is online pilot lessons are cheaper than taking ground school with a flight instructor.

Online pilot lessons are cheaper for the fact you have to neither pay for a flight instructor nor the flight school classroom.

You can take the pilot lessons from your preferred place at any time just by using an internet connection and your smartphone.

That is the purpose of having online pilot courses I believe.

It is not that only online pilot ground schools are cheaper, any kind of online schooling is a lot cheaper than going to a real school.

That is also the reason why there are tons of poor quality online training programs available today at a cheaper rate.

You can easily be scammed by purchasing a poor online pilot lessons program and never get a refund.

Therefore before you get scammed by someone choose to buy the online pilot courses I mentioned below.

Top 2 online pilot courses.

I have personally taken online pilot lessons and my first choice is:

Part 61 FAA Private Pilot Ground School in Udemy.

Assuming you are just planning to start your flight training.

As a beginner in the aviation industry, you may choose to go to the flight school and take your ground classes.

However as I have mentioned if you are a beginner, you may find so many things difficult to understand in your private pilot ground school.

If you miss out on some important lessons because you did not understand your instructor properly that is going to be your loss.

Because flight training ground school is not really affordable for many.

So to give yourself a heads up This pilot training course by Udemy is fantastic.

You can rewind as much as you want and watch it until you fully comprehend a lesson.

This course in Udemy was created by a veteran flight instructor in the USA with 15+ years of experience.

AND The best part:

He regularly updates and creates more video content according to FAA regulations.

So that the student pilots will not be left behind and stay up to date.

Why do I like the course?

Because I find this as an opportunity for students who are not training in the USA to take a look at Federal Part 61 ground school.

Take pilot lessons from an FAA certified flight instructor, and prepare yourself for the pilot license knowledge test quicker.

This online pilot training course by UDEmy is also an excellent course for any rusty pilot.

If you are a pilot who hasn’t flown in a while and wants a review of all the basics, do not miss out on this course.

This course will teach you in an accelerated fashion and you will not have to go through aeronautical books for hours.

For whom this online pilot course by Udemy is not ideal?

If you are at the stage of commercial pilot license or your ATPL, do not buy this course.

Because this course covers all the basics for a private pilot.

This course is also good as a refresher but definitely not made for commercial pilot trainees.

Even if you buy this course by mistake as a commercial pilot and you do not like it, you can ask for a refund.

Udemy will refund your money as quickly as possible.

This course is very well structured and designed in a way that any private pilot can absorb the pilot lessons from wherever they are located.

My second choice of pilot training online ground school is:

Gleim Aviation Online Ground School.

This private pilot online ground school was created by Gleim aviation.

Being a pioneer in pilot goods Gleim aviation did not fail to make a comprehensive pilot training course online fro private pilots.

This course is created in a way so that the newbie student pilots can prepare themselves for the knowledge test.

As well as Gleim aviation is so confident in their course that they promise you to refund your money if you do not pass the FAA knowledge test in your first attempt.

Sounds fair enough.

If you can pass your FAA knowledge test with just one attempt you do not need the course anymore.

If you do not pass the test in one attempt, you can ask them for your refund and buy a different pilot course online.

The course is 35 hours long which is adequate for your private pilot theories.

However, the course will available to you once paid for 12 months period. If you do not complete the course within 12 months period the course will expire.

Once expired you can extend the time of your online pilot course again by paying 50% of the original price.

The course contents pilot lesson on the topics:

  1. Airplanes and Aerodynamics;
  2. Airplane Instruments, Engines, and Sytems;
  3. Airports, Air Traffic Control, and Airspace;
  4. Federal Aviation Regulations;
  5. Airplane Performance and Weight and Balance;
  6. Aeromedical Factors and Aeronautical Decision Making (ADM);
  7. Aviation Weather;
  8. Aviation Weather Sevices;
  9. Navigation: Charts and Publications;
  10. Navigation Systems;
  11. Cross-Country Flight Planning.

The best online pilot course is the one you find most suitable for you.

A pilot course may be outstanding for me but may not be helpful for you.

I may find an online pilot training very interesting for me however the same pilot lessons can be very boring for you.

So choosing an online pilot training course is really up to you, but I have always told my friends in the industry to choose from the two mentioned pilot courses above.

If you really want to learn more please leave a comment below, I will reply to you shortly.

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