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rod machado ground school review

When you search for online private pilot training, you want to acquire aeronautical knowledge and lessons on practical flying.

Part 61 Pilots don’t need a traditionally structured ground school. They prefer to study at their own pace from anywhere.

Rod Machado’s online private pilot learning allows you to study in your comfort, yet this course’s depth is nothing less than a structured ground school.

In this post, I dived deep into describing why Part 61 student pilots need this online training to succeed and ease their private pilot training.

  • How does Rod Machado’s online private pilot training stand out from his competition?;
  • Rod Machado’s decades of aviation experience allow him to articulate better information for students.
  • MCQ practice to test your knowledge of aeronautics;
  • Get an endorsement for the FAA private pilot knowledge test;
  • Get lessons online to improve flight performance and get solo flights quickly;
  • Be ready for your private pilot oral exam and check-ride;
  • Study at your own pace from your comfort zone.
  • Log in from any device with an internet connection.

A student pilot’s priority is to pass the private pilot license knowledge test and obtain the license quickly.

In this post, let me explain why Rod Machado’s ground school courses are among the best for student pilots.

I broke down this post into three sections:

  • What should you expect from a PPL ground school;
  • What would you get by subscribing to Rod Machado’s ground school course;
  • How did I use Rod’s private pilot ground school course to excel in my PPL exam?

Use Rod Machado’s ground school to ace your PPL exam and implement techniques you learn from the course in actual flight training.

What should you expect from a PPL ground school?

Student pilots often fail their FAA private pilot knowledge test due to a lack of knowledge. Though a student pilot can have multiple attempts to pass the FAA knowledge test, it’s always better to pass on your first try.

A ground school aims to teach you all the necessary information to answer any question from your knowledge.

Before enrolling in a ground school, you must learn about the ground school instructor. An experienced instructor can articulate information better than others. Without a good ground instructor, all the new aeronautical information will be overwhelming to grasp.

A ground school instructor like Rod Machado is not monotonous and makes learning entertaining.

If you are bored while learning aeronautical information, you will likely give up studying. You might miss crucial details if following your ground school lessons is hard. As a result, you will have poor flight training experience.

Having a ground school with separate video clips of each lesson is essential so that you can jump into any section you missed or need review.

Next, an online ground school must endorse students at the end of the course so that the student can register for the FAA private pilot knowledge test.

Lastly, lifetime access with a one-time payment is necessary. If you subscribe to a course and have access only for a year, you can’t refresh your knowledge in the future as required.

A private pilot ground school contains fundamentals of flying and aeronautics, and it’s good to have access to foundational information anytime you want to revise.

Unlike physical ground school, you can access Rod Machado’s ground school online whenever and from any device you want. Access the aeronautical knowledge if you are a rusty pilot five years from now. And the best part is you only paid once for all the benefits.

What would you get by subscribing to Rod Machado ground school?

Rod Machado’s private pilot ground school is not only to prepare for theory.

You will learn a lot about actual flying. By learning about accurate flight during ground school, you can implement the knowledge to become a competent pilot in aviation.

Practical flights can be challenging and require extra hours for a novice pilot to grasp everything.

Spending more hours is a common problem among student pilots; many quit flying. Flying fewer hours means you won’t spend more money on actual flights. This ground school may save a few hours in flight training by learning about flight skills during theory lessons.

Participate in quizzes to test your knowledge.

Online courses are designed to pass the FAA private pilot knowledge test and include tests within the system to check your aeronautical knowledge. Rod Machado’s ground school is no different.

After each section, you will have a quiz and a comprehensive quiz after each module.

Every time you finish a module, you can test your intelligence using the quiz. You can point out where you lack and go back to your specific lessons to revise.

Practice multiple-choice questions similar to FAA’s exams from an early stage. It is crucial to practice answering multiple-choice questions to know what you will face during your FAA exam.

MCQ practice to test your knowledge of aeronautics.

After each lesson, you can take a test that contains FAA-style 1200+ multiple-choice questions and answers.

Use this to test your knowledge and which subjects require more attention. If you fail to answer questions correctly, you shall go back to the relevant lessons in the course to understand matters clearly.

Also, practice answering multiple-choice questions will prepare you for the FAA knowledge test. If you master answering MCQ correctly, you will become confident to take the FAA private pilot knowledge test.

Many students fail their FAA Private Pilot knowledge test because they can’t identify the correct answer on time. They took too long to find the correct answer because they didn’t practice using any MCQ tool.

Using a timer during practice with Rod’s training system teaches you to answer questions correctly on time and increases your chances of passing the exam with the highest score.

Rod Machado also included an eWorkbook with this ground school.

The workbook contains over 1800 questions for you to practice. You can purchase the workbook separately for 19 USD. However, the book is free with Rod Machado’s ground school.

Many students failed their FAA knowledge test because they didn’t practice answering multiple-choice questions adequately. So with this ground school course and eWorkbook, I say you would pass your test on your first attempt.

Use the book to practice answering the FAA knowledge exam questions within the time limit. The more you practice, the intenser you will get with time management during your FAA private pilot knowledge test.

You will get an endorsement from Rod Machado to take your FAA knowledge test.

After you finish all the lessons and pass all the tests within the ground school, you will get certification from Rod Machado. An endorsement is necessary to take the FAA knowledge test to verify that you have sufficient ground training and aeronautical knowledge.

Get an endorsement for the FAA private pilot knowledge test.

Passing the FAA knowledge test reminds me of the FAA knowledge test endorsement.

Every student pilot must obtain a knowledge test endorsement before registering for the exam. Without a knowledge test endorsement from a CFI, a pilot can’t take the exam in FAA.

For Part 61 pilots, it’s crucial to subscribe to a course that endorses students for the exam at the end of the training program.

Most online courses endorse students at the end of the program, and Rod Machado is no different.

Thus Part 61 student pilots don’t have to worry about getting their FAA private pilot knowledge test endorsement by enrolling in Rod Machado’s online private pilot training.

Be ready for your private pilot oral exam and check-ride.

Before their oral and practical tests, I see student pilots worried about how to prepare for the checkride.

Understanding the fundamentals from the beginning of the training is essential to pass your private pilot checkride.

The online private pilot training by Rod Machado covers all aspects of flying.

Thus you will be ready for the checkride by following Rod’s course and understanding what Rod offers in his lessons.

Many student pilots purchase a separate course for the checkride and buy books to study for the oral exam.

I understand that buying an oral exam guide is an excellent way to find what to expect on your practical exam day.

But you can’t answer any uncommon question without understanding the fundamentals of aeronautics and pilot training. Though the designated pilot examiner won’t ask you questions beyond your conditioning stage, preparing for the unexpected is wise.

Rod Machado’s private pilot online learning is best for Part 61 student pilots to study independently.

There is no obligation to finish the course at a certain period. You have lifetime access and can use the method to review as much as you need before your checkride.

You will have a cross-country flight for your actual flight exam, and within this training program, Rod has a comprehensive guide for cross-country flights.

Therefore, you would not go to your private pilot check-ride unprepared.

How does Rod Machado’s online private pilot training stand out from his competition?

The first thing that makes Rod’s online private pilot training unique is the depth of the course.

The entire course is 40+ hours. Contrary to other classes that are less than 30 hours.

Rod Machado was not frugal in sharing his aviation knowledge and experience with the student pilots.

A Part 61 student pilot can learn everything she needs to become a private pilot and get solo quickly. Likewise, a Part 141 student pilot can subscribe to Rod’s online training to broaden their aeronautical understanding.

After all, there is no loss in learning more.

Get lessons online to improve flight performance and get solo flights quickly.

Most student pilots prefer to finish ground school before flight training. Similarly, the best way to start your PART 61 private pilot training is by taking ground classes online.

Part 61 pilots often begin flight training before ground classes. I recommend finishing the private pilot ground class first and passing the FAA private pilot knowledge test as quickly as possible.

Then the next step would be to get your solo flight. To get a solo flight, you must pass your pre-solo exam.

Passing the pre-so solo exam will be effortless with the acquired knowledge from ground classes and the FAA knowledge test.

Using lessons from Rod Machado’s online private pilot training, you would have a better flight performance as it explains a lot of practical flying.

Finally, you won’t have any restrictions on getting your first solo. Prove your skills by performing on your flight, and your certified flight instructor won’t hesitate to release you for your solo getaway.

Getting the first solo flight is a unique experience; the sooner you get it, the better you will feel.

If you delay getting your solo flight, you may need to fly extra hours to fulfill FAA’s requirement to apply for a private pilot license.

Rod Machado frequently updates the ground school to stay current with the latest FAA regulation.

You will know the latest regulations as a student pilot training in the USA or a rusty pilot. Likewise, Rod Machado updates the course following the newest Airman certification standards.

Knowing the latest regulations and Airman Certification Standards, you don’t need to worry about the newest question in the FAA knowledge test. You would be ready to answer any question relevant to the latest FAA question bank.

What is better than learning from a pioneer in the aviation industry?

Imagine how much you would spend to take Rod Machado’s instructions in person. Instead, you get 40+ hours of ground and flight instruction from a veteran flight instructor without spending thousand of dollars.

The 40+ hours of the ground school includes a lot of lessons. Rod Machado claims that the entire course is equivalent to the classes for one semester of an Aviation Degree. Most online ground school courses are around 25 hours. Though the course is lengthy, Rod Machado’s ground school is detailed and teaches every aspect of flying.

I don’t mean Rod Machado is better than others, but I say the course is more detailed than other ground school courses. Similarly, the free books you get with this course will help further your studies. With all the resources, you can be a competent pilot.

Sometimes it doesn’t matter how good your resources are. If you don’t practice adequately, you can’t be good at what you do.

Thus, a pioneer flight instructor, Rod Machado, designed this course for pilots to learn, practice, and revise.

You can find each lesson and jump to the section immediately to revise what you need.

Rod Machado’s ground school will save you time, and you can access the course from any device with an internet connection. Study in your free time if you are a part-time pilot.

Rod Machado is known for being humorous and making learning fun and interactive. Learning has to be fun. Otherwise, students lose interest, and education becomes difficult.

The comprehensive animated videos are fun to watch and quickly obtain precise information.

Rod Machado’s decades of aviation experience allow him to articulate better information for students. 

Understanding and learning require time. Similarly, aeronautical knowledge is initially overwhelming.

Probably, Rod Machado understood this from his experience training and teaching pilots for decades.

Hence, he mastered the art of teaching and articulating aeronautical information for students.

Whoever reads Rod’s book or buys any online course by Rod Machado always says Rod has a distinct way of explaining topics, making the subject more attainable.

As a topic becomes easier for student pilots, they don’t forget what they learned.

Often students struggle to answer questions during their tests. They thought they learned something new in the ground class but later forgot the subject concepts.

Rod Machado’s online private pilot training allows you to comprehend complex matters easily and tests your knowledge with all the tests included within the system.

Get lifetime access to the course and other resources at an affordable price.

As a pilot, you may need a refresher once in a while. Perhaps you want to revise a lesson after five years. You can log in with your credentials and study as you will forever with lifetime access.

Study at your own pace from your comfort zone.

I said multiple times here that by purchasing an online course, you can study from wherever you want, whenever you need.

All you need is a device with an internet connection to do so.

You start your lessons from where you last left off. It’s incredible how online courses have made studying convenient for student pilots today. It’s the same for all online pilot courses there.

However, Part 61 pilots can have this privilege. Part 141 student pilots have structured courses in flight schools and must attend ground classes on a fixed schedule.

For Part 61 pilots, the priority is to get their private pilot license at their own pace. Part 61 student pilots often fly part-time and can’t dedicate a period to flight training.

Thus, Part 61 student pilots often take as long years to get a private pilot license.

For such student pilots, an essential aspect is to have online pilot training that gives them access to studying year around.

The good news for them is that Rod gives students lifetime access to his courses.

Unlike many online courses that don’t allow students access for more than a month or, in some cases, for two years.

What if you leave pilot training halfway for personal reasons and return to flying after two years? Purchase Rod Machado’s online pilot training and get lifetime access to the system. Access your training for a refresher at any time. As a PART 61 pilot, you don’t have to spend twice to access the same course two years from now.

Log in from any device with an internet connection.

You can access the online private pilot training by Rod Machado from any device with an internet connection.

So go to your favorite cafe on the weekend and study quickly. That way, you won’t feel pressured, and with lifetime access, you won’t worry about exhausting this 40-hour training on a schedule.

Students choose to train at Part 61 flight schools because they prioritize studying and flying at their leisure.

And Rod Machado offers everything a Part 61 student pilot needs to get their private pilot license.

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