Private Pilot Currency Requirements: Expert Insights.


Staying current and maintaining your PPL is crucial to ensure that you are a safe and competent pilot. Here are some tips to help you stay current and strengthen your PPL after obtaining it:

  • Fly Regularly: The more you fly, the more comfortable and confident you will become as a pilot. Even if you can’t fly frequently, try to schedule regular flights to stay in practice and maintain your skills.
  • Take Refresher Training: If your last flew a while ago or feel you need to improve your skills, consider taking a refresher training course with a flight instructor.
  • Attend Safety Seminars: Attend safety seminars and workshops to stay up-to-date on the latest safety information and regulations.
  • Join a Flying Club: Join a flying club or organization to stay connected with other pilots and take advantage of group rates for aircraft rentals and training.
  • Set Personal Goals: Set personal goals for your flying, such as completing a cross-country flight or obtaining an additional rating or endorsement.
  • Stay Current with Medical Exams: Make sure to stay current with your medical exams, as a valid medical certificate is required to exercise the privileges of your PPL.
  • Maintain Your Logbook: Keep accurate records of your flight time and training to ensure that you meet the minimum flight hour requirements and stay current.

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