Best Aviation Apps for Pilots & Flying.

Smartphones and apps for pilots have eased the life of pilots in many ways.

If you are looking for only a few essential aviation apps for pilots to enhance your flight performance, you are right.

Today there are many aviation apps for iOS and Android; however, not all will be useful for you.

I have filtered out the best apps in this article, and you can figure out exactly which one you need for which purpose.

This list of the 20 best apps for pilots and why they were created is all you need to know before installing unnecessary apps.

Best 13 Pilot apps.

You don’t have to install all the pilot apps mentioned in this list.

According to the aviation app’s importance in your daily flight, you can choose according to the aviation app’s preference in your everyday flying.

1. Foreflight.

You can disregard installing most other apps if you have only installed the Foreflight pilot app on your phone.

Due to this reason, this has almost everything a pilot requires to conduct a safer flight.

Amazingly this Foreflight app has:

  • Moving maps;
  • Approach charts;
  • Terrain awareness;
  • Weather graphics;
  • Weight/Balance info;
  • VFR and IFR charts;
  • Flight planning and filling


many other features a pilot needs to complete a smoother flight.

The Foreflight is so unique that it is part of today’s electronic flight bag.


It has helped so many pilots completely replace the paper charts and documents in flight.

Therefore pilots today have become better in cockpit management by reducing clutter inside the cockpit.

2. Garmin Pilot.

Now I can say this app is very similar to the Foreflight app. The Garmin app serves a similar purpose to the firefight app for pilots.

However my personal opinion, I think Foreflight is better than the Garmin app.

It is up to you which you prefer for your navigation during flight.

Nevertheless, the Garmin pilot app comes with:

  • Flight planning feature;
  • Weather forecast;
  • Enroute weather information;
  • Flightplan filing;
  • Easy weight/balance calculations;
  • Airport information;
  • Online logbook;
  • Maps for navigation.

Garmin app tried to replace all other apps by simply bringing all the features together in one place.

3. My Radar.

Any pilot knows how crucial it is to understand the weather for conducting safe flights.

Imagine having a tool that allows any pilot to foresee the weather using a built-in forecasting tool.

Live weather forecasting is a fantastic feature of the Myradar app.

Install and run the app, and you can see all the weather details in the app.

You can check the weather en route and determine how and choose the correct flight path to avoid bad weather.

4.FlightRadar 24.

My radar 24 is a fun app. It had been out for a while, and the live website has been so much fun to track real-world flights.

Today they have the FlightRadar 24 app, which does the same thing for anyone.

I believe this is not only a pilot app but purely an aviation app made for everyone.

Anyone can install the app and track live flights.

Not only track the route of live flights but it can also be used to find out many other details associated with the flight.

The information that you can find using this aviation app includes:

  • Flight tracks;
  • Flight origins & destinations;
  • Flight numbers;
  • Aircraft types;
  • Aircraft registration and country of registration;
  • Aircraft position;
  • Aircraft altitudes, headings, and speed.


CloudAhoy is an aviation app helpful for any pilot at any stage. But I think this app is a must-have for student pilots.

As well as, flight instructors can’t deny the importance of the CloudAhoy app for flight training.

.Because this app will track all the real-time data in flight, including:

  • Flight heading;
  • Altitude;
  • Flightpath;
  • Flight attitude;
  • Flight behavior;
  • Aircraft speed

All of which can be loaded after your flight.

You can load and playback the flight on a google map or an aviation chart to better understand your performance as a pilot during the flight.

You can easily recognize all the mistakes you made during your flight from the flight playback later.

Understanding what went wrong during your flight can aid you in improving your performance in future flights.

Student pilots and flight instructors can use this app to brief later about their flights.

Student pilots can have a better value for their lessons using this app on their daily flights.

So that student pilots will not repeat the same mistake and put effort into improving performance on their next flight.

On the other hand, flight instructors can use this app to post briefs to their students and prove to be better flight instructors today.

6.LogTen Pro X.

If you are an active pilot, then this iOS app is for you.

There are many other logbooks out today, but there is none like LogTen Pro X.

LogTen Pro x is the ultimate online logbook. It has made the logging process for pilots today more straightforward than ever.

This pilot app features:

  • Tracking flight times;
  • Currency requirements;
  • Airline schedule interface;
  • Plenty of other automated reports;


tons of customization options based on a pilot’s necessities.

A pilot can use this iOS aviation app based on the type of flying, country, region, and company.

7.E6B Aviation Calculator.

I guess there is nothing much to say about these apps for pilots.

If you are a pilot, you already know what an E6B is. Those days off having a separate E6B calculator are long gone.

Now you can install this E6B Aviation calculator app on your iPad or any android device.

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This app comes with almost anything and everything that a pilot needs for flight planning and navigation during flight.

This E6B pilot app has made solving all the basic equations for a smooth flight easier.

Say goodbye to the old-fashioned E6B. It is time for the E6B aviation app.

8. Qref Aircraft Checklist. (iOS Only)

If you are a pilot, you know the importance of having a checklist.

Whether you need a checklist for pre-flight inspection or during flight, you can replace your old-fashioned paper checklist using this aviation app.

This app contains the checklist for all the commonly used aircraft worldwide.

Having this app for pilots installed on your iPad will ease your life.

Indeed not an essential app, but understand that installing this app can replace that extra pile of paper you are holding.

9. Air Navigation Pro.

Air navigation pro lot is similar to the Foreflight and Garmin pro app. This aviation app is packed with similar features to Foreflight and Garmin.

The only difference is that Air navigation pro is the most affordable app for pilots.

With an inexpensive price tag, this flying app provides pilots with all they need to conduct a safer flight.

10. Aviation Dictionary.

I have been writing about aviation apps that are only meant for mostly flying.

Aviation dictionary is one aviation app you may need to use on the ground or in the sky during your flight.

This is a convenient app because it is a dictionary filled with tons and tons of abbreviations.

Abbreviations and meaning of so many words you might have forgotten as a pilot.

The aviation dictionary is a necessary app for pilots, similar to anyone related to aviation.

11. Cloudtopper.

This one is an exciting aviation app. If a pilot is curious about the level of cloud ahead of him, having this app installed on your iPad will give you the answer to that.

You have to point your phone’s camera to the cloud and look at what the app displays.

The app will show precisely the top level of the cloud and which pitch angle you can top the cloud.

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12. FlyQ insight.

This app can be a massive help for student pilots.

New student pilots, if they are flying to a new destination and are unaware of the airport location, this app will help the pilot locate the exact position of the airport.

This app will load a virtual marker pointing to the airport.

If you are a student pilot and often fly to new cross country airports, this app is a must-have for your iPad.


The name of the app says it all. Do I have to describe it anymore?

Listen to live air traffic controllers from around the globe.

It will help improve your communication skills, and it is addictive too.


These are not the only apps for pilots. There are tons of more essential apps available.

Although many more aviation apps are created every day, they will never be enough to replace pilots.

Pilots will always control the airplane, and passengers will always have to rely on an intelligent pilot.

All flying apps for pilots can relieve pressure and ease a pilot’s life.

Aviation apps are created only to support the pilot so that pilots can conduct safer flights than ever.

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