How hard is flight school?

how hard is flight school

So, why the flight school dropout rate is high?

Let’s think about the second type of people now:

Students who are interested in working in an airline someday, they are the one will find flight school harder.

For obtaining a private pilot license, I can guarantee that you will complete the course with ease.

As you advance towards getting your commercial pilot license, the flight instructor will teach you more intricate maneuvers.

Preparing yourself for the airlines requires dedication and understanding so many theories about flying an airplane. A commercial pilot trainee learns all relevant aeronautical matters to conduct safe flights with passengers.

Many student pilots quit when they realize how much they need to study to achieve what they aspire.

how hard is flight school
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The reasons why the flight school dropout rate is high because:

Student pilots cannot take the stress of overwhelming lengthy ground school syllabus.

Without a structured syllabus in flight schools, student pilots will lose track of ground classes. They even find themselves have to repeat their flight training lessons.

As a result, the students lose their interest.

Thus the dropout rate is high due to individuals students’ turnabouts. Likewise, a flight school plays a significant role in students’ weariness.

Another reason you may lose interest in flying is because of your flight instructor.

The only time I blame student pilots is when they fail their check-ride. Failure to pass the oral and check-ride solely depends on the pilot.

Neither the flight school nor the flight instructor plays a role in a check-ride anymore.

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So if you are dedicated and intrigued to take some flying lessons, do not stop yourself.

In the 21st century, it is yet more accessible to start your private pilot ground school from the comfort of your room.

You can check the Online pilot courses here >>> Pilot lessons online.

How hard is commercial pilot ground school?

Cruising with hundreds of passengers in a million-dollar airplane comes with responsibilities. You, as a student, have to prepare for all the duties.

Although, as a newbie pilot in an airline, you have to endure so many different situations.

There is no certainty that you will not have an emergency during the flight.

If you are not well prepared for the job, you will have to face the consequences.

So YES, you have to prepare a lot for becoming a commercial pilot. If you intend to make a living by flying an airplane, then prepare yourself like the elites.

You desire to be part of one of the sophisticated people’s clubs, so you must put in the intricate work.

To avoid confusion, I will clarify some more:

Ground schooling for a commercial pilot license is not grueling. The subjects are the same as private pilot license ground schooling with little more details.

The real deal is when a commercial pilot prepares themself for the airline.

Working in an airline has many privileges, and you have to put a lot of effort and time into gaining all the opportunities.

Despite being the airline interviews difficult, it is not rocket science. It is easy for the guys who have a passion for aviation.

Finally, comes the third type of person who starts flying as a hobby and cannot give up the joy of flying anymore.

These people start flying for fun and continue their flight school for the love of flying.

Flying is very enjoyable, and many students who had no affair in the aviation industry get captivated by the joy of flying and begin dreaming of working as an airline pilot.

Preparing themselves as a commercial pilot and studying for the airline is equally painful for them.

But passionate people put effort into doing something they love. Combining hard work and passion, they equip themselves without any complications.

As a result, they quickly get into the airlines instead of complaining about how hard flight school was.

Truly flight school is not hard at all. It all depends on the person who is taking the training and depends on personal progress.

Now comes the age aspects of flight training:

As you grow older, it becomes more challenging to adopt new lessons and habits.

That’s why it is better to start training as early as possible. A student can obtain their private pilot license at the age of 17.

By the age of 18, anyone can obtain a commercial pilot license.

Considering working in an airline to make a living, why shall you wait until 40 years old?

If someone wants to start flying as a hobby, then age is not a factor. All you need is good medical health to obtain a medical certificate and start flying.

Flying for simple recreation will require you to have a private pilot license, which is not hard at all.

I have mentioned that it’s easy to get a private pilot license at any age. It is a lot similar to getting a driving license, except only you fly an airplane now.

Difficulties in flight training due to the cost:

To get a pilot license by renting an aircraft, paying for a flight instructor, and operating an airplane is expensive.

Many people have full-time jobs to support their flight training expenses.

Working full time, as well as continue flight training, can cause difficulties.

If you have the money to support your training without the need for a full-time job, taking the pilot training course will be slightly more comfortable.

But if you want something badly, you have to go for it regardless of the challenges. Because what I learned from my experience is everyone must try before giving up on dreams.

Are all the hurdles for flight school worth it?

I believe it is worth it.

There is a saying:

Once you have tasted flight,

you will forever walk the earth

with your eyes turned skywards,

for there you have been, and there

you will always long to return.

Leonardo da Vinci

Like what Leanardo da Vinci said a long time ago, I want to go flying up there every time I look at the sky.

My opinion is flight school is not a hurdle. All pilots consider it a privilege to be able to fly an airplane.

So once you start flying and get a grip on your aircraft’s stick, you will recognize what you missed out on to this day.

Flying is fun and one of the best experiences you will have in your life.


15 Replies to “How hard is flight school?

  1. It was interesting when you said that the difficulty of pilot ground schooling will depend on which type of license we want to pursue. My husband wants to get a private license next year so he can start flying recreationally. I’m glad to hear that flight school probably won’t be too difficult for him!

  2. It’s good to know that it will be hard if you don’t put in any effort. My brother was telling me a couple of days ago about how he wanted to learn how to fly because it’s always been his dream since he was younger. I’ll make sure to pass this information along to him if he does start taking flying lessons.

    1. He certainly can start flying. However, like anything else in life, patience, dedication, and effort will make someone successful. Does your brother think otherwise? I hope not.

  3. Flight School is not as hard as it sounds like. Absolutely it requires some level of efforts to learn skills required to flight a plane. A good aviation academy helps new pilots as well as experienced pilots to hone their skills so that they can excel in their field. They offer same information here, one must check them also.

    1. Let’s get realistic, to learn flying and get a private pilot license is not hard at all. The purpose of a private pilot license is only to fly for recreation.

      To fly commercially, one must acquire a commercial pilot license. As a commercial pilot, you need to understand multiple subjects and various advanced topics relevant to aeronautics. Thus need to study harder.

      Hence, flight school and actual flying is not hard, but the responsibility as a commercial pilot is big.

  4. They say, “There is no free lunch out there.” – So is it difficult to fly?” It will depend on how dearly you would like to fly. As compared to the elation of flying as such, studying is hard work, and some people would need guidance in understanding certain principles, but come-on, really, it’s not that difficult.
    I currently live in Pretoria, and do offer both group – as well as one-on-one tuition to anyone in need of such.

  5. I’m a little discouraged. I’ve always loved to fly since I was 3 and I went on my first plane from Sacramento to Portland. It’s not about the money to me sure the money is nice but whenever I fly I feel so free like anything is possible like it’s something I feel deep down like I was meant to do. But I struggle every day with adhd I was middle of my class in high school and I didn’t finish college they always told me I would have to work twice as hard just to get to where everyone else was. I want to fly it’s my dream to fly for Delta but this scares me on what if I can’t make it and drop out like thousands have 😞

    1. Having ADHD is troublesome. However, you mentioned you need to work twice as others to achieve anything. I say, on the condition that you are passionate about flying, you can work hard towards your aviation goals.
      I recommend first going for an orientation flight in a flight school. Observe how it feels to fly an airplane and figure out whether ADHD affects your flight training or not.
      Lastly, if you really think ADHD is stopping you from becoming a commercial pilot for airlines, then try flying gliders. ADHD can’t stop you from flying gliders and having fun in the air. Many people choose to fly gliders as it is similar to flying airplanes yet requires fewer skills.
      Don’t give up unless you try.

  6. At 49 what are the hurdles or possibilities that present themselves or is it just not something that should happen. I have been a business owner my entire life and upon leaving the entrepreneurship and learning to become a commercial pilot is something that interests me not only for the benefits but for the excitement and love of flying. Is it something I should or could attempt or are there too many hurdles or obstacles to overcome. Thanks

  7. Hlo ma’am!
    Ma’am can u please tell me what is the total cost or fees for becoming a pilot!..?

  8. Thanks for this information. I’ll work hard to become a comercial pilot when I get to aviation school because flying has being my dream

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