Compare the best private pilot test preps before you buy.

best private pilot test prep

My job here is to clear all confusion and compare the popular test preps in the market for student pilots. Thus you can decide which test prep is suitable for your written exam preparation and make you a better pilot.

Numerous private pilot test preps are available, which can cause dilemmas among student pilots. Nevertheless, all test preps undoubtedly prepare student pilots for the private pilot written exam.

Though most of my readers are North American, South Koreans, Filipinos, and Brazilians, the test preps included in this post are suitable for students from around the globe.

Which are the best private pilot test preps?

As long as any test prep helps you pass your pilot knowledge test with flying colors and obtain your private pilot license, the test prep is best for you.

A good test prep also contributes to becoming a better pilot.

Test preps aren’t solely designed to practice multiple choice questions but become a better pilot by instilling knowledge in a student’s brain.

The following test preps are inexpensive and contain hundreds of questions updated annually:

I also discussed the available FREE test preps for PPL training.

Rod Machado’s PPL eWorkbook is designed to solidify your knowledge.

Rod Machado’s products are my all-time favorite. I prefer Rod Machado’s products due to his fantastic teaching and articulating skills.

But test prep is a different story. Today student pilots use test preps to memorize answers to the question rather than understand the concepts.

Being a veteran in the industry, Rod Machado did what he thought best for student pilots. He didn’t create a test prep. Instead, he designed a workbook to test gaps in aeronautical knowledge.

The workbook has over 1800 multiple-choice questions with answers. This workbook contains numerous images for students to give hints in identifying the correct answer.

This workbook works best if you have Rod Machado’s private pilot handbook to acquire knowledge.

Next to each question, the page and chapter number are mentioned from Rod Machado’s handbook for the same topic. A student who fails to answer a question in the workbook can refer to the directory for clarification.

Practicing this workbook will instill aeronautical concepts in your memory despite studying any private pilot textbook.

Knowing fundamental facts is crucial in answering unfamiliar questions during the FAA written exam.

Student pilots tend to memorize questions to the answers from test prep. The FAA discourages this and hence changes questions in their database annually.

If you memorize questions using a test prep, you’ll pass the exam, but this workbook helps to perfect your knowledge of any aeronautical matter. Understanding the basics would help you in theory and practical flying.

No one wants to fail the PPL knowledge test. It’s embarrassing, time-consuming to re-take, and costs extra money.

I recommend taking the exam only once and preparing well before taking the exam.

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Unfortunately, this workbook is only available in PDF format. Only being available in a digital format is a downside for many. But at this age, many students prefer to study using an iPad. So your smart device can be an excellent tool for using this workbook.

Rod Machado’s study materials are not limited to studying only for the FAA exams, but his books are relevant for students worldwide. Hence, those living abroad or student pilots who can’t wait for delivery to take months may choose Rod Machado’s eWorkbook as test prep.

FLY8MA written test boot camp.

Talking about modern-day student pilots, I think sharing a test prep tool is excellent.

The benefit of using a test prep tool is that you can practice answering questions similar to an FAA PPL knowledge test.

It’s an excellent way to understand topics in-depth, and test preps compel student pilots to answer questions within a time boundary. This system allows students to process answers to questions during their FAA knowledge test quickly.

The FLY8MA written test BootCamp is like a mock test.

For student pilots who haven’t taken exams in a long time, you can experience taking exams using the FLY8MA written test prep.

Similarly, it’s a source to learn questions and answers to the FAA PPL knowledge test.

FLY8MA is so confident in their test prep that about 90% of students from the Bootcamp pass their private pilot written exam on their first take.

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FLY8MA has several options to subscribe to their test prep through their website. But it would be best to purchase the individual test prep from their website. That way, you can access the MCQs and answer at any time.

I achieved 90+ marks by studying Gleim’s private pilot test prep book.

Since Gleim has the most popular test prep book for student pilots, I used the Gleim test prep to study for my private pilot knowledge test.

During my time, using a test prep book to memorize questions and answers was a typical way for student pilots.

As a result, I passed my PPL knowledge test with over 90+ marks.

Today this is not the best way to prepare for your written exam. Yet, Gleim produces the best test preps in the market.

If you’re reluctant to buy the eWorkbook PDF by Rod Macahdo or subscribe to the pricey test prep tool by FLY8MA, I recommend purchasing the inexpensive Gleim PPL test prep.

Don’t let the price of this book confuse you. It’s inexpensive yet constructive. Hence, it’s the most popular test prep among student pilots.

No one wants to retake their PPL written exam. I can’t guarantee you’ll achieve 90+ marks in your exam but scoring the passing mark would be a breeze.

In the Gleim test prep book, you can find a section that clearly explains why an answer is correct and why other options are wrong.

Studying the explanation section is a typical way to instill knowledge in your memory forever.

The book has hundreds of questions categorized into chapters. For instance, if you want to practice questions and answers for Meteorology, you can find all the meteorology questions sorted in one place.

Gleim also has a digital tool compiling all the questions from this test prep available online. Use this Gleim tool to create private pilot mock tests and practice.

Though I used this book to memorize the answers, I discouraged others from doing so. Nowadays, it’s uncommon to find similar questions from the Gleim test prep in the FAA written exam.

Understand the foundational concept of studying the book to pass your exam.

ASA private pilot test prep bundle.

ASA’s private pilot test prep is similar to Gleim’s test prep book. But it seems the student pilots divide into two groups.

One group suggests Gleim is the best, and the other says ASA test preps are the finest in explaining topics.

I didn’t use the ASA test prep book but read the ASA’s Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical knowledge. From my experience, I find ASA textbooks are in transparent language.

So I suppose the ASA test prep is also in a comprehendible language. Hence ASA test preps are pretty popular among student pilots.

I noticed ASA test preps are the cheapest among all the test preps I mentioned in this article.

If you are on a tight budget, then the best choice is the ASA private pilot test prep.

ASA test prep is structured similarly to a Gleim test prep. Thus, use the ASA test prep book to study the same way as any other test prep book.

Sample Airman Knowledge test questions by FAA.

The name suggests everything. If you want to relate to the FAA PPL knowledge test, there is no better place than the FAA’s website.

FAA doesn’t recommend using it as a test prep, but it’s an excellent free resource for studying for the written test.

FAA provides this free resource to give you an idea of what type of questions you will see during your private pilot written test.

However, it is a free resource. It doesn’t have hundreds of questions but is sufficient to start practicing.

Don’t use these free sample questions by FAA as your only source of questions because there is a chance you will fail your private pilot license knowledge test if you only rely on these sample knowledge test questions.

Find the section where FAA mentions Private pilot airplane questions on the page, and you will have access to 60 questions.

It would be best to use these sample questions from FAA to have a mock test for yourself.

FLY8MA Free private pilot test prep.

FLY8MA provides a free practice test for student pilots. They also have free test prep for instrument-rating students.

Unlike the sample questions from FAA, FLY8MA is not a PDF file with questions.

FLY8MA test prep is a tool to take a quiz at your convenient time to test your aeronautical knowledge.

It’s an excellent place to practice and prepare for the FAA knowledge test. Use this quiz to identify the subjects that need revision.

You can’t learn everything as a pilot, but you must grasp many fundamentals during a private pilot license.

So it is understandable at some point that you can’t remember everything. So taking a quiz like the FLY8MA practice test will enable you to recognize complex subjects.

King School’s private pilot test.

King school also offers private pilot test prep for free. Student pilots can select the number of questions and the subjects to take mock tests.

After selecting a subject and the number of questions, you will have sixty minutes to take the quiz. Once you finish taking the quiz, you will know your score.

King School’s test prep is the best version of the free online test prep.

You have access to numerous questions and can practice answering questions similar to the private pilot knowledge test.

However, you might not see any of the same questions from the test prep during your exam, but you will find similar ones. If you understand the concept of a topic, you can answer the multiple-choice questions without hesitation.

Sporty’s free private pilot test prep.

Sporty’s test prep is not as excellent as King School’s free test prep version. However, sporty’s has an excellent reputation for creating great content for student pilots.

You can create an account in sporty’s and access hundreds of questions in different categories. You have to pick your topic and learn the questions and answers. You can go back to your studies and revise if you don’t comprehend an issue.

You can pause a study session in sporty’s account and resume studying questions and answers once you log in.

Lastly, after you learn the answers, you can take a mock test similar to the FAA with a blend of questions from multiple subjects. There will be a time limit to complete 60 questions and a score to see if you passed your mocked test.


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