How hard is the private pilot licensing written exam? – FAQ

how difficult is the private pilot written exam

Pass the private pilot written exam with ease and confidence!

The private pilot written exam is not difficult. All you need is an excellent online pilot course to study well. Next, use an online test prep to prepare for the PPL written exam.

In this post, I will give student pilots an overview of the PPL written exam;

  • The private pilot was written exam requirements;
  • When can you take the private pilot written exam?
  • I will discuss what to expect in the FAA Private Pilot knowledge test;
  • What is the private pilot written passing exam score?
  • How many times can you take the private pilot written exam?
  • Here are some crucial tips for taking the exam.
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How hard is the FAA private pilot license written exam?

It is common for student pilots to pass the private pilot written exam on their first attempt.

Sometimes student pilots require two attempts to pass their PPL written exam.

Those who failed the knowledge test on their first take did not take any online pilot course before the exam.

You will inevitably pass the exam whether you self-study adequately or take classes in an actual ground school for your PPL.

The online course alone is an aid in gathering knowledge, but student pilots need test prep.

Use Gleim’s test prep to practice multiple-choice questions and answers similar to the FAA knowledge test for a private pilot license.

You may use Gleim’s test prep book. This book will help you practice answering multiple-choice questions and simultaneously finding out which topics are your weaknesses and need more revisions.

Individuals with poor aeronautical knowledge will find the PPL written exam difficult.

Student pilots must:

  1. Allocate adequate time to study,
  2. Follow a process for reviewing;
  3. Give effort while taking the online pilot ground school;
  4. Practice answering as many of the prep questions as they can get their hands on.

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How many times can you take the private pilot written exam?

Though the private pilot written exam is not so difficult, many student pilots fail on their first attempt.

Fortunately, there is no limit on how many times one can take the private pilot written exam as long as one pays the FAA examination fee. If you are reluctant to waste money on failed attempts, you must prepare well for your private pilot written exam.

Use an online private pilot ground school and test prep to master all aeronautical subjects.

No one can learn everything about aviation at this stage of pilot training; therefore, the private pilot written exam is not over complicated. Similarly, if your CFI encourages you to take the exam, you are ready to pass your exam.

On the other hand, you may have taken your private pilot’s written exam two years ago, which expired before getting your pilot license. You must again register for the private pilot written exam to obtain a personal pilot license.

In this case, you might have to do a PPL refresher course to get an endorsement to take the written exam.

What is the private pilot written passing exam score?

The passing score for the FAA private pilot license written exam is 70%. You must answer 42 questions correctly to pass your private pilot knowledge tests, as the PPL knowledge test has 60 multiple-choice questions.

Answering 42 questions and passing the exam with a 70% score is not difficult. In reality, it’s common to see student pilots passing the exam with over 90% scores.

However, taking an exam is troublesome for students that are over 40. People over 40 want to get a private pilot license for a hobby. Likely, such students didn’t take any exams in a long time, and they find it difficult to answer questions under pressure within a time boundary.

Such students must practice private pilot mock tests.

Regardless of age, all student pilots use test preps to practice answering questions because they want to achieve a better score instead of merely passing.

How many questions are on the FAA private pilot written exam?

The private pilot written exam has 60 multiple-choice questions and 2.5 hours.

Two hours and 30 minutes are adequate for any well-equipped student pilot to complete and pass the exam.

You will see questions on various subjects relevant to aeronautics.

There will be no absurd questions, so be confident you can pass the exam if you practice using Gleim’s Test Prep book.

If you prefer a digitalized test prep version, you may choose Dauntless Software. Their website is not user-friendly, which is a turn-off for many student pilots, but their actual aviation products are excellent.

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What are some tips for taking the PPL written exam?

The FAA private pilot written exam is not different from any other exam.

However, it’s common to see private pilot trainees of all ages, and many take exams after years.

Thus following these tips is crucial for student pilots of all ages:

  • Remember that the FAA private pilot knowledge test has 60 multiple-choice questions;
  • Each question has three choices;
  • The exam duration is 2.5 hours, and you have 2.5 minutes to answer each question correctly.

Prepare well for the exam and be wise while taking the exam.

Using the courses mentioned in this article, you will notice multiple familiar questions in the FAA knowledge test.

Also, remember these points:

  1. Don’t spend time on the questions you can’t answer;
  2. First, finish answering the questions that you find content;
  3. Next, come back to the difficult questions;

Answering easy questions will consume less time. Therefore, you will have extra time to think and answer difficult questions.

Even for the most unfamiliar question, you can analyze and answer.

Typically, there is always one choice out of three questions that you can immediately eliminate.

Eliminate the most apparent, wrong option; you will have only two remaining choices.

Use your online private pilot ground school course knowledge to determine the correct answer.

If you follow all the steps in this article and my self-study guide for PPL ground school, I promise you will pass your FAA knowledge test with over 90% marks.

How long is a private pilot written exam good for?

Where to take the FAA private pilot written exam?

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