How to become a female pilot? – The little-known career path for women.

how to become a female pilot

Just because you are a woman, don’t let that be the sole reason to stop you from becoming a pilot.

To become a female pilot, you need to follow the same procedures and maintain the same good health as a male pilot.

The training to become a female pilot is no different than a male pilot.

Want to know the best part?

In reality, becoming a commercial pilot often seems easier for female pilots than male pilots.

Let’s start by answering the most common question:

Can a female become a pilot?

YES, a female can become a pilot. There has been a presence of female pilots since the 1970s.

Although the number of female pilots is minor, it is growing daily.

It is crucial to have knowledge and skills to become a pilot. The more you learn and experience, the better you will become like a pilot.

Becoming a pilot as a female depends on you and not what others think of you.

At a time, people used to think becoming a pilot was not a thing for women. Those days are long gone because today, the aviation industry has more female pilots than ever.

As I have mentioned, the number is increasing daily. So if you are willing to be a professional pilot as a female, do not wait anymore.

The sooner you start your flight training, the better it is for you.

How to become a female pilot?

All the requirements and procedures to become a female pilot are the same as for male pilots.

Regardless of gender, anyone willing to become a pilot must take all the necessary steps, like gaining their flight hours.

After you have flown the required hours specified by the civil aviation authority, you can obtain your commercial pilot license.

Becoming a pilot is easy as well as challenging, depending on the path you choose to take.

To become a female commercial pilot, you must first fulfill the primary requirements.

Before flight training, you must be medically fit and acquire a medical certificate from the civil aviation authority.

After completing your ground schooling for a private pilot license, you can apply for a student pilot license.

A student pilot license allows a student to fly the aircraft under an instructor pilot’s command.


You must fly all the required hours for your private pilot license exam.

Once you get your private license, you are ready to fly by yourself as much as you want to log the minimum hours required by the civil aviation authority for a commercial pilot license application.

Depending on the country and their civil aviation authority regulations, the flight hours for getting a commercial pilot license vary between 150 to 250 hours.

These hour requirements will not be different for a male or a female.

Like any other studies, males and females must take the same steps to become pilots.

Why do you think so few women become pilots?

Today it is not the same story as it used to be before 50 years. There was indeed a time when very few women used to fly for a living.

However, today the industry is seeing more female pilots than ever before.

In the past, very few women decided to become pilots because there was not so much information available for women to start flying.

Before 50 years, the world was much different than it is today. Unlike today, the Internet was not as available, and it was challenging to find information.

Although there were women pilots for 50 years, it wasn’t easy to find their inspiring stories and motivate other younger women to choose a flying career.

Similarly, there was this idea that the aviation industry is not a women’s field.

Today, you can meet many female pilots, and the number is growing daily.

They have successful careers, and female pilots are as good as male pilots.

If you are a female willing to work in an airliner, you must concentrate on your aviation career. Put effort and time, and dedicate yourself to aviation.

A pilot must have good knowledge of several matters while working as a pilot. Learn to take responsibility for your passengers’ lives, and you are good to go.

Becoming a commercial pilot has no difference, regardless of your gender.

Is it hard to work in the male-dominated aviation industry?

There is a misconception that it may be hard to work in a male-dominated industry as a pilot.

From my observation, I see women earn more respect in the industry for being female pilots.

Likewise, passengers often find it fascinating to see a female in uniform in the cockpit.

No one will judge you for being a woman pilot. People will only assess your qualifications in the cockpit.

Mistakes in the cockpit are unacceptable. On the contrary, praising a pilot for proper decision-making is rational.

You will be admired for your skills, talent, and knowledge as a pilot, not your gender.

Working as a pilot requires respecting other pilots, and similar to any other profession, you have to have teamwork.

Discrimination toward a female pilot is not acceptable in the industry.

Both male and female pilots face the same consequences for mistakes in the cockpit.

So the answer is NO, it is not difficult at all to work in a male-dominated industry,

Today, the airlines accept more female pilots than ever, and it is the right time for women to decide to become a pilot.

Who is the first female pilot?

  • Harriet Quimby was the first-ever woman to pilot an airplane and acquire a pilot license. The Aero Club of America awarded Harriet Quimby a pilot’s license.
  • The first woman to work as a commercial pilot is Helen Richey from McKeesport, Pennsylvania. Born in 1909, Helen Richey learned to fly an airplane by age of 20. Eventually, she had to step down from being a commercial pilot as the all-male pilot union did not like having a female pilot in the cockpit.
  • Emily Howell Warner was born in Denver, Colorado, on October 30, 1939. She disappeared on a flight over the pacific ocean on July 2, 1937, en route to Howland Island.
  • The first female aviator to cross the Atlantic is Amelia Mary Earhart.

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    1. If you have the time and put real effort then you can be a pilot. It will not matter if you are a male or a female.

      Numerous female pilots worked their way up and are working in the airlines today. You can become one of them too!

    2. Hi I also want to become a pilot after I’m done with my A/L…But I have some questions…. I am a sri lankan citizen… and can I be a pilot in another country like NZ ?

      1. Once you complete your pilot training from a country, you have permission to work in that particular country with your pilot license. For example, if you train in a Sri Lanka flight school, you can work in Sri Lanka with your license.
        That doesn’t mean you cannot work in New Zealand. If you intend to work in New Zealand, you have to convert your Sri Lankan pilot license to a New Zealand pilot license. This means you must fly a few extra hours in New Zealand to familiarize yourself with the New Zealand flying environment and the regulation.

    3. Hey, Being a pilot is one of the best things you can ever think of! Just think of the view you will be able to see from your front window. It will be like another feeling and most importantly you will get respect from all over the places you will go, I think it is an excellent career and it is like a dream job to many. But remember one thing for sure, that as during the time of corona, All the flights, airlines were closed and were not working so when you think of becoming one, just remember this thing as it will be helpful for your future, You can do two jobs at a time if you won’t like as you are a pilot you get to travel a lot and meanwhile you can have a job of software engineering so that when you land you can do that thing, and let me tell you one thing that a female pilot is much respected when you are doing a job as a software engineering. In this way when in near future some pandemic like corona comes again( I seriously hope not but just in case) you don’t have to worry about your job as a pilot cause then you will have your engineering job to keep you going on! It’s always better to have multiple sources for your income! That’s all folks, thanks for reading:) Peace!!!

    1. Hi iam tamilpriya iam completed MBA degree with 71% with typewriting classes completed. iam can I becom pilot. I’m continue my pilot training which pilot school you recommend. Please reply.

    1. Hi Sneh, my suggestion is this:
      1. Complete your BSC first;
      2. Then enroll in a suitable flight school in your country or abroad;
      3. Get your PPL, CPL, IR;
      4. Figure out ways to build hours or work as a flight instructor to build hours and look for better opportunities.
      These four steps are just a heads-up, but by the time you are in step 3, you will learn most of the things about becoming a pilot yourself.

    1. Hi Prachi, surely you can take a pilot course after your aircraft technician course. It would be easier to grasp many aeronautical subjects as you are already an aircraft technician. Likewise, your chances of getting a job after your pilot course is better.
      If you want more info, reply to this comment, I will try to get back to you.

    1. The application process for female pilots is not different from male candidates. You can send us an email using the contact form, and we will give you answers to all your questions.

      1. Sir,I’m in my 12th now…
        I heard NDA is not for female candidates is it true??
        If it is yes then what is the entrance exam for female candidates!?

  1. Hello Sir/Ma’am.
    Currently I am in the 3rd year of my Btech. Degree from mechanical engineering branch. I wish to become a pilot . I fit in the age category too. But I need to know what steps to follow and how to make myself suitable enough to become a pilot and get a commercial pilot license.

    1. Hi Awani, all you need to do is complete your Btech first, then look for a local flight school. If you don’t want to enroll in a local flight school, you can research online and find a flight school abroad. Contact them through email and see what their response is. Typically, flight schools will suggest what steps to follow to enroll in their flight school.

      With a Btech Degree, you will be already better than many other pilots in the Industry. Many pilots don’t have a degree, but they get a commercial pilot license.

      If you have any more questions, drop a comment below.

  2. Excuse me sir…..can u help me to know about…inr involved to become a female pilot and I also want to know that…I haven’t passed my +2 class with physics and maths , can I become a pilot…if yes then how

    1. Hi Aastha
      The cost of becoming a female pilot is the same as a male. To become a pilot, all you have to do is enroll in a flight school and get your pilot licenses. To become a pilot, you need only basic maths and physics, which you will learn during flight school ground training. As you are a 10+2 graduate, you are eligible to enroll in a flight school.

      1. Sir, i am in class 12 going to give boards in 2022 willing to become a pilot though I am a girl and belong to a poor background.. Is there any scholarships exams to get into college fees Or any institute who provide the course o basis of best marks scored in exam??? And if a girl can’t apply for nda after 12 th then what are the entrance exams i should go for?? Pls help…

  3. Hi mam ,
    I want to become a pilot. Iam in 11th grade right now. But when i search for the chances & courses to study , they are telling that only men are allowed! Every sites I’ve visited , they are showing that “men can apply” .
    They are not even giving a hint that girls can apply. Why it’s like that? When can i apply to become a pilot training in Indian Air force?
    Can i apply at my 17½ age?
    •Also ive a doubt that ,
    If iam a pilot in Indian Air force , & i wanted to shift to America or abroad , can i get my pilot license under the government there? (Like being a pilot here in India in Indian Air force)
    Please reply??

    1. Hi Muntaha, first you have to finish your 12th standard. After that, you can enroll in a flight school.
      I can’t say much about which college to go to in Mumbai. But pretty much everywhere, aspiring pilots enroll in flight schools for learning to fly an airplane.
      Find a suitable flight school and get your pilot licenses. Start by getting your private pilot license.

  4. Helo mam, I want to become a pilot . Now I am in 11th standard . Mam can u tell me is there certain height and weight is required to become a pilot ? If there is yes how much do we have?

    1. There is no height and weight requirement for becoming a pilot unless you want to be an air force pilot. As long as you are capable of flying airplanes, you have a chance to be a commercial pilot in the future.
      So, don’t worry about height and weight requirements instead enroll in a good flight school and get your pilot licenses. Focus on becoming a competent pilot to get a job as a pilot.

  5. I have cold allergy, high IgE level in blood i.e I have some allergy disorder so can I be a commercial pilot??

  6. I am currently 18 years old, I have spects, my eye power is -1.5, am I fit for becoming a pilot with spects in eyes?? Also i wanna know if there is any specific restrictions medical conditions like no allergy is permitted???

    1. You are eligible to become a pilot. As you mentioned you wear spectacles which not an issue for becoming a pilot. There are pilots that work in airlines and wear spectacles.

      As long as you wear spectacles and your vision is 6/6, you can become a pilot. 🙂

  7. I am currently 15 and in 10th class I want to become a commercial pilot what should I do after 10th??and wanna know that is there any allergic restrictions in medical??

  8. Hi ma’am i am sirisha my 10+2study completed. Now i am 21years old.I want to become a female pilot ma’ can i apply ma’am?

  9. I ma’am am sirisha i want to become a female pilot.i was completed 10+2 graduation.Now i am 21 years old.please give me suggestions ma’am.

  10. Hello maam i liked your content a lot but i had a certain queries… It would be kind of you if you help me in it.

    I am currently studying in class 1w with pcm, while i dont know what exams(like neet is for doctors) should i go through for becoming a pilot in the cheapest way… “meanwhile i wanted to become a non military pilot”

    Thank you

  11. Hi mam I am Riya I am completed my 12th just few days ago and I want to become a pilot so what is required for become a pilot and one more thing I haven’t well financial condition’s so can you also tell me fee structure

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