Why student pilots quit?

why student pilots quit

Figure out beforehand that why student pilots quit flying without getting a certificate.

That way, you will realize why it is not uncommon for student pilots to quit and never get a license.

So that you can prepare for the obstacles and struggles you may face, and you will not struggle to accomplish your pilot license.

Hence I have shared a list of obstacles that you may not have expected and how to prevent all those from getting your first pilot license.

1. Lack of funding.

Not having enough money is the first and foremost problem why student pilots quit.

The number of student pilot dropout rate is very high due to the fact most students start flying without the knowledge of how much money is required.

To complete your flight training you need a sufficient amount of money.

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It is best to have another 30% extra on top of your pilot course cost.

Having extra money over the adequate fund will reduce your chances of dropping out.

I think the problem is how the flight training schools do their marketing.

Flight training schools will give you a flight training course fee depending on the minimum hours required to fly.

They do this so that the pilot students will enroll quicker.

As a newbie in the industry, you may not have any idea of how flight schools promote to get more students.

They will not tell you about the extra money that you might have to pay if you require more flying hours to acquire your license.

So flying more hours means you have to spend additional for the extra hours.

Apart from that, there are many other things you need to buy to complete your flight training.

Suck as books that you have to study and become a better pilot.

Several other supplies are necessary even to get your private pilot license.

After you calculate all the costs you need together with your flight training cost, allocate some extra funding until you get your license.

Having that extra funding will reduce your struggles and stop you from quitting flight training.

You can check out the list of minimum books and supplies to have an idea of the cost here >>> Private pilot training kits.

2. Lack of structured training.

If you do not have a structured training, then there is a chance of you getting annoyed and quit.

If you do not prepare enough before your flight and do not know what to learn from the flight, you will find your training difficult.

Going for a flight without knowing what lessons to learn today and what to expect, your learning process will be longer.

As a pilot student, your training will be delayed and you may want to give up on flight training.

Now as you can see not having structured training is also going to stress your funding.

Without proper lessons, you will have to repeat a similar lesson in flight training again and again.

As a result, you will fly more hours stressing your bank balance.

I have seen several pilot students because of not knowing what to expect and learn from the flight, they got their first solo flight at 60 hours.

This causes them to fly a lot of extra hours to acquire their first pilot license.

This may also be the fault of flight instructors where their teaching method is not so good, hence the student pilot quit.

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3. Student and instructor problems.

As you may already know by now that not having a structured plan in the student pilot’s training, can cause delays in acquiring a pilot license.

But not having a friendly instructor can damage your flight training massively.

Why is that?

If you and your flight instructor lack understanding between each other, your flight training period will be affected.

Having a good relationship and communication with your flight instructor regarding all the problems you are facing is crucial.

A good flight instructor will do his best to teach his student pilot all flying skills necessary.

If you have difficulty learning a flight maneuver you must say that to your flight instructor and he will repeat the lesson.

Another problem is that flying with different flight instructors often.

Now some say to fly with different instructors is not the best idea. Not unless you get your first solo flight.

Because every flight instructor has a different method of teaching.

A new pilot student will definitely overwhelm him/herself with the lessons and as a result, the flight training period will be longer.

If the flight training school assigns a new flight instructor every time you go for your flight training, it is time that you must consult with the Chief flight instructor of your school and request for only one flight instructor.

4. Not dedicated. Lack of time.

If a student pilot is not committed to acquiring his/her first pilot license, they will eventually drop out.

The reasoning you may not have enough time or you have another job to do apart from getting your pilot license can be the cause f quitting pilot training.

If you cannot fly regularly and decide to fly every once in a while, you will have to repeat your flying lessons.

Repeating flying lessons can get boring and you will find yourself not interested to get your license anymore.

So commit yourself to flight training until you get your pilot license.

Find ways to keep your flights exciting and fun. And that will help you stay committed to your training.

5. Self Doubt.

Student pilots are often overwhelmed with all the lessons and think they cannot make it until the end.

I have seen students struggle to get their first solo flight and have flown extra hours.

That is why they start to doubt themselves.

The thing is no matter what happens you must not doubt yourself. Because sooner or later you will get your first solo flight.

When student pilots hear stories of other pilots got their license in a shorter period of time and got their solo flight sooner which allows struggling student pilots to doubt themselves.

New pilot students sometimes fail to perfect a maneuver and begin to doubt themselves. They think flying is not actually for them.

But that is why you have a flight instructor with you to instruct you for becoming a better pilot.

Never doubt yourself just because of or two bad landings. Bad landings are part of the game. That’s how a student pilot learns.

6. Lack of Motivation.

One or two bad landings can lower your confidence. Your flight instructor screaming at you to improve your landings can demotivate you tremendously.

When I was a student pilot my instructor screamed at me because I did not make a good landing, as well as I, couldn’t answer a few questions that he asked me.

Well as a new student pilot I struggled to maintain my altitude in the air, and unable to answer the question inside the cockpit demotivated to fly ever again.

So I simply took a short break from flying. I was so dry of motivation that I did not want to go for flight training again.

Yet I went back to flying after two weeks and this time I studied my books. And ready to answer all the questions.

Eventually, my flying skills have become better, and I got my commercial pilot license.

Like everything in life, there will phase during your flight training where you may feel a lack of motivation.

But you cannot allow that to stop you from flying.

Motivate yourself by talking to other pilots. Watch videos. Study your books. Work hard and get back to flying.

You cannot be that student who quit flying before getting the pilot license.

7. Have to study harder than expected.

Many pilot students intend to become a pilot because they think flying doesn’t require them to study a lot.

They believe only knowing how to control an aircraft is enough.

However, one reason why you may fail to maneuver the aircraft properly is because you did not pay attention during your ground schooling.

Not knowing the basics required for a good traffic pattern and failure to land the aircraft smoothly can be the reason for not working hard enough with your books.

So many students get into flying anticipating they do not have to study, but once they realize they have to work hard and explore so much to get their license, they simply give up.

So don’t confuse yourself, you will have to work hard to become a pilot.

Becoming a pilot is a considerable responsibility; hence you need to be prepared for all kinds of situations.

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Having the knowledge and implementing them as necessary during flight is vital.

Therefore do not get into flying with the thoughts that you can study less and get your pilot license.

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8. Not having clear goals.

Students who do not understand why did they start flying in the first place tend to quit flying.

Do student pilots need to have a clear set of goals why do they want their license?

Do they want to fly an airplane with friends and family or do they want pilot aircraft with hundreds of passengers?

With that goal in mind staying focussed on how to achieve that you have to continue your flight training.

Many students get so overwhelmed with the training lessons they forget why did they start flying in the first place.

Some may have started flying simply for the fun of it or to enjoy the flight. Others may have a different dream.

At the end of the day having a clear set of priorities and goals in your mind will prevent you from dropping out of your flight training.

9. Choosing the wrong school.

Being in a flight school that is not having enough fleet and training quality is not good can be the reason for student pilot dropout.

By saying the wrong flight school, I also meant that choosing a flight school that has cheaper flight training costs is not always the best option.

A flight school that has cheaper flight training costs may also have not well-maintained aircraft, inexperienced instructors, and poor quality ground schooling syllabus.

All these combined together can be a horrendous experience for a student pilot.

And the student pilot will stop flying because of the experience he is having in the school.

A not well-maintained school will be slower in processing documents for you too which will result in a longer training period.

So before you enroll in any flight school you must talk to the previous student pilots of the school and ask them their experience with the institute.

Talk to the flight instructors there and figure out whether they are friendly or not.

Take a stroll in the general aviation area and ask other companies in the general aviation regarding the records of that flight training school you are willing to enroll.

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10. Medical issues.

This is a very important thing for student pilots. Before even you start your flight training it is vital to do some medical checkups.

Find yourself medically fit to become a pilot.

If you are not medically fit to become a pilot you must not start your flight training.

Without assurance from an Aviation Medical Examiner, you will not get a medical certificate to become a pilot.

So consulting an Aviation Medical Examiner and figuring out how to solve all the medical issues you have is the best possible thing.

Once you know that you are physically and mentally fit to get your first pilot license, you can go start your pilot training.

Do not let minor medical issues stop you from getting your pilot license which sadly is a common concern among new student pilots.

On the other hand, many people stop or want to stop flying after feeling airsick during their orientation flight.

Which is not really a problem. Because as you get used to flying in the air you will not be airsick anymore.

Airsickness can cause many student pilots to quit immediately after their first flight.

Understanding this that you will not be airsick after a few more flights can stop you from dropping out flight training.

Now that you know the most common problems why student pilots quit, you can prepare beforehand.

This way you can prevent yourself from dropping out pilot training and acquire a pilot license.


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  1. I started my flight school to get my private pilotscirtificate but I only had a few hours and this was the beginning of covid I also ran into a lot of financial problems but I am saving up to go back with no issues at the beginning of the year I was wonder it’s been like 6 months since I last flown can I go back any time to continue my flight to get my private pilot license

    1. Definitely, you can go back but ensure you don’t forget your theory lessons. It’s essential to remember your theory lessons. Likewise, as you will fly with a flight instructor, tell him how long you did not fly, he will definitely do a refresher flight and begin with the essential materials to teach. There is nothing to worry about. Get your private pilot license. I wish you the best of luck!
      Some resources for you:
      Check the online pilot courses and give yourself a refresher before you go back to flying.
      Check out this PPL study guide.

      If you have any more queries, reply to this comment.

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