Which is the best iPad for flight school? The only iPad student pilots need.

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best iPad for flight school

Having an iPad inside a tiny training aircraft is not always convenient. Having a compact-sized device with the most functionality indeed helps during flying lessons.

Thus, I discussed a student pilot’s problems and how the best iPad for flight school can ease a student pilot’s training sessions.

Which elements of an iPad can impact your flight training?

  • A bigger iPad creates inflexibility inside a small training aircraft cockpit;
  • You can’t access the internet without cellular connectivity during flight;
  • Without a larger storage space, you can’t save adequate data;
  • Portability: Instead of carrying heavy books to ground school, only bring your iPad everywhere;
  • An outdated device is not compatible with modern aviation apps;
  • Lastly, ask yourself how important it is for you to spend those extra dollars on a brand new iPad.

Which is the best iPad for flight school?

As a student pilot, you may select an iPad that is compact. Buy a device with a screen size enough to read data indisputably and small enough to adjust inside a Cessna cockpit conveniently. Similarly, an iPad with WiFi + Cellular connectivity is essential to access multiple applications while conducting a flight.

Continue reading to clarify which iPad is most suitable for you during flight school lessons.

A bigger iPad creates inflexibility inside a small training aircraft cockpit.

It will help if you have an iPad during your flying lessons. If you buy a device too big, you’ll struggle to use it inside the tiny cockpit.

You’ll operate inside a small airplane during flying lessons, and a large device will interfere with your flexibility inside the cockpit.

What is the use of having a device that doesn’t help you with your training?

An iPad inside the cockpit will ease flight operations and conduct flight safely. If your device hinders your flight performance and delays your training, it’s wiser not to have a device.

However, having an iPad is crucial for flying lessons at this age.

If you are keen to buy an iPad, I recommend purchasing an iPad mini.

I never used an iPad as a student pilot, but I learned it could help with my pilot training.

Having an iPad pro for flying lessons seems incredible, but having a compact device like an iPad mini for flight training is practical.

Typically, student pilots mount their iPads on the yoke of the aircraft. Imagine mounting a big iPad pro on the YOKE and how it can interfere with your aircraft control.

Something lightweight is suitable for the yoke of a smaller aircraft.

  • The iPad mini is small and performs as well as the more prominent iPad pro.
  • An iPad mini has specifications to operate smoothly, like an iPad pro, and benefits student pilots.

The screen is big enough to navigate using the iPad mini and compact for ease of use in tiny spaces.

You can’t access the internet without cellular connectivity during flight.

Student pilots often purchase an iPad with only WiFi connectivity. They forget that there is no WiFi available inside small airplanes.

How are they supposed to use this iPad during their flying lessons in the sky without cellular connectivity?

Saving that extra few dollars will not do any good.

Buy an iPad with WiFi + Cellular connectivity to use internet data during your flight training up in the sky.

Let me put it straight: You would use the GPS map during your X-country flight, and without internet connectivity, your map won’t load properly.

An online map and multiple apps can aid in conducting safe flights and arrive your destination without getting lost.

Therefore, I recommend that any iPad you select for your flight school must have cellular connectivity. Paying those extra dollars to purchase an iPad with cellular connectivity will save you from nuisances during flying lessons.

Without a larger iPad storage space, you can’t save adequate data for flight school.

Ample storage space is essential to store all the files on your iPad unless you are willing to buy another iPad in six months.

Storage space in smart devices can quickly fill up with many apps, pictures, and files available today.

To prevent running out of space and keep your device from freezing at crucial moments, buy an iPad that’s at least 256 gigabytes.

Having extra space in your iPad is not troublesome, but limited space can cause problems and hinder your flight safety.

However, the most critical aspect of having an iPad with ample storage space is to be able to store anything you want.

Similarly, the aviation apps require a lot of space to install.

One primary purpose of having an iPad is to ease your flight training with applications available in the Apple Store.

If you can’t install your favorite aviation due to lack of space, there is no use in buying an iPad.

Keeping everything on your device and having files at your fingertips anytime, anywhere is why you need an iPad mini with adequate storage space.

Portability: Instead of carrying heavy books to ground school, only bring your iPad everywhere.

Pilot books are usually heavy, and carrying many books to the flight school every time can be bothersome.

I don’t know about you, but I carried multiple books during my pilot ground school, which was heavy.

After years, I realized how much an iPad could benefit me. Only if I had an iPad could I store all the essential pilot books on the iPad and read them during my ground school.

Perhaps, you have similar issues carrying a pile of books in your flight bag.

The only solution to that is getting an iPad.

I recommend the iPad mini because it has a large enough screen to read without stressing your eyes and is small enough to use for other purposes in the cockpit.

Use your iPad to access online private pilot ground school anywhere.

Carrying an iPad won’t be troublesome, and studying from your iPad would be convenient.

Studying during your lunch break using your iPad mini wouldn’t be a problem either.

An outdated device is not compatible with modern aviation apps.

You might own an obsolete tablet and plan to use it for your pilot training. Later you find the tablet doesn’t support all the essential apps for pilots.

Having a tablet is to ease and enhance your flight safety.

Without the essential apps, the iPad alone can’t serve its purpose for pilots.

So, it is crucial to have the latest iPad device compatible with all the modern apps.

Using the most advanced apps on your iPad can improve your flight performance. Improving your flight performance will please your flight instructor and allow you to get your solo flight quickly.

Who doesn’t want to earn wings quickly?

The latest iPad mini 6 is an excellent device and will be compatible with all aviation apps for this decade.

So if you are thinking of buying an iPad for flight school, there is no other better option than the iPad mini.

Lastly, ask yourself how important it is for you to spend those extra dollars on a brand new iPad.

Suppose you have already started flying and got interested in getting that latest iPad device only to look among other pilots. In that case, you are spending those extra dollars for the wrong reason.

The Apple iPads are an excellent device for pilots. I recommend the iPad mini six for students at flight school because of its fun size and usability inside a training airplane cockpit.

Ask yourself whether you intend to utilize all the functions of an iPad mini six during your flight school.

Get yourself the latest iPad mini if you think you can use the iPad to its maximum potential. It will ease your pilot training in flight school in numerous ways.

If you only want to look cool, I think you don’t need an iPad. It’s possible to continue flight school without an iPad. During my pilot training, I couldn’t afford an iPad and never bought one.

I was resourceful and finished my pilot training without an iPad. So the final decision is up to whether you can use an iPad to enhance your performance or want to spend those extra dollars on something you don’t need.

Image source: aeroclubguatemala via Instaram.

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