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After reading this article, you will know which factors to consider before buying a pilot ground school course.

Before selecting a course, either online or offline ground school, there are various factors to consider.

Choosing a pilot ground school course varies for each student pilot.

Thus, I described the factors to consider before choosing an online ground school. Similarly, I recommended online private pilot ground school with the best value for the price.

So read the article till the end.

The factors to consider before choosing an online ground school are:

  • Know the author of the course;
  • Do you have lifetime access to the online pilot course?;
  • Length of the online ground school;
  • What other resources are available for the course?;
  • How is the system structured, and does it have reviews?;
  • Can you get a Private Pilot knowledge test endorsement?;
  • Lastly, the price of the course.

Is online ground school worth it?

I must mention that student pilots need an endorsement from a certified flight instructor to take the PPL exam. FAA doesn’t review if a student pilot earned knowledge test endorsement from a physical flight school or an online ground school.

Online pilot ground schools are worth it because student pilots can study at their convenience. Similarly, online ground schools cost less than offline ground schools. You can get an endorsement upon passing all the quizzes in the online pilot course.

Overall, an online pilot ground school is better than a traditional classroom course without spending extra money.

How do you choose the right online pilot ground school?

The price of an online ground school is the last thing that comes to mind.

I say this because an online ground school costs 300 USD, which is cheaper than a physical ground school.

Crucial Things to consider are as follows.

Know about the author of the course.

Numerous online ground schools are available, but not all courses are equal.

Authors of some courses have over 40 years of experience in the aviation industry, and others are young.

Some courses have multiple flight instructors.

I don’t say the courses by young instructors are not good. I say it is better to learn from veteran flight instructors.

From my experience, I figured out veteran flight instructors speak an easy language and explain much better.

Unlike young flight instructors, they know the subject, but it’s sometimes difficult to explain clearly.

Veteran flight instructors like Jon King and Rod Machado have a unique way of teaching student pilots.

Rod Machado and Jon King explain that it is easy for student pilots to remember topics without studying again.

Do you have lifetime access to the online pilot course?

If you need to revise a topic, you must access the course.

Although veteran instructors teach you techniques to remember certain subjects forever, you may want to revise sometimes.

Because being a pilot is about learning forever.

At that time, having access to the course will benefit you.

Therefore, a course with lifetime access or at least a year of entry is essential.

With lifetime access to the course, you will watch updated videos.

Flight instructors frequently add new videos to keep the course up to date. You will learn new topics if you can access the latest videos in the system.

Having perpetual access, student pilots can study at their own pace and prepare for the private pilot knowledge test using these extra study materials.

Lengthier courses are better, as they are a lot more detailed.

Considering the length of the course is essential.

Some courses are not adequately long. The class author tries to squeeze too much information into a short period.

As a result, the course becomes fast-tracked, and the information in the class becomes overwhelming for student pilots.

Although you can rewind and rewatch the videos, short courses poorly explain some information.

Rod Machado’s Private Pilot eLearning is an example of a better course. This course is over 40 Hours Long.

Rod Machado did not leave any subject necessary for a private pilot unexplained in his course.

Choose a course that is easy to understand and not only throw information toward student pilots.

More available resources to become a more intelligent pilot.

You may assume a course is about watching and rewatching videos as necessary.

That is not how an online pilot ground school should look. An online ground school is worth your money if it has numerous resources.

Resources such as Books, Simulators, Tools, and Practice Quizzes.

An excellent course is the FLY8MA PPL Bootcamp. It is like an all-in-one package.

This course has an inventory of practice quizzes, and they promise whoever takes their approach will pass their exam during their first take. They frequently update their question database to prepare student pilots for private pilot knowledge test questions.

FLY8MA’s PPL Bootcamp is an excellent test prep course, not a private ground school.

On the contrary, Rod Machado’s eLearning. If you purchase this course, you will use many other resources to prepare for the FAA knowledge test.

Not just that, Rod Machado’s course has simulation tools that prepare student pilots for the actual flight experience.

How is the course structured, and does it have reviews?

Another thing to consider before purchasing any online pilot ground school is to take a sneak peek inside the course.

Most courses have videos that will allow you to look into the study.

You must choose a course that is most suitable for your learning style.

Some instructors create courses in a traditional whiteboard teaching style.

I prefer the course by FLY8MA, as their teaching style is unique compared to any other method.

The flight instructor will teach you from various locations.

Sometimes, FLY8MA CFI teaches from inside the cockpit while flying the airplane; sometimes, they are back inside the classroom. But often, they use an aircraft to introduce students to learning from real-life environments.

Rod Machado’s online ground school is unique as he frequently uses animation to clarify topics for in-depth lessons.

Can you get an endorsement for the FAA knowledge endorsement?

Taking an online ground school for a student pilot prepares for the FAA private pilot knowledge test.

Only preparing for the knowledge test is not enough.

Student pilots require an endorsement from the Flight Instructor that says a student pilot is eligible for the private pilot exam.

Online ground schools typically have practice quizzes after each chapter.

Student pilots taking the online course need to pass the exams. They can request a knowledge test endorsement once they achieve satisfactory marks in all practice quizzes.

Choose a course that can endorse you for the FAA knowledge test after completing the pilot ground school.

What is the price point of online courses?

I saved this factor for the last. The pricing of online courses is inexpensive compared to actual physical ground school.

Taking an online ground school will give you privileges similar to an offline ground school.

Consider all the factors in this article before buying an online ground school. Don’t think much about the price.

Any online ground school price ranges between 300 USD to 350 USD. This price is already a better deal than a physical ground school.

So who is the winner?

A few online courses have all the factors present in them. My favorite online pilot ground school courses are:

  1. Rod Machado’s eLearning;
  2. Kings School;
  3. FLY8MA PPL premium.

King’s School is a fantastic course. The instructor is a veteran pilot. However, King School has the second spot because many of its videos are old and look outdated.

On the contrary, Rod Machado is equally knowledgeable as Jon King, and his eLearning course is much more upgraded.

Finally, you will have to choose a course that suits your needs.

I will help student pilots remove all their confusion on online ground school vs. classroom.

You will know which aspects of an online ground school are better than a physical classroom.

I pointed out Why online ground schools are better than physical ground schools.

First, understand these:

  • The FAA doesn’t require student pilots to take physical ground school for a private pilot license knowledge test.
  • Student pilots need only an endorsement from a certified flight instructor to take the exam.

The endorsement proves that a student pilot is knowledgeable and ready to take the PPL knowledge test.

Do online ground schools have authorization from the FAA?

Online ground schools are legit.

However, online ground schools don’t need authorization. The flight instructors need. Only FAA-certified flight instructors can endorse you for a knowledge test after you complete the course.

So, what are the main differences?

The significant difference between online and physical ground schools is that you can study from home.

In the traditional classroom setup, you can discuss problems with your classmates, and some students need discussion to remember multiple subjects.

But by taking an online ground school, you can have lifetime access to the course.

That is beneficial for many student pilots.

  • You can pause, play, and rewind through various videos at your own pace;
  • Multiple resources available and practice tests will aid in determining your progress;
  • Fail a mock trial and retake the test to clarify a subject.

Unlike conventional ground school, student pilots in online ground school can repeat these tasks whenever needed.

Likewise, online ground school courses are available to fit students’ needs.

  • Some teach in a conventional whiteboard style training;
  • Others are a blend of animation with a whiteboard explanation.
  • Some instructors focus on teaching in a real-life environment.

Why did I say online ground schools are legit?

FAA-certified flight instructors create online ground school courses and can give you an endorsement for a private pilot license exam.

As I mentioned, you only need an endorsement to take an exam.

It would help if you studied adequately before requesting an endorsement. Your CFI won’t sign your approval without passing the practice tests in the online course.

The instructor will know you are ready to take the exam after you pass all the practice tests with at least a 70% score.

Some online ground school promises a full refund of your money if you don’t pass the exam during your first take.

That true is:

Online ground school instructors are confident enough before signing you off an endorsement.

If you don’t understand a subject yet, decide to sit for the FAA knowledge test, and fail, no flight school will refund you.

Perhaps this is a reliable technique for online ground school owners to attract more student pilots to their courses.

Regardless, in the end, all that matters is how good you are at absorbing knowledge.

Whether you take your ground course online or in a traditional classroom depends on your effort to pass the exam.

Is the online ground school enough to pass the PPL exam?

Once you complete the online ground course and pass all the exams, the online ground school instructor must endorse you to take the PPL exam.

Most online ground school promises to endorse you, and that is TRUE.

So, if you take the course alone and pass the exam, you are ready to take the exam with your endorsement.

Typically, the ground school will ask for a little charge to sign you off.

However, an online ground school costs much more reasonably than a physical one.

Why are online ground schools cheaper than physical classroom courses?

To answer this question, you must realize that maintaining a flight school is very expensive. There are many other costs in a flight school other than renting a hangar.

Having a classroom and teaching students in a conventional setup is costly.

Flight school owners prepare PART 161 packages for flight training to cover all the costs.

The package includes ground training.

Flight schools must design a complete course where the ground school’s cost is structured and designed to make it look necessary. That is how flight schools earn a profit.

On the contrary, online ground schools operate online, primarily using a team of flight instructors.

Online ground school owners only have to pay a one-time cost to create all the essential content for students.

A team of certified flight instructors frequently updates the contents to keep it most relevant according to the time and FAA requirements.

Any student pilot purchasing an online ground school will have access to the content and resources from the comfort of their room.

Online ground school owners don’t rent a hangar or any physical classroom.

The lower price for online ground school seems like a red flag for many student pilots.

Quite a few online ground schools are excellent and have good reviews.

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It is always wise to choose an online ground school because whatever you learn in a flight school classroom, you can learn the same thing in an online ground school.

Especially if you are preparing for the PPL exam, I suggest purchasing an online ground school, which is better than physical classroom courses.

Lastly, the FAA doesn’t require student pilots to prove physical or online ground school.

They want a certified flight instructor endorsement, which you can get from an online ground school at lesser expenses.

Why is online training beneficial for students who like to study in groups?

There are different kinds of student pilots:

  • Some like to study independently;
  • Some prefer to enroll in a flight school’s conventional classroom course;
  • Others prefer online ground school.

All kinds of student pilots can take the private pilot license exam as long as they endorse it.

I can’t tell much about the independent student pilots, but I can assure them that they like to study at their own pace and don’t require others’ help.

Student pilots who intend to study in a group discussion or brainstorm to learn a topic better would be best for them to enroll in a physical ground school.

However, those taking the online ground school also have similar opportunities.

If you have trouble understanding a topic, post your question in the course’s discussion forum.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of other student pilots in an online course forum. They will reply to you, and you can discuss your difficulties.

Likewise, the online ground school flight instructors regularly check the forum and answer the student pilot’s questions.

Instructors will suggest to you which section of the video tutorial discusses the specific topic so that you can go back and rewatch the video.

How expert are the online ground school flight instructors?

Many student pilots are concerned about flight instructors in online ground schools.

No one wants to buy a course from inexperienced flight instructors.

The most popular online ground school instructors are veteran flight instructors.

The instructors in online ground schools may be more experienced than your average flight instructor in your flight school.

However, there are several online ground school training, and not all the instructors are veterans.

For example, think of King School’s online ground course.

  • King School has been instructing and training pilots for the last 40 years.
  • Their online ground school has excellent reviews from decades ago.

The ground school training by Rod Machado is the same as well.

  • Rod Machado is a pilot and a flight instructor with over 30 years of experience.

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Imagine learning from such an experienced flight instructor at your convenience.

Are these online flight instructors credible enough to teach you essential materials?

All the creators of online prep classes are flight instructors in the USA. They are FAA-licensed and have experience teaching pilots in multiple stages of pilot licensing. All the flight instructors are instructors at physical locations in the USA.

Apart from that, they have credibility as an online ground classes creator to reach more student pilots globally at students’ convenience.


Every student pilot has their studying style. You have to choose a course that is most suitable for you, and the language is understandable.

Whether in-person classes or online ground school, your effort will ultimately help you overcome challenges and acquire your private pilot license.

Certified flight instructors can guide you and show you what to study, but they can’t spoon-feed you all the knowledge.

Each student has their appreciation and finds a different online course suitable for them.

You can purchase an online ground course, and if you think it is unsuitable, then ask for a refund. Unlike flight school classrooms, you cannot ask for a refund if you don’t like the instructor’s teaching style.

Both online and physical classrooms have pros and cons, but I believe the online ground school has more advantages than physical classes.

Go here to read the reviews of online pilot courses that are best for Student pilots to prepare for the private pilot license knowledge test.

Is an online pilot training ground school costly?

Online pilot lessons are cheaper than taking ground school with a flight instructor.

Online pilot lessons are cheaper because you do not pay for a flight instructor or a flight school classroom.

You can take the pilot lessons from your preferred place using an internet connection and a smartphone.

Generally speaking, online schooling is cheaper than going to a real school.

Hence, many poor-quality online training programs are available today at a cheaper rate.

You can easily be scammed by purchasing a poor online pilot lessons program and never get a refund.

Therefore, before someone scams, use your judgment to identify a legit course with 5-star reviews.

How much is a private pilot ground school?

Every School has its hourly rate.

However, the private pilot ground school cost is very inexpensive compared to the actual flight training.

For ground school training, you don’t count money for renting an aircraft or fuel.

The ground instructor’s hourly rate is very reasonable.

So, the cost of a private pilot ground school might be as low as USD 15 per hour.

The flight schools may charge more money by compelling you to take more hours of pilot lessons on the ground.

That is usually unnecessary, but it is just a technique for flight school scams.

It is the 21st century, and most people have the world in their palms.

The online private pilot and ground school courses are available for student pilots’ convenience.

Why do I believe online pilot training is convenient?

Online pilot ground school is convenient because you can study from the comfort of your room.

You can study at your own pace.

If you are free at midnight and want to take pilot lessons, you can log in to your online pilot ground school course.

Once logged in, you can study as long as you want. However, do not sprint through the entire course.

Can an online system alone guarantee that you will pass your checkride?

Individuals must have adequate aeronautical knowledge from private pilot ground classes. The ground classes can be online or in a physical location.

Let me clarify:

  1. You must pass the FAA PPL knowledge test to get an endorsement for your private pilot checkride.
  2. You must know aeronautical topics relevant to private pilots to pass the FAA theory test.

After your flight instructor endorses you for a checkride, you must ace the checkride to obtain your private pilot license. To ace your checkride, you must understand what a checkride is all.

Prepare for the unknown by purchasing checkride prep courses mentioned in this article.

The course instructors also promise that if you take the Checkride prep courses, you will pass your checkride on your first attempt. If you fail your checkride the first time, you can claim a refund because of a money-back guarantee.

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