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To pass your checkride confidently and avoid facing the check pilot multiple times for the private pilot license, you need a comprehensive checkride prep.

Read this post to find out the most suitable PPL checkride prep.

I describe how each checkride prep differs from the other and, most importantly, how each prep course can prepare you to meet DPE’s expectations.

Additionally, I answered some common questions to avoid people’s skepticism about these kinds of courses:

  • Do you need a checkride prep course to pass your private pilot checkride?;
  • How to utilize a PPL checkride prep course and get the most out of your investment?;
  • Are these online flight instructors credible enough to teach you essential materials?;
  • What new facts and ideas can you grasp from a checkride course?;
  • How a checkride prep course differs from a private pilot online ground school course?
  • Can an online system alone guarantee that you will pass your checkride?

I sorted the Top Four online courses from the most pricey ones to the most inexpensive ones:

  1. King School’s Checkride prep; 199, 6.5hrs Money back guarantee if you cannot pass on the first attempt. Available on iPhone/iPad/Android.
  2. FLY8MA;
  3. The Angle of Attack Checkride prep; 99, Includes Checklist PDF and downloadable mp3s, Available for any device with an internet connection, Money-Back Guarantee.
  4. Part-Time Pilot Checkride prep; 79.99

The courses mentioned are the most up-to-date and informative and have better audio and video quality than all other online checkride prep courses.

However, let’s start by removing student pilots’ doubts about buying a checkride prep course.

Do you need a checkride prep course to pass your private pilot checkride?

The straightforward answer to this question is NO.

It’s not essential to complete an online checkride prep course to pass the private pilot checkride.

Student pilots are knowledgeable about passing a checkride.

However, many students fear checkride because they don’t know what questions DPE might ask. Not only the questions for an oral exam, but student pilots also fret over the maneuvers an examiner wants an examinee to demonstrate.

Most of the time, student pilots fail the exam because they are not confident enough.

However, they know the answers to questions but lack confidence.

Thus student pilots can use Airman Certification Standards (ACS) by FAA as an outline to understand beforehand what to expect from the DPE.

A student pilot can prepare for the private pilot practical test using the ACS and the PPL oral exam guide.

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Regardless there are student pilots that require a structured course. Many students don’t understand where to begin preparing without a structured approach.

That’s when a PPL checkride prep can significantly affect preparation.

Students who are not fond of studying books and require visual explanations must purchase a course. Most checkride prep courses’ sole purpose is to boost students’ knowledge and prepare for the questions they check pilot prefers to ask.

The structure of a course is not only to answer the examiner’s questions but to explain to the examiner:

  • Why does something happen;
  • How can a pilot tackle the situation?

After completing a course, you will likely be better at risk management using appropriate resources.

How to utilize a PPL checkride prep course and get the most out of your investment?

The best way to utilize a checkride prep course is by buying it early in flight training. After completing the course, you can ask your flight instructor to practice what you learned from the study.

The courses include the maneuvers and essential topics from the Airman Certification Standards (ACS).

  1. Thus to become a competent pilot, form a habit of learning maneuvers that the course mentioned.
  2. Ask yourself the questions you encountered in the online class, and see if you are doing the right thing during the actual flight.

Practicing the items from the course will form a habit of doing the right thing in flight, and you will become a safer pilot.

If you did not buy the course yet and checkride day is nearing, you can still purchase an online prep course and use it as a refresher for your PPL checkride.

Are these online flight instructors credible enough to teach you essential materials?

All the creators of online prep classes are flight instructors in the USA. They are FAA licensed and have experience teaching pilots in multiple stages of pilot licensing. All the flight instructors are instructors at physical locations in the USA.

Apart from that, they have credibility as an online ground classes creator to reach more student pilots globally at students’ convenience.

What new facts and ideas can you grasp from a checkride course?

I already mentioned that the PPL checkride prep course aims to prepare students to answer questions that a DPE will ask. An examiner will not ask questions or request a demonstration for a commercial pilot license during a private pilot checkride.

A student will learn techniques from a checkride prep course to answer the examiner’s question quickly and guide the examiner to ask questions you want them to ask.

Similarly, a student can refer to the Airman Certification Standards to prepare what to anticipate.

You will not learn anything outside your PPL stage, but you will understand more ways of cockpit resource management and be aware of any complicated situation.

How a checkride prep course differs from a private pilot online ground school course?

A PPL online ground school prepares a student pilot for the written test. The checkride prep course aims to help students quickly pass their private pilot practical test.

There is no limit to what you can learn in Aviation.

You might think you already know everything to pass your PPL practical test, but you will be amazed to see how much more you missed.

Indeed, you have learned a lot during your private pilot online ground school, yet the checkride prep will teach you the execution of aeronautical knowledge in real life.

Can an online system alone guarantee that you will pass your checkride?

No, an online checkride prep alone cannot guarantee that a student will pass the checkride.

To pass your checkride, individuals must have adequate aeronautical knowledge from private pilot ground classes. The ground classes can be online or in a physical location.

Let me clarify:

  1. You must pass the FAA PPL knowledge test to get an endorsement for your private pilot checkride.
  2. To pass the FAA theory test, you must know aeronautical topics relevant to private pilots.

After your flight instructor endorses you for a checkride, you must ace the checkride to obtain your private pilot license. To ace your checkride, you must understand what a checkride is all about.

Prepare for the unknown by purchasing checkride prep courses mentioned in this article.

The course instructors also promise that if you take the Checkride prep courses, you will pass your checkride on your first attempt. If you fail your checkride the first time, you can claim a refund because there is a money-back guarantee.

Now that we have discussed the checkride prep courses and their benefits, I will give you a list of checkride prep courses.

I won’t tell you these courses are the best course to pass your private pilot practical test because the best method for you is the one that helps you to ace your checkride.

These courses are the best, and your opinion might differ from mine.

Every instructor has a unique way of teaching. Hence, you must purchase a course that is easily graspable for you. Check the videos on the course’s websites to see if the language is understandable and transparent.

I listed the courses from the priciest one to the least pricey one:

King School’s Checkride Prep.

King School is a pioneer in teaching and training pilots in the aviation industry. John King is an experienced flight instructor and has trained thousands of pilots.

John king himself created this course with a designated pilot examiner. In the system, John King is taking a practical test. So it’s a way for a student pilot to see what goes on during the oral exam and practical test.

John King can teach complicated subjects in a technical way for students to remember.

Thus purchasing this course, you will learn a great deal about what to expect on your checkride and how to prove that you are ready to get a private pilot license.

John King is so confident in this course that he guarantees a full refund if a student pilot can’t pass their PPL practical test on their first attempt.

The course is available for Apple and Android devices.

FLY8MA Checkride prep crash course.

FLY8MA is famous for its free youtube content. FLY8MA founder is a former airline pilot who quit his airline job to attend flight school.

Jonathan Kotwicki spends a lot of time in the aircraft to create amazing instruction videos.

It’s easy to understand Jon’s videos as he explains and demonstrates them inside an aircraft. He describes a subject on the ground, and if necessary, he proves the topic in the air while flying a plane.

His checkride prep is not different from his other courses and free videos. However, as his focus is to prepare students for the checkride in this course, you will particularly learn how to answer your DPE’s questions.

You will learn to answer the examiner’s question and simultaneously demonstrate the check pilot’s maneuver requests.

Jon is an experienced pilot and flight instructor for offline and online ground schools. His friendly and fun way of teaching interests many student pilots.

So if you already know Jon from his youtube videos and like his teaching style, then FLY8MA’s PPL Checkride prep course is the best option.

At a lesser price tag of 149 USD, this course might be a better option for many than King School’s checkride prep. The downside of King School’s checkride prep is that the video quality looks outdated, whereas FLY8MA’s videos are in 4k.

Checkride Ace by Angle of Attack.

The angle of attack founder Chris Palmer is famous for his podcasts. I learned about him for the first time from a podcast. It was a Q&A podcast session where Chris palmer answered the student pilot’s questions.

He is a knowledgeable pilot with 13 years of experience teaching Alaska pilots.

I find Chris Palmer’s Checkride Ace online course excellent because he has a talent for explaining aeronautical subjects in straightforward, transparent language.

Another benefit of purchasing the Checkride Ace course is getting two different PDF files included in the study.

  1. P.A.V.E. Study guide: A fill-in-the-gaps style study guide to refresh your knowledge from PPL ground classes. This study guide aligns very well with the oral exam part of the practical test.;
  2. Checkride Checklist: The checkride checklist allows student pilots to better cockpit resource management. One crucial part of checkride is to demonstrate your resource management. This checkride checklist aids student pilots in doing that flawlessly.

Checkride Ace can be an excellent resource for student pilots to prepare for the private pilot checkride. Lastly, if you fail to pass your private pilot checkride on your first attempt, there is a money-back guarantee from Angle of Attack.

The course is the least expensive at 99 USD, and you have a money-back guarantee.

Part-Time Pilot Checkride Prep.

On your checkride, your DPE will mostly ask you scenario-based questions. During your oral exam of your checkride, your flight instructor will ask questions based on the cross-country flight plan. Likewise, the examiner may continue to ask questions based on the scenario during your practical test.

The Part-Time Pilot did a good job designing this checkride prep course for student pilots to plan a cross-country flight and show you scenario-based questions along the flight route.

  1. Another cool thing in this checkride prep is that the instructor added notes from student pilots after passing their checkride. He asked student pilots to write essential practical test tips for other students and what to expect from your check pilot.
  2. The part-time pilot included tests and quizzes for student pilots to test their knowledge in this prep course.

The founder of Part-Time pilot Nick Smith is a relatively new FAA-certified ground instructor. Regardless he has almost a decade of experience in the aviation industry.

I trust his course because he has a Bachelor’s and a Master’s in Aerospace engineering.

In his lecture, he emphasizes the safety of operating flight, probably because he is an Aerospace engineer. One crucial aspect of checkride is the DPE wants to see how safely a student pilot can operate flights.

So if you learn from Nick Smith about the safety of flying an airplane, you will likely impress your check pilot with the knowledge you have by demonstrating good risk management.

With all this essential information, Nick’s Part-Time Pilot Checkride prep course is yet the least expensive at only 79.99 USD. The best part is you have lifetime access to the study and 24/7 customer instructor access.


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