Private pilot license restrictions.

private pilot license restrictions

Either you have a private pilot license or willing to get one, knowing the restrictions and the flying opportunities using this license is essential.

Once you discover the restrictions, it will be simpler for you to plan your future flights.

And those who are willing to get a private pilot license must know the restrictions and privileges before investing your money.

A private pilot license merely permits one to fly an airplane for pleasure or charity. However, operating a commercial aircraft with such permit is prohibited.

Airspace restrictions for PPL holders.

A private pilot has the privilege of flying into all classes of airspace except for Class A.

Class A airspace will permit a private pilot to fly in and out if the private pilot is instrument rated.

Without an instrument rating, a pilot is not allowed entry into class A airspace.

Even if the single try to violate the law and enter the Class A airspace, I can assure you the Civil Aviation Body will properly ground the individual pilot.

You might be wondering:

Can you fly anywhere with a private pilot license?

Yes, a private pilot can fly his/her airplane anywhere as long as the airplane fuel endurance holds it.

You will not have any restriction on how many nautical miles you travel as a pilot in command, which is a massive upgrade from having a recreational pilot license.

Nevertheless, there are some restrictions for private pilot licensees on which type of aircraft they can fly, which I will mention later in this post.

What are the restrictions on private pilots with no instrument rating?

If you have a private pilot license, I suggest you get your instrument rating immediately.

Getting your instrument rating will improve your flying skills, and now your airspace will be more prominent.

Let me explain how:

A private licensee is not allowed entry into Class A airspace. But having an instrument rating will enable the private pilot to fly into Class A airspace.

That way, a pilot will have more destinations to fly to, and the pilot can have cross country flights to more congested Class A airspace.

One more thing is a private pilot with an instrument rating cannot fly over 18,000 feet.

You might be wondering: Can a private pilot fly at night?

A private pilot licensee can only fly in VFR conditions unless the pilot gets their instrument rating.

With minimal knowledge, flying at night can result in a disaster. Flying at night without an instrument rating is not only a violation of the regulations, but you are also compromising your safety.

On the other hand, no one can restrict you from flying at night using your instrument-rated private pilot license.

Therefore I encourage all pilots to get the instrument rating immediately after they get their private pilot license regardless of their flying goals.

Can a private pilot carry passengers?

There is no restriction on private pilots to carry passengers and commodities. But the pilot cannot accept any payment in exchange for the passenger or commodity transfer.

Nevertheless, if the private pilot is flying the airplane with passengers, he/she may accept flight-related compensations such as:

  • Airplane rental;
  • Fuel charges;
  • Airport taxes and landing fees.

Private pilots can fly passengers for charity. All you must think of as a private pilot is to build flying hours and not earn money.

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What are the aircraft restrictions for a private pilot licensee?

With a private pilot license, you can only fly an airplane that has 200 horsepower engines or below.

Flying a plane that posses an engine over 200 horsepower is strictly prohibited.

The best part:

A private pilot license does not restrict you from flying multi-engine airplanes. To operate a multi-engine aircraft, a pilot must get his/her additional rating on a particular plane type.

If a private pilot acquires an instrument rating and an additional multi-engine rating, the individual’s sky will be enormous and can travel further.


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