Commerce students are eligible for pilot training in certain schools.

pilot training for commerce students

Willing to become a pilot is a dream for many, regardless of whether they are science or commerce students.

But did you know the pilot training is not only restricted to commerce students?

In general, people have no pilot training in the aviation field.

Did you ask someone who can do pilot training without aviation knowledge about commerce students?

I assume you need Physics and math in your high school for pilot training.

I know because I have been there too.

That is the most common answer.

Nevertheless, this article explains how commerce students can start their flight training. Likewise, all the difficulties for student pilots come from non-science backgrounds.

Are commerce students eligible for pilot training?

Yes, commerce students are eligible for pilot training. You are not required to have a science background to obtain pilot licenses.

You will learn to fly an airplane, not become a scientist.

No wonder when I passed 10th grade, someone told me to pick Physics and Mathematics as my high school subjects.

I intended to be a pilot before 10th grade. Accordingly, I didn’t think twice before choosing physics and mathematics for my high school studies with my determination.

But as a pilot today, I understood that having physics and mathematics in my high school helped.

However, no flight school has such a requirement that the potential student pilot needs to study physics and mathematics.

Anyone from a commerce background or non-science subjects can enroll in a flight school in their high school.

Once the student completes 12th grade, he is eligible for pilot training.

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Is it possible to become a pilot without physics?

Having general knowledge of physics will help you grasp pilot training studies. However, having physics is not a requirement.

Thus, you can become a pilot without physics.

A student pilot learns everything crucial for conducting safe flights in the pilot training ground classes.

Understanding the laws of physics will aid you in grasping a few factors of aviation quickly. A commerce student might take a bit longer to learn compared to a student with scientific knowledge.

However, you do not have to be Einstein to become a pilot. Only fundamental physics and mathematics are necessary for pilot training.

As a professional pilot, you will have to learn and remember various subjects in the aviation area. You will learn most from pilot training ground school and experiencing actual flights.

Can I become a pilot without maths?

Pilots need to understand basic mathematics to operate flights safely. During your pilot training, you will solve differential equations using simple maths like addition and subtraction.

As a training pilot, you must know how to interpret some graphs.

Thus, yes, you can become a pilot without higher mathematics studies. Despite not having mathematics in 10+2, any student understands fundamental maths. The flight schools are responsible for teaching you the essential maths, equations for pilot training, and interpreting graphs during your ground classes.

Don’t hesitate to apply to a flight school if you have mathematics in 10+2. Flight schools don’t require students to be proficient in maths or science to become pilots.

Flight schools care whether you completed your 12th grade or not. Flight schools will accept your enrollment application once you pass 12th grade, regardless of commerce background or not having maths.

Flight schools prioritize how well you perform during pilot training ground classes. You must give your best during your pilot training to become competent.

Is flight training difficult for non-science students?

I believe anything is achievable with hard work. And flight training is not rocket science. It is merely flying the airplane and landing it safely each time.

Hence, learning is complex, but it is more like taking responsibility.

I want to say that by studying hard during pilot training, anyone can become an incompetent pilot, regardless of which subject they chose in high school.

Non-science students can become pilots, too, as I mentioned earlier, and can build themselves as superior pilots.

On the contrary, science students may become lousy pilots due to insufficient effort.

Individuals have to work hard to achieve something great in any professional field.

Operating an airplane is a great profession. But without hard work, you cannot live your dream.

Remember this:

Pilot training is not difficult for commerce or non-science students. A high school graduate with commerce might find some part of ground school challenging.

But challenging does not mean it is impossible to learn.

You can solve some confusion during ground classes by cooperating with fellow student pilots who understand the topic.

The right flight school will have friendly instructors to help you with your problems.

Therefore, picking the right flight school for your pilot training is vital.

That will massively ease your pilot training period.


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  1. My Biggest Dream is to become a pilot. But wherever you search (Internet or Browser) it shows 10+2 science (physics and maths ) compulsory, if commerce graduate are eligible to become a pilot, i would like you to suggest some flight school which accepts commerce graduate in India or anywhere Abroad. Money Doesn’t matter for me to enroll in a flight school , I am a commerce student i want to become a pilot. Pls reply and give me the names of flight schools which will accept me.

    1. Hi Ejaaz, it’s true that everyone tells you that Physics and Mathematics is a requirement to become a pilot.

      In reality, flight schools don’t require student pilots to have Physics and Mathematics in their high school. Flight school’s priority is to see if a trainee pilot is at least a high school graduate and fluent in English.

      A student pilot can acquire all the essential aeronautical knowledge from a physical ground school or online pilot courses to become a competent pilot.

      1. Even i want to become a pilot but am also a student of commerce please suggest few flight scjool names for me too

      2. Sir I am interested to become a pilot. Iam a Bcom graduate. What is the next step I need to take.

        1. Hello simi, i don’t have any answers for you but i am in the same condition as you are. I am a bcom graduate too and interested in becoming pilot. I was hoping we could get into contact if you find anything.

    2. How many topics of maths and physics one has to study from an open school if he or she hasn’t studied maths and physics in +2 ?
      I am a student of commerce background. I was good at maths only till class 10th. In higher level maths,I really suck. Will I have to study complete Maths and physics of class 11th and 12th or only few topics which are necessary for pilot training?

  2. I am Sahil I am study in 12 commerce my dream is becoming a pilot but when I search in google says that only science students can become a pilot I am confused sir please help me

  3. Sir, I have done my +2 without maths and physics….I can become pilot?
    ..we have to give exams before getting admission in flying school? I’m thinking of taking training from USA school.

    1. Hi Harshdeep, Yes, you can become a pilot. You will learn everything relevant to flying an airplane during your flight school ground training. To be eligible for pilot training, one must be a +2 graduate. Thus you can apply to any flight school to begin your pilot training whenever you can.

  4. I from commerce background. I have completed my 12th. I had maths in my class 12th. Can you suggest me any flying school Preferably in India. Where I can enroll.

    1. I’m from commerce background and really wanted to be a plane pilot.Can you please suggest me training institution in India .

    1. You must find the right flight school, either locally or abroad. Enroll in a flight school, get your pilot licenses. That’s the simplest way to describe.
      But there is a lot more to it. Contact Us here if you are genuinely interested to become a pilot.
      Also, remember to avoid flight school scams.

  5. Hi, I’m doing my Engineering in Computer Science will be graduating this July 2021. I have done Diploma in Computer Science Engineering for 3years after 10th as 10+2 degree, I have studied Physics in Diploma under the subject called Applied Science and also studied Maths in Diploma, On these basis can I still apply for Flying schools in Abroad?
    If Yes! How can I apply?
    Please Help.

  6. I want become a pilot iam student of commerce of class 12 after 12 I want to become a pilot pls tell me what can I do

    1. Iam in 12 with commerce stream I would like to become a pilot can you help me by telling which all flight schools accept commerce students

  7. Iam zeenat its my dream to become a pilot but iam from commerce and now iam in 12 std and what should i do after my 12 plzz sir can u plz help me

    1. Hlw I’m ayath my biggest dream is become a commercial pilot. But commerce study so wht can I do now plzz suggest me

    1. If you want to be a pilot in India then you will have to be a science student and if you are not there are open schooling platforms from which you can get your science certificate and if you don’t wanna do that just go in another country as cost will almost be the same even cheaper in some cases and most other countries do not have any requirement of science or commerce.

  8. Greetings to you, I am a commerce student currently in 11th grade. I am very interested in air flight and becoming a pilot, but i have not taken physics nor mathematics since i passed out of 10th standard. Will this be a problem for me or can i still continue to pursue this dream ?

  9. Do you also aspire to always fly high? Just like the thousands of students, if you are also wondering How To Become A Pilot In India After h Commerce, then you are at the right place. Though we all are aware that becoming a pilot requires the student to opt for the science stream, what if you were from a commerce stream? Well, no, this is not the end of your dreams. You still got a chance. Read on to know how to proceed further if you want to become a pilot in India if you were a commerce student. 

  10. I am a high school graduate and an arts student ,I only know basic math and no physics but I want to become a pilot and I have a strong passion for it, can I be enrolled for pilot course?

    1. You can enroll in a flight school to get your pilot license. There is no barrier to learning flying just because you are not a science student.

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