Pilot tuition fee in the Philippines for Indian students. (Cost in INR)

pilot tuition fee philippines

The pilot training cost in the Philippines is inexpensive for local students. However, for an Indian student, the entire program fee can be pricey.

Let’s discuss how the pilot training cost differs for different nationalities in the Philippines.

This post focuses on the pilot tuition fee for Indian students in the Philippines. Likewise, aspiring pilots worldwide can refer to this post to get an idea of pilot training costs in the Philippines.

The Philippines is famed for having lower pilot training fees, and many Indian students choose to become pilots there. However, if you don’t know what other costs are associated with pilot training, you may run out of budget in the middle of the program.

What is the pilot tuition fee in the Philippines?

The pilot tuition fee in the Philippines is 50,000 USD, around forty lacs in Indian rupees. The entire cost of the pilot training program can rise to 80 lacs Indian rupees. Since there are many other expenses for students living abroad, the cost of training will increase. Similarly, you must consider the fees for documentation, Exam Fees, Licensing, Checkride Fees, etc., which I’ll discuss here elaborately.

Some facts must be addressed as well to understand the entire cost of becoming a pilot:

  • How much does it cost to become a pilot in the Philippines?;
  • Is the Philippines cheap for pilot training?;
  • Is the Philippines good for pilot training?

Thus, the cost of pilot training for Indian students is slightly higher than that of other students.

One can fly 180 hours in the Philippines to apply for a commercial pilot license. To be eligible for a commercial pilot license, Indians must acquire 220 hours.

Flying forty hours extra means Indian students often require a tailored program, which results in higher flight school fees.

Being associated with aviation in the Philippines since 2011, I learned plenty about flight schools and how they deceive students into promoting their flight schools.

Many flight schools initially promote low fees for pilot training, and later, students notice the costs are much higher. Sometimes, they are even higher than the flight school fees in the USA.

It’s already too late when aspiring pilots realize they are paying much more than expected.

Most Indian students visiting my blog look forward to obtaining a commercial pilot license to work in an airline.

If you intend to make a living by flying for an airline, you must initially invest at least 50 lacs Indian rupee, which you will pay directly to the flight school you choose.

On the contrary, if you can’t budget 50 Lacs INR upfront, you can pay the flight school fees over the years.

It would take years for you to become a pilot in that scenario. Typically, Indian students in the Philippines begin working as professional pilots in three years.

If you decide to pay flight school fees as you fly, the course duration depends on your progress toward your goals.

There are multiple steps to becoming a professional pilot. The steps include:

  • Private pilot license;
  • Commercial pilot license;
  • Instrument rating;
  • Certified flight instructor license.

I won’t discuss the steps to becoming a pilot in this post, but I will give you an idea. I will put it this way.

To become a professional pilot, you must acquire all four licenses; the accumulation of hours to obtain these licenses will total over 220 hours. Hence, the professional pilot training course fees are high.

40 Lacs Indian rupee is sufficient to pay fees for all four licenses for Indian students in the Philippines.

Is the Philippines cheap for pilot training?

I have already discussed the flight school fees for Indian students in the Philippines. It may seem like a cheaper option for many.

However, I didn’t include the accommodation cost in that 40 Lacs Indian rupees.

The cost of living in the Philippines for Indian students can be high. Compared to North American countries, the cost of living is lower in the Philippines.

The problem arises when the pilot training course in the Philippines takes longer than expected. It’s anticipated that flight schools in the Philippines will fail to keep their promise.

The flight schools in the Philippines promise that international students can finish their professional pilot training in 16 months.

The reality is the opposite. For an international student, becoming a commercial pilot takes around three years.

Naturally, if an Indian student lives in a foreign country has to count extra money to sustain a living and finish the flight school course.

So, the cost of living is also considerable for an Indian student who enrolls in a flight school. This living cost is also reflected in the budget for Indian students.

A student pilot in the USA can complete the entire professional pilot program in 12 to 18 months. Though the course fee might differ in the USA from the Philippines, the reduced living cost makes up for the pilot training fees.

Is the commercial pilot training cost in the Philippines different for foreigners and locals?

The answer is YES. The price is different because most locals have some privileges that foreigners will not get.

Do you imagine discrimination exists?

The answer is NO. I believe it is expected in any country.

The first and foremost reason why a foreigner has to count more money:

Do you imagine local students would need a special study permit in their own country?

Local students willing to become pilots in the Philippines do not have to fill out any additional documents, unlike a foreigner who has to pay and go through all these.

Some schools may ask international students to pay for their visa extension and a special study permit.

However, many flight training institutes provide a visa extension fee and special study permit fees for the first year.

Similarly, an alien student must pay for other documentation and procedures to start flight training in the Philippines.

How can we minimize the pilot course tuition fee in the Philippines?

Continue reading on Page 3.

Are there any ways to minimize the pilot course cost in the Philippines?

There are few options for international students in the Philippines to reduce the pilot course cost.

The smartest thing to do here in the Philippines as a foreign pilot is not to delay your training.

To reduce the associated cost with the course tuition fees, finish the flight training here as soon as possible.

Do you know why I am telling you this?

Because if you finish the pilot course sooner, it is better for you.

As I have mentioned earlier:

Flight training institutes only grant payment for visa extensions and special study permits for the first year.

Assuming you are still here and the first year has passed:

Perhaps you are waiting to fly the remaining hours, and the flight school will not take liability for the immigration costs.

Those will be extra costs on your side.

The longer you stay in the Philippines, the more you will spend on accommodation.

Unlike local students, they can stay with their families and continue flight training.

Want to know all the reasons that may delay the flight training course?

Go to the link below.

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I have discussed all the possible reasons in the link above.

Leave a comment below.

I have several good flight schools in my mind, though I will not make a list here for numerous reasons.

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    1. Hello, I am aeronautical engineering student, in last semester of my course. Now I want to be a pilot and I have a dream that I will be fly a commercial airplane one day . But there is a fact that is money . Have any suggestions for it that to become a pilot with low cost ?

  1. Hi
    I’m 41 years old.its my dream get ppl licence .Can I know which country is more cheap.And can I use this ppl for helicopter

    1. Hi Sankaran, age is not a problem to get a PPL license.
      The concern is, are you medically fit to obtain a private pilot license? You need to get a medical certificate before you can apply for a private pilot license.

      Obtaining a private pilot license requires around 50 hours of flying time. Building 50 hours of flight time is very inexpensive in the Philippines. There are reason why suggest aspiring pilots to choose the Philippines for flight training:

    2. The hourly rate for pilot training here is quite cheap;
    3. You will experience amazing landscapes while training in the Philippines;
    4. Lastly, the living cost in the Philippines is very affordable.

      And your second question is: Can you fly a helicopter with PPL?
      Well, that depends on what kind of aircraft you choose to obtain your private pilot license.
      If you choose to get your PPL for a helicopter, then you will be able to fly helicopters. On the other hand, if you select a fixed-wing airplane to get your PPL, then you will only have to operate fixed-wing aircraft.

      If you have any more questions, feel free to reply here.

      1. i am medical student but i want to become a pilot. i have physics,english, chemistry not maths so what can i do
        i like to become a pilot

  2. i am medical student but i want to become a pilot. i have physics,english, chemistry not maths so what can i do
    i like to become a pilot

    1. Really, you can become a pilot if you know basic mathematics.

      People deem of flying as an intricate thing. It is not at all.

      Whatever necessary to become a pilot, you will learn in the pilot training ground school course.

      It all comes down to two things: Why do you want to become a pilot? For recreation or to work as an airline pilot?

      If you want to become a commercial pilot, you have to study hard because you need knowledge on multiple subjects to become a commercial pilot.

      Yet, to become a commercial pilot, it will not matter what subject you studied in your high school.

      To become a pilot, all you have to do is enroll in a well-reputed flight school and work hard. Read Here: How to choose a flight school?

      Have any more questions? Reply to this comment and I will get back to you.

  3. Thanks for your advices. I am from India-Punjab-Amritsar (Local ATQ Airport)
    I am senior 66 years male, Indian, medically fit, retired now.
    Having much constrains on funds. I am obsessed of adventures, solo, and on budget.
    Can you suggest me the cheapest country for leaning Flying to get a basic license to fly a non commercial aircraft anywhere in any country worldwide?
    I can shift to that country, so considered cost of boarding lodging in this process.

  4. How much does it cost including all other exepenses to become a pilot for an international student??

    And if you take a break after getting private liscense to earn for commercial one how much tUKme would it take and how much would ut cost??

  5. Hello,

    I’m Electronics Engineer and want to be a airline pilot at the age of 30. Is there any age limit ? How much would it cost me to get my airline pilot license ? how long does it take ? is it acceptable worldwide?

    1. Hello Fahad. The age limit to become a pilot is between 60 to 65, depending on the country. If you are 30 now, by 32, you can get a commercial pilot license.
      Once you have a commercial pilot license with an instrument rating, there is a possibility for you to get a pilot’s job. But there is no guarantee that one can get an airline job with a fresh commercial pilot license.
      Pilots need to build experience by working as a Flight Instructor or sometimes as charter pilots. With adequate flying hours, you have greater chances of getting an airline pilot job.
      If you put effort and have the funds to complete flight training, you can expect to have an airline pilot job by the time you are 35. Getting a pilot job at 35 is not impossible.

  6. Hii, I am from India and I am thinking of doing my pilot training from philippines , I am a bit confused because I have read some bad points about doing pilot training from philippines, can you please tell me if I should do it from philippines or not?

    1. You can have a low cost of living if you go to phillipines or south africa to pursue your flight training it might charge you upto 45,000$ including accomodation and many more!

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