Buying a plane to build hours in 2020.

buying a plane to build hours

If getting flight hours as a pilot is all you want, then buying a plane to build hours is not a bad idea after all.

The question I will answer in this article is whether buying a plane is a wise idea or not.

Every different pilot has a different perspective. I will help you decide which airplane to buy or just renting aircraft is best for building hours.

I have further explained in this article the advantages and disadvantages of buying an aircraft to build flying hours.


Let me start by asking this:

Why do you want to buy a plane?

My question may sound strange because I already know you are willing to build flight hours.

So that after building enough flying hours, you can have your first airline job.

That is not all:

Let us dive a little bit deeper.

My suggestion is that if you intend to buy an aircraft only to build flight hours, there are many advantages and disadvantages too.

However, if you consider buying an airplane as an investment and intend to rent it out for charter services, that is more beneficial.

Buying an airplane is not expensive. There are many used four-seater single-engine aircraft available in the market.

They are tagged at a very affordable price too.

But the actual cost comes up maintaining that aircraft. You may think buying an airplane and refuel it before you fly the plane will save you a lot of money.

And actually, it will save you a lot of money.

But if there are several other costs associated with owning an airplane, that may cost you more in some cases.

Depending on your location and where you park your aircraft, the cost of aircraft maintenance will go up.

So if you intend to buy the plane to lower your cost for building flight hours, you have to calculate all other expenditures and decide.

Do not simply buy the aircraft and then deal with so many unnecessary nuisances.

As well as before you purchase an aircraft if you think the price of the plane is too reasonable to be accurate, then ask a professional to check the plane beforehand.

A person who knows and understands aircraft can figure out whether there are problems with the plane or not.

If there higher cost which you have to deal with after purchasing a new aircraft, then it is better to buy a plane that has well maintained and pay a higher price.

This way, you will save a lot more.

Advantages of buying a plane to build hours:

I will begin with the advantages of buying an airplane to build hours.

The most significant advantage of buying an airplane is you will save a lot of money in the long run.

You will save a bit more if you find a partner to share the cost of the airplane.

Secondly, buying an airplane will give you the privilege of scheduling your flight at any time, anywhere.

You do not have to wait for anyone else, or you can travel to new airports, go to x country flights to new destinations and stay as long as you want.

You will never be in a hurry to return the airplane.

Thirdly, on average, whoever buys an airplane saves a lot more even after paying for the maintenance parking, fuel, and all other miscellaneous fees.

If you are smart enough, buying an airplane can open doors for extra income.

YES, I know you wanted to buy the airplane to gain your flight hours.

However, why not rent out your airplane to interested pilot trainees, and you can be their certified flight instructor.

Well, of course, for doing that, you have to wait until you get your flight instructor’s license.

If you are ok with renting out your airplane, you can rent it out to people seeking air charter services.

Renting out your plane to a pilot who wants to go from point A to point B in a hurry is a significant way of making money.

There are several ways to build hours once you own your aircraft, and perhaps cheaper than renting airplanes through hour building packages.

Considering that aircraft maintenance costs in your location are cheap, do not shrink to buy your airplane.

Nevertheless, before you buy the airplane, ask other pilots and talk to professionals about which aircraft to buy and how to determine the condition and airworthiness of an airplane.

Do not jump into any quick decision.

Disadvantages of buying a plane to build hours.

There are not many disadvantages to buying a plane to build flight hours as a pilot.

But I want to clarify the consequences you may have to face owning an aircraft.

It is cheap to buy an airplane. However, unlike a car, the maintenance and parking costs will not be inexpensive.

Buying an airplane at a lower price and not considering the condition of the aircraft will cost you a lot more.

It is essential to understand the costs of owning an aircraft before buying one.

Aircraft has many annual costs. The costs may depend on the Civil Aviation Authority, which has registered the aircraft.

These costs are annually, but it also relies on the hours that the aircraft has flown.

The Civil Aviation Authority also wants to check on the airworthiness of the aircraft.

The aircraft’s emergency location transmitter has to be checked occasionally, which may cost you some money.

Aircraft requires regular maintenance, which requires a professional. So you have to hire one who can do the maintenance work for you.

Flying in the sky is what aircraft are built for.

Suppose you do not fly the aircraft very often because you own the plane and have flexible building hours.

Letting an airplane seat for a while can cause issues with its hydraulics and many other fluids in the airplane, which will cost you more money.

The parking fee will be higher depending on the airport you choose to park your airplane.

If you are flying in a busy airport and park the airplane in the hangar of a busy airport, that will cost you more money.

Being equipped with advanced technologies is the norm for busy airports.

Whether you use the equipment available to you or not in the airport, you will have to count higher take-off and landing fees.

Nevertheless, it is your choice whether to buy an airplane or not.

Sometimes renting an airplane may cost you a lot less because the company renting aircraft for you will process the cost I have mentioned above.

Now that you know all the advantages and disadvantages of buying a plane to build hours as a pilot, you call what you want to do.

Confused about which aircraft can you choose to buy?

Well, I have suggested some of the aircraft you can own to build flying hours.

The planes you can choose to buy for hour building:

Always choose an aircraft that has to be less maintained. Each aircraft is different and has different equipment installed.

An aircraft requires a higher cost of maintenance when it is equipped with an instrument panel.

As you want an aircraft for an hour building, my first suggestion is Cessna 172.

Cessna 172 is a perfect aircraft for hour building. Easily maneuverable and with outstanding records.

Pilot students love this aircraft.

Do not buy a fast aircraft because you will be logging your flight hours, not the distance you cover.

Some of you may choose to buy Cessna 150 or a Cessna 152.

If you plan to rent your airplane for air charter, then a six-seater aircraft like Cessna 182 is a good option for you.

As well as look for various aircraft from Piper.

Piper has some suitable single-engine aircraft that can be used for hour building.

If you are willing to build hours in multi-engine, you can buy a Piper Seneca.

Now one last thing I want to mention is:

If building flight hours to apply in an airline and no knowledge at all will not help.

In the airline, they are looking for experienced pilots meaning they want knowledgeable pilots.

Pilots can face any situation and yet commence a safe flight.

So having experience is not enough; you have to study hard to become an airline pilot.

It is better to rent an instrument-rated aircraft now and then, although you own your own.

Flying in instrument conditions will sharpen your skill as a pilot and aid you to grow as a better pilot.

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  1. What about a single seat plane like the Merlin PSA. Seems very economical, would it be a good way to build the 1500 hrs. In between, renting something else on occasion for covering the IFR and such?

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