Best instrument rating course online.

best instrument rating course online

For private pilots, it is essential to do some IFR ground schooling before you start any instrument flying lessons.

There are numerous online instrument rating courses available but subscribing to the best IFR ground school online will make a significant difference in your instrument flying.

Do you have a hard time remembering IFR lessons in actual flight? The right instrument course will teach you techniques to fly to newer destinations with lesser complications.

I shared the courses in several categories. Some systems are just great to pass the FAA knowledge test, and some are great for actual IFR flight training.

First, answer these few questions, and then you can quickly decide which instrument ground school is suitable for you?

  • Do you need a course only to pass your FAA instrument written test?;
  • Do you intend to sharpen your instrument flying skills?;
  • Are you a visual learner?
  • Can you self-study and learn things yourself?;
  • Are you on a budget? Can free materials help you become a better instrument pilot?

There are numerous courses available online. I always pick classes from the industry leaders.

  1. Rod Machado’s Digital IFR collection;
  2. Sporty’s Instrument Rating course;
  3. King schools IFR course;
  4. FLY8MA IFR course;
  5. Sheppard Air Instrument courses;
  6. Angle of Attack.

My first pick is online IFR ground school by Rod Machado for all levels of IFR training.

IFR training is the most challenging phase of flight training.

In IFR ground school, you will learn subjects more in-depth, and too many times, the information is overwhelming for student pilots.

If you are fortunate, you will have a proficient flight instructor who will teach you all the necessary instrument flying skills.

What if you do not have the best IFR flight instructor?

Yet you have the opportunity to learn from one of the best aviation experts and flight instructors out there.

Thanks to Rod Macahdo for creating this IFR ground school online.

As I mentioned, IFR lessons are overwhelming for student pilots, and it is always difficult to remember each task in actual instrument flight training.

Rod Machado has a reputation for simplifying complex subjects.

Rod Machado’s 40 years of experience instructing and flying airplanes has taught him numerous techniques to use in actual flight.

Therefore if you use Rod Machado’s IFR ground school to prepare for your IFR training, be assured that you will find it less complicated in actual flights.

Don’t be the pilot that shambles up everything during an approach to a congested Class B Airspace.

You will be flying to a class B airspace. The purpose of IFR training is to make flying more challenging and fly to newer destinations.

Not knowing how to use approach plates correctly will make your IFR flights unpleasant.

Unfortunately, that’s where most pilots get confused because they were not paying attention in their instrument ground school, or perhaps their CFII was not good enough.

Thus Rod Machado’s IFR eGround School has a dedicated section for IFR approaches and departures.

Rod Machado’s online IFR training also has interactive elements that you can use to practice and become proficient in instrument flying.

Use the interactive elements to practice crucial tasks for flight and become proficient for actual instrument flight.

Another core component of safely flying is understanding weather. During VFR flights, pilots avoid the weather, but IFR training aims to fly in adverse weather conditions.

Thus if you fly into unsatisfying weather conditions, you must understand how the weather change and behaves.

Rod Machado is good at explaining why and how things work.

So in this IFR ground school online course, you will learn a lot about weather and how your airplane will react in adverse weather, and how you can maneuver safely through such weather conditions.

The dedicated Understanding weather section in this course will build your confidence before your next instrument flight training. You will know precisely which clouds to avoid and how the weather en route might change in time.

The truth is that it takes time to master instrument flying, but a good flight instructor can teach you techniques to remember procedures during flight. Especially flying an airplane requires multi-tasking, and instrument flight training tests a pilot’s proficiency.

Thus Rod Machado created this IFR ground school online with:

  • 50+ of IFR ground instructions;
  • 686 short video lessons;
  • 151 quizzes;
  • Three practice exams.

Six hundred eighty-six short video lessons, and you can address your desired classes in one click. You can purchase the course once, and you will have lifetime access to this course.

Can you imagine how much it would cost you if you were to do 50+ hours of traditional ground classes in flight schools?

Here, you get to learn from the industry expert for just a few hundred dollars. Thanks to technology and thanks to Rod Machado.

Unlike other IFR ground schools online, Rod Machado’s Instrument eGround School is suitable for a private pilot taking an instrument flight training for the first time or any rusty pilot looking for a refresher course. Likewise, any instrument flight instructor can take this course and benefit from Rod’s unique teaching style to train proficient instrument pilots.

If you purchase the online course, you will also have access to Rod’s instrument flying books.

At this age, most student pilots don’t want to read books. However, it is always good to read books. Student pilots that read books and apply their knowledge in flights learn quicker than other pilots that don’t read books.

I guess Rod Machado knows that very well and included two of his excellent IFR books with this eGround school course:

  1. Rod Machado’s Instrument Pilot’s Handbook;
  2. Rod Machado’s Instrument Pilot’s Survival Manual.

Sporty’s Instrument Rating course.

Sporty’s instrument rating comes in five different formats. You can purchase the course, and you can study online, or you can use apple or android devices.

With a one-time payment, you can access the course from any device.

Sporty’s designed the course for all aspects of instrument training.

There are sections where you can learn everything you need to become a better instrument pilot.

Watch the videos to understand instrument flying. The videos are detailed and explain everything using animated footage for a private pilot’s comprehension.

Pilots find instrument flying challenging because they may forget what they learn in IFR ground school and cannot accomplish a flight task.

Now miscommunication in instrument flight can have dangerous consequences.

Thus the sporty’s videos contain footage from actual flying and all the lessons necessary to have safe instrument flights.

The course includes 27 essential instrument rating maneuvers videos you need to operate the airplane safely and pass the checkride.

Secondly, the instrument rating course comes with instrument rating test preps.

If you purchase the course by Sportys, you won’t need an extra test prep book or software.

Sporty’s provides a test prep with this IFR ground school and included questions from the FAA question bank. Practice taking the test, and Sporty’s guarantees you will pass the FAA IFR Instrument knowledge test.

Finally, upon completing the course, you will get an endorsement to take the FAA knowledge test.

Is this course right for you?

You have to figure out whether you are a visual learner or a reader. If you are a visual learner, then this course is for you. It’s an excellent course to become a better instrument pilot.

Sporty’s put effort into designing this course and help private pilots prepare for their instrument rating.

If you are a visual learner and a reader, then check out the next course.

King Schools Instrument rating course.

King School has been training pilots for over 40 years. King school has multiple online courses that helped pilots successfully pass the FAA written tests.

They have multiple instrument rating courses online. Similarly, you can purchase the courses in a combo.

The combo is pricey compared to other IFR ground school courses available online. But the combo includes 16+ hours of video lessons on instrument flying and 7+ hours of lectures on practical tests or instrument checkride.

I recommend either choose:

The instrument written exam course includes only the ground lessons and video footage explaining instrument training and flying.

This course has a price tag of 279 USD. It includes a test prep tool that instrument rating trainees can use to practice answering questions like the FAA written test.

Typically after you practice using this test prep software, you will be ready to take instrument written theory, and you will possibly pass your FAA written test with over 90% marks.

Secondly, if you have the budget, you can pick the Get it all package for your instrument ground lessons online.

The “Get it all” package has:

  • Everything you need to learn for instrument training;
  • Test prep to pass your FAA knowledge test;
  • Video lessons to prepare for your instrument checkride.

Though the combo is quite pricey, it is one of the best instrument rating courses online.

This course will help you acquire your instrument rating with ease, and in the long run, you will also spend less money on flight training.

You don’t need to repeat IFR training lessons as this online IFR ground school is tailored for pilots to learn everything for instrument training.

However, there are some downsides of King Schools courses. Some pilots taking the lessons believe the video footage is outdated, although they are not.

King schools frequently update their course with the latest information according to federal aviation regulations.

Yet there are footages, which seems from the 80s as they were recorded a long time ago and didn’t require any update.

Many students who took the course also complained that they have questions on subjects in their test prep tool, which King schools never explained in their video lectures.

Private pilots who picked King schools for their private pilot ground training prefer buying King Schools Online instrument courses.

However, many private pilots were disappointed after taking the online Instrument ground school by Kings to find it adequate for instrument training.

Likewise, the 650+ USD for the package is pricey.

Sheppard Air Instrument courses.

The online instrument course by Sheppard Air is different from the other IFR courses I mentioned. Sheppard Air focuses on passing the IFR written test. Thus the systems are designed as test preps and instrument rating trainees can practice answering questions.

Sheppard Air promises that they have a vast collection of questions, and you will not see any unfamiliar questions in the FAA instrument knowledge test.

Once you take the Sheppard AIr instrument course, you can expect you will pass the FAA knowledge test but likely. This course is not the best option to give your instrument practical test.

The multiple-choice question database is huge in Sheppard air, and practice using their tool to learn a lot about the IFR ground school subjects.

If you find anything confusing, you can also contact flight instructors at Sheppard Air online 24 hours.

Angle of Attack Instrument Ground school.

Lastly, I want to say about the online instrument rating course by Angle of Attack.

Chris Palmer is an excellent flight instructor and aviation enthusiast. Many private pilots don’t know much about him, but he knows a lot about flying.

The course he has for IFR flying is an excellent choice.

The course contains 30+ hours of in-depth videos. From what I understand, you will learn a lot if you take a 30 hours long method.

From my experience, I believe this course is best for actual IFR flying. Similarly, 30+ hours of lessons will prepare you for any knowledge test.

But I believe Angle of Attack’s course emphasizes more on actual flying. You, as a private pilot, may have a different opinion.

This course also includes test preps to prepare for the FAA knowledge test. Furthermore, all this excellent stuff you can get only for less than 200 USD. You will have the opportunity to pay in installments.

Chris Palmer is a knowledgeable flight instructor, and his passion is flying and teaching about aviation.

His online instrument ground school is great for any private pilot taking instrument rating. Especially if a pilot is having difficulty in actual instrument flight, I recommend purchasing this course.

Angle of Attack also has a money-back guarantee if you cannot pass your Instrument written test.

They will give you the endorsement for your instrument written test, and if you fail the exam during your first take, Angle of Attack will provide you with a full refund.

Chris Palmer operates a flight school in Alaska, and he believes it takes a lot more than an average pilot to become a pilot in Alaska; therefore, he trains student pilots to be competent.

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