Pilot training cost in the Philippines.

pilot training cost in philippines

Why does acquiring a commercial pilot license cost more?

Acquiring a commercial pilot license in the Philippines requires someone to fly at least 150 hours in total.

So now you will have to pay for 150 hours of total flight time.

One hundred fifty hours of total flying time will range from 40,000 USD to 50,000 USD, depending on the school you choose.

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As I have mentioned before that the goals in your life as a pilot will determine the pilot course cost.

By now, I guess you have already learned your aviation goals.

It is inevitable; you will need a commercial pilot license if you are willing to earn money as a pilot.

Nevertheless, to work as a pilot in the airlines of the Philippines may cost you more money.

Acquiring a commercial pilot license is not the last step.

A pilot with a commercial pilot license and only 150 hours logged in a pilot’s logbook may not support you in landing your first airline job.

To become an airline pilot requires more skills and experience and a few more licenses.

So what is the next step?

Experiences will come from building hours. Building hours requires money. No one will allow you to fly an airplane for free.

That is why you may read here how to build hours >>> Flight Time building program.

Regardless of where you fly, getting a private pilot license may cost you not more than 10,000 USD.

Acquiring a commercial pilot license will not cost you more than 50,000 USD.

There are many other associated costs with pilot training. Such as your training kits.

What are the training kits?

You can check here >>> Private pilot training kits.

Most of the purchase you make can be useful for a lifetime. So check out the list.

Most newbies interested to become a pilot confuse themselves with the cost of private pilot license and commercial pilot license.

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Thereupon I want to clarify a bit more and breakdown the pilot course cost for you here:

Have you calculated the pilot course tuition fee yet?

Perhaps you think that to get a commercial pilot license; you will have to spend a fortune.

My guess is you have added the cost of a private pilot license with a commercial pilot license and have summed up something way over the actual price.

So you may calculate and have figure out a pilot course cost like this:

  • Private pilot license = 40 hours = 10,000 USD
  • Commercial pilot license = 150 hours = 50,000 USD
  • So Total Hours & Cost = 40 hours + 150 hours = 190 hours = 60,000 USD

That is not how it works. The total cost of acquiring your commercial pilot license will cost you only 40,000 USD to 50,000 USD.

Because acquiring a private pilot license, falls in the path of obtaining a commercial pilot license.

Those 40 hours you will fly initially will be added when you are flying for 150 hours for a commercial pilot license.

Hence many pilot students when they start to fly, complete their private pilot training course, and then take a break.

After they take a break and arrange some more money, they continue to fly for their intention of 150 hours.

So the hour count initiates from the 40 hours previously logged.

Once a private pilot has a total of 150 hours logged in his or her logbook, s/he can apply for a commercial pilot license.

The next step is to take the exams in the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines for your commercial pilot license.

Once you pass the exams and pass your checkride, you will hold your commercial pilot license.

So to summarise your question:

How much does commercial pilot training cost in the Philippines?

The answer is it will cost less than 50,000 USD.

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Is the commercial pilot training cost in the Philippines is different for foreigners and locals?

The answer is YES. The cost is different due to the fact most locals have some privileges which foreigners will not get.

I believe it is normal in any country.

Do you imagine discrimination exist?

The answer is NO.

The first and foremost reason why a foreigner has to count more money:

Did you imagine local students would need a special study permit in their own country?

Local students willing to become a pilot in the Philippines do not have to fill out any additional documents. Unlike a foreigner has to pay and go through all of these.

Some schools may ask international students to pay for their visa extension and a special study permit.

However, many flight training institutes provide the visa extension fee and special study permit fee for the first year.

Similarly, there are several other documentation and procedures which an alien student has to pay to start the flight training in the Philippines.

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How to minimize the pilot course tuition fee in the Philippines?

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13 Replies to “Pilot training cost in the Philippines.

    1. Hello, I am aeronautical engineering student, in last semester of my course. Now I want to be a pilot and I have a dream that I will be fly a commercial airplane one day . But there is a fact that is money . Have any suggestions for it that to become a pilot with low cost ?

  1. Hi
    I’m 41 years old.its my dream get ppl licence .Can I know which country is more cheap.And can I use this ppl for helicopter

    1. Hi Sankaran, age is not a problem to get a PPL license.
      The concern is, are you medically fit to obtain a private pilot license? You need to get a medical certificate before you can apply for a private pilot license.

      Obtaining a private pilot license requires around 50 hours of flying time. Building 50 hours of flight time is very inexpensive in the Philippines. There are reason why suggest aspiring pilots to choose the Philippines for flight training:

    2. The hourly rate for pilot training here is quite cheap;
    3. You will experience amazing landscapes while training in the Philippines;
    4. Lastly, the living cost in the Philippines is very affordable.

      And your second question is: Can you fly a helicopter with PPL?
      Well, that depends on what kind of aircraft you choose to obtain your private pilot license.
      If you choose to get your PPL for a helicopter, then you will be able to fly helicopters. On the other hand, if you select a fixed-wing airplane to get your PPL, then you will only have to operate fixed-wing aircraft.

      If you have any more questions, feel free to reply here.

      1. i am medical student but i want to become a pilot. i have physics,english, chemistry not maths so what can i do
        i like to become a pilot

  2. i am medical student but i want to become a pilot. i have physics,english, chemistry not maths so what can i do
    i like to become a pilot

    1. Really, you can become a pilot if you know basic mathematics.

      People deem of flying as an intricate thing. It is not at all.

      Whatever necessary to become a pilot, you will learn in the pilot training ground school course.

      It all comes down to two things: Why do you want to become a pilot? For recreation or to work as an airline pilot?

      If you want to become a commercial pilot, you have to study hard because you need knowledge on multiple subjects to become a commercial pilot.

      Yet, to become a commercial pilot, it will not matter what subject you studied in your high school.

      To become a pilot, all you have to do is enroll in a well-reputed flight school and work hard. Read Here: How to choose a flight school?

      Have any more questions? Reply to this comment and I will get back to you.

  3. Thanks for your advices. I am from India-Punjab-Amritsar (Local ATQ Airport)
    I am senior 66 years male, Indian, medically fit, retired now.
    Having much constrains on funds. I am obsessed of adventures, solo, and on budget.
    Can you suggest me the cheapest country for leaning Flying to get a basic license to fly a non commercial aircraft anywhere in any country worldwide?
    I can shift to that country, so considered cost of boarding lodging in this process.

  4. How much does it cost including all other exepenses to become a pilot for an international student??

    And if you take a break after getting private liscense to earn for commercial one how much tUKme would it take and how much would ut cost??

  5. Hello,

    I’m Electronics Engineer and want to be a airline pilot at the age of 30. Is there any age limit ? How much would it cost me to get my airline pilot license ? how long does it take ? is it acceptable worldwide?

    1. Hello Fahad. The age limit to become a pilot is between 60 to 65, depending on the country. If you are 30 now, by 32, you can get a commercial pilot license.
      Once you have a commercial pilot license with an instrument rating, there is a possibility for you to get a pilot’s job. But there is no guarantee that one can get an airline job with a fresh commercial pilot license.
      Pilots need to build experience by working as a Flight Instructor or sometimes as charter pilots. With adequate flying hours, you have greater chances of getting an airline pilot job.
      If you put effort and have the funds to complete flight training, you can expect to have an airline pilot job by the time you are 35. Getting a pilot job at 35 is not impossible.

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